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9 Plants for Wedding Aisle Decorations, Give a Magical Impression on H Days

Aisle at a wedding is one of the important spots that need to be considered in event decoration. The reason is, this aisle that leads the bride and groom to the aisle. Precious moments will be carved and every pair of invited guests’ eyes will be drawn to this place. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Usually, this area is decorated with plant and flower arrangements. If you are planning a wedding, here we share plant ideas for wedding aisle decorations that can be an inspiration. Keep scrolling!

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1 Invited guest chairs on the outside you can decorate with eucalyptus and ribbon

2 Suitable for rustic decorations, you can put baby’s breath flowers into bottles with the addition of burlap House Furniture Solution

3 For outdoor decoration, you can simply place begonias in pottery pots to place along the aisle

4 In addition to having a distinctive floral color and aroma, lavender makes wedding aisle decorations look aesthetically pleasing

The next 5 references for outdoor aisles are cacti that you can put in white pots

6 White roses always manage to give an everlasting impression to wedding decorations, perfect for Aisle too! Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

7 If the wedding is on the beach, the palm will complete
your tropical theme decoration

8 Ferns or other ferns are no less cool when you install them along the aisle

You can put 9 white tulips in a glass jar hanging with a white ribbon

In addition to the aisle backdrop, wedding decorations in the aisle are no less important, you know. You can apply some plants and flowers as above so that this special moment is successfully captured beautifully. Decorating with plants for a dream wedding is no longer a dream! Property New


Make Your Sleep Comfortable, Check Out Tips for Designing & Decorating Your Room According to Feng Shui

To make your sleep comfortable, see how to design and decorate your room according to feng shui.

The bedroom is one of the places that is made as comfortable as possible, because it can affect the quality of sleep and the comfort of rest after carrying out routine daily activities.

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Reporting from Apartement Therapy, in addition to decorating the room, feng shui can also make the bedroom more comfortable. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The science of feng shui itself is a philosophy that is applied to support the energy of the mind and body.

During sleep, the body enters its most vulnerable state so that rest, recovery, and healing can take place. House Furniture Solution

Therefore, the bedroom directly affects the health and harmony of the person.

Here are some tips for decorating the bedroom according to feng shui to sleep better.

1 Place the headrest on a solid wall

If your bed is currently placed near a window, or even in the center of the room, turn the headboard against a solid wall. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Positioning the bed in this way allows the movement of Qi (energy) to ensure a good night’s sleep.

However, if you are in a small room and placing the bed near the window is the only option, use a high headboard or heavy curtains to protect yourself from the energy entering from the window.

2 Avoid positioning the bed parallel to the door

Placing the bed parallel to the door will create a flow of glass energy that affects the head, causing sleep disturbances.

If the only option is to place the bed parallel to the doorway, you could try placing something like a bedside table between the bed and the door as a support to break up the flow of energy. Property New

3 Mirror placement

As is known, mirrors can give a bright and spacious impression to the room, but placing them in the wrong place will make the energy in the bedroom not good.

Since the body is vulnerable at night and the mirror is an activating object, placing a mirror can disrupt sleep as if a person is working instead of resting.

Therefore, make sure the large mirror in the bedroom does not point directly at the bed.

4 Five-element color scheme

The Five Elements in classical Feng Shui are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

There are several colors that are considered good in feng shui, namely as follows.

Blue and green for Wood Red, orange, or pink for Earthy Fire and brown for Earth Black for Water White, silver, or light pastels for Metal

Whether it’s painting walls, changing sheets, hanging plants, or combining quirky things, there are lots of ways to play with color in a room.

Incorporating elements into a room can help generate energy that is conducive to prosperity as well as block out bad energy that can lead to misfortune.


5 Unique to Elegant Wedding Car Decoration Ideas, Can Be Inspired!

Wedding cars are not commonly used at weddings in Indonesia. However, a wedding car with good decorations can lift the mood and become an attraction at the wedding, you know.

Marriage is one of the most important and sacred moments. Therefore, Moms need a lot of attention and consideration when preparing for a wedding.

Moms have to think about the wedding dress, location, catering, to decoration in the wedding car. Although the replacement car is used only when leaving for the wedding location until returning home, the wedding car has exciting memories on a happy day. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

For moms who want to use a wedding car on their wedding day, but are confused about choosing the decorations, let’s look at the references below.

Bridal Car Decoration Ideas

Driving on the wedding day is incomplete if the car that the bride and groom rides is not decorated. Car decorations can enliven the atmosphere while making you look different on the streets. House Furniture Solution

Moms, there are many ways to beautify a wedding car, from bouquets on the bumper, to the hood, to using ribbons.

Every bride needs a car that is decorated in such a way, so that it presents an elegant and charming design.

Here are wedding car decoration ideas that can be used as a reference:

1 Classic Wedding Car

Moms, is the wedding theme a modern classic? If so, using a classic wedding car decorated with a bouquet of flowers in front of the car window and arranged parallel can be an inspiration. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Even though it’s an old car, its distinctive charm is not easily lost. The addition of flowers will also give a vintage and elegant impression, right?

2 Luxury Wedding Cars

The concept of a luxurious wedding is not to be missed with ordinary car decorations. To complete it, the wedding car must have the same luxury.

Moms, you can choose a car brand that has a standard line of luxury, such as a modified sports sedan.

Moms, you can also add ribbon decorations plus a bunch of big fresh flowers to give a classy impression.

3 Unique Wedding Cars

Wedding car decorations don’t just use flowers, you can use can hangers. Apparently, the use of cans in this car is not without reason. Property New

In the past, people believed that loud noises could keep people away from evil spirits. Therefore, the use of cans in the wedding car has the hope that the bridal household cannot be disturbed by evil things.

A set of cans that are allowed to extend all the way to the street will give a unique impression and enliven the atmosphere.

To use this decoration, you can recycle used cans. So that it looks more beautiful, you should clean the can and can also be decorated with paint first, yes.

4 Doll Wedding Cars

Dolls can also be used as wedding car decorations, you know. Generally, the chosen doll is in the form of an animal, such as a pair of bears because it looks cute and gives a romantic impression.

Moms decorate this doll combined with flower arrangements and ribbons, then attach it to the hood of the car in an upright position. If you want to install it, consider the size of the doll.

Do not choose a doll size that is too large so that it obscures the driver’s view and gives the impression of being excessive.

5 Balloon Wedding Cars

Balloons can also be a festive choice of wedding car decorations at affordable prices.

If you want to use a balloon, pay attention to the durability, size, and color of the balloon. Choose a size that does not interfere with the vision and visibility of other drivers on the road.

In addition, match the color of the balloon with the color of the car you want to use.


Unique Decoration Recommendations for Aesthetic Children’s Rooms

The room becomes a room that can be used to play, study, or rest for the children. WHO also recommends that children have been taught to sleep alone since the age of 4 years. Therefore, Moms need to prepare a comfortable room so that your little one feels at home in his own room. To help you, M&B has some unique and aesthetic decorating recommendations for the following children’s rooms. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Bedding set

A child’s bed that is already available, of course, needs to be given a bed sheet so that it is comfortable when the little one sleeps. You can find pillowcases and bolsters, sheets, and bumpers to protect your child from hitting the bed at Marronnier. There are also blankets in a bedding set for children with cute motifs that your little one will definitely like.

2 bookshelves

Children can be taught about language literacy as early as possible. So, Moms don’t need to hesitate to buy her a book that talks about many things for your little one to read. And to store the book, the bookshelf from the @rakmontessoridepok account can be the right choice for this type of Arka, Moms. House Furniture Solution

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3 study desks

The existence of a desk in the room is also important to support the little one’s learning process. However, you can also have a mini sofa that turns into a table and stool, like the one made by Kayukuniya. Besides being more compact, this multifunctional mini sofa is also flexible to be placed in various areas of the room easily. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

4 Storage area

Various toys and objects in a child’s room certainly need to be stored to keep it neat. This storage area from Uwitan can certainly be your choice. The size that is not too high will make it easier for you to teach your little one to tidy up their own toys. Besides being enough to store toys, the shape also adds to the aesthetic impression in a child’s room.

5 Sleeping lights

Many children and maybe including the little one are afraid of dark rooms. Having a night light is also important so that children can sleep well. The following cute cloud-shaped lamp from @mylight.id is certainly one of the decorations needed to complete your little one’s bedroom, Moms.

6 Room decoration

One detail that should not be missed from the Little One’s room is a unique decoration that can add to the impression of comfort. Knitted dolls from Happy Gurumi can be a sweetener in your child’s room. There are many favorite characters of your little one that are right for you to display in the corner of the room so that your little one’s room will look more fun. Property New

7 wall stickers

If all the furniture in the child’s room is ready, adding wall stickers can be a decoration to make your little one feel more at home in it. Tetuka provides a variety of cute stickers that may suit your child’s character, such as a sunflower shape sticker, which shows your little one’s cheerful and sociable side.

Meja kursi

Make Cheers! Take a peek at 5 Kids Bedroom Decorations

Decorating a child’s bedroom can be a challenging process. You want a room that looks good, but can also develop your little one’s imagination.

However, it can be very difficult to implement all at once, especially if the room area is limited. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

No need to worry, you can make some of the design concepts below as a bedroom reference for your child.

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1 Cute wallpapers

When you have trouble determining the theme or color of the room, wallpaper can be a solution. Besides being more practical, wallpapers also have complete themes and colors.

You can choose their favorite color and theme so that the child feels at home sleeping alone. In addition, by choosing their favorite theme, children can also learn to clean their own room. House Furniture Solution

2 Minimalist design

If your house is minimalist in style, maybe the children’s room decorations are also made in the same way. Domina white color with black decoration can be a reference.

Cute wallpapers also add to the excitement of your child’s room. Add carpet if necessary, but especially if your child has an allergy to dust, you should avoid using it. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Tents

Decorating with a tent can be your room choice. This decoration is currently being loved because it adds to the aesthetic value of the room.

You can add pillows with different motifs and rugs with asymmetrical motifs to add to the

4 Twin rooms

If you have twins or two children, you can try this design. Use a mattress opposite the double bed model. Property New

You can add a study table and cabinets on both sides to store textbooks to a collection of toys.

5 Skeleton mattress

You can use a mattress with a wooden frame as a reference. You can use the wood to hang toys. Add some cute ornaments, or a cute chaise longue like the picture above.


Popular Property, Kelly Clarkson Luxury Homes to Minimalist Style Decor

Beberapa berita dari kanal real estate menarik perhatian pembaca. Ini termasuk rumah Kelly Clarkson yang memiliki lapangan tenis, hingga tips dekorasi rumah minimalis. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Berikut tiga berita real estate terpopuler dari Medcom.id pada Rabu, 14 Juli 2021:

1 Kelly Clarkson membeli rumah baru, ada lapangan tenis di wisma

Kelly Clarkson membeli rumah di kawasan Danau Toluca Los Angeles. Rumah tersebut dibeli dengan harga $5,4 juta atau Rp78 miliar (kurs Rp14.521).

Rumah bergaya kolonial itu dibeli oleh pengusaha teknologi keuangan terkemuka Douglas Merrill. Ia membelinya pada 2018 seharga $4,9 juta (Rp71 miliar). House Furniture Solution

Properti baru dibangun di atas lahan seluas 1 hektar. Dibangun pada tahun 1936, rumah utama seluas 459m2 terdiri dari enam kamar tidur dan tujuh kamar mandi.

Memperbaiki 200 rumah yang tidak layak di Sangihe

Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe, Sulawesi Utara, mendapat bantuan perbaikan 100 rumah layak huni (RTLH). Ada empat kecamatan yang mendapat bantuan perbaikan. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“Kami memiliki kuota 100 unit rumah layak huni untuk perumahan masyarakat,” kata Kepala Badan Perumahan dan Permukiman (Perkim) Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe, Sulawesi, Kamis, 15 Juli 2021. Utara Mandiri Gagana.

Menurut dia, 100 unit rumah tersebut diperuntukkan bagi masyarakat yang belum memiliki rumah layak huni di empat kecamatan.

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3 5 tips dekorasi rumah minimalis

Memiliki rumah mungil bukan berarti tidak bisa menciptakan lingkungan yang nyaman. Dengan dekorasi yang tepat, Anda bisa membuat rumah Anda nyaman.

Bahkan dekorasi sederhana pun bisa membuat rumah menjadi indah dan estetis. Berikut beberapa tips mendekorasi rumah mungil dengan gaya minimalis. Property New

Tanaman membuat rumah Anda lebih sejuk. Selain itu, beberapa tanaman juga dapat menyerap racun dan menghasilkan udara bersih.

Meja kursi

Let Children Be Enthusiastic to Learn Online, Know Fun Decorations

Every parent wants their children to study hard so that they will become smart people. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

However, many parents complain that their children are difficult to study with, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic which requires these activities to be carried out online.

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Children often refuse to be invited to study because they think they are at home or school holidays.

Therefore, parents must be able to work around so that children are invited to learn. House Furniture Solution

One way that can be done is to arrange or decorate a child’s study room to be friendly and fun.

Well, here are some easy tips and ideas for decorating a comfortable and fun study room:

1 Place your desk near the window

The study table is the main tool or furniture in the study room. The placement of the study table greatly affects the mood of the child. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Therefore, choose the right location to put a study table, for example near a window.

This will certainly affect them to be more enthusiastic in learning at home.

2 Add plants

As is known, placing plants in a room such as a desk or study can have a positive impact.

For example, providing freshness, increasing enthusiasm, and driving away boredom.

You can put some plants in your little one’s study room to add fresh air that makes children more energetic. Property New

3 Install leaf wallpaper

If you don’t want to put plants indoors, another option is to use leaf wallpaper for a natural feel.

To beautify the room, you can add furniture made of wood.

4 Use decorative shelves

A heart-shaped shelf is a great idea to add an industrial touch and a cheerful impression to a child’s study room, especially for girls.

Parents can easily find bookshelves that their children like by purchasing them at online furniture stores.

5 Swivel chairs

Choosing a study chair for children is no less important than a study table. A comfortable chair will make children enthusiastic and comfortable learning.

Parents can choose a stylish swivel chair that will add value to the child’s study space.


Carpets to Pillows, Here are 7 Tiny Home Decoration Mistakes

Decorating a small house will certainly be different from a large dwelling. There are several tricks that you can apply when decorating your home to keep it comfortable but beautiful to look at. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

When decorating a house, the first thing you should prioritize is the comfort of the occupants. For that it is important to decorate the right tiny house.

Quoted by Homify, here are some things that should not be done in decorating a small house.

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1 small rug

You might think adding a small rug to a small room can sweeten the room. But you know, that step is completely wrong. House Furniture Solution

If the rug is not placed under the furniture or in the middle of the room, then the rug will only make your tiny room seem cramped.

It’s best if a small room doesn’t need carpet at all, or you can add a large rug that covers the entire room as well as large furniture in the house.

2 Furniture is too big

You should buy furniture not only because of aesthetics, but most importantly comfort and the right proportions are the keys. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Lots of pillows

Like a small rug, too many pillows make the appearance of a small house feel very cramped. Minimalist homes need to adhere to the principle of “less is more.”

4 Low lighting

Poor lighting is a problem, especially in small homes. You need to maximize every space, poor lighting makes a small room feel cramped.

With good and bright lighting in every corner will help the interior space feel much larger. Property New

5 Curtains

It may be tempting to match the curtains to the size of the window, but this can result in a very old and small look. Instead of choosing curtains with a dramatic fullness, you can try to install them as high as possible on the wall, to create the illusion of ceiling height.

6 Dark walls

Contrasting walls are a great idea, but in a tiny house, dark walls will take up all the life, energy and space.

If you want a bit of dark color on the sides of your house, it’s a good idea to stick paintings or other artwork on the walls to add a splash of controlled contrast.

7 Lots of stuff

The sworn enemy of small houses is too much stuff. Buy items or furniture that you really need. If you can fulfill the minimalist aesthetic elements, the tiny house will look much bigger


7 Recommendations for Blackpink Display Decorations and Their Prices

If asked about the most famous K-Pop girl group, Mama would probably answer Blackpink in unison. How not, the songs he releases always succeed in stealing the attention of many fans around the world.

Not infrequently these songs are also used to make dance cover videos for fans. One of the most famous songs is How You Like That. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The group, which debuted in 2016, consists of 4 members, namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa.

Blackpink’s fame makes its fans, known as Blink, seem to be competing to collect decorations with a Blackpink touch.

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What do you think, Mom?

1 Blackpink Acrylic Album

One of the home decorations that was quite trendy at that time was an acrylic album. House Furniture Solution

Basically, this is a display that looks like it’s in the form of a song album. The album is printed or pasted onto an acrylic board, making it see-through.

Although you can custom or create your own theme, there are also many Blackpink themes for sale. This display can also show the faces of the four Blackpink members with the title Lovesick Girls like one of the songs.

If you want to get this display, then you need to spend money starting from Rp. 90,000 to Rp. 100,000. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

2 Funko Pops! Blackpink ‘Kill This Love’

Talking about character displays as room decorations, Funko Pop can’t be missed.

Funko Pop is a display with various characters that have animated faces and heads that are bigger than their bodies. This uniqueness is what makes Funko Pop popular with many people.

Funko Pop also released a special Blackpink character with the theme of one of its best-selling songs, namely Kill This Love. Therefore, Mama can see the similarities between Funko Pop’s design and each Blackpink member’s style in the music video.

The price given for Funko Pop is quite expensive, which is around IDR 1,000,000.

3 Lego Blackpink Minifigures

Still with the theme of Kill This Love, there are further displays related to Blackpink as home decorations, namely lego. This Lego has 4 characters, corresponding to the four members of Blackpink. Property New

The name is lego, surely the face of this action figure is not similar to the original, but with its own lego character. Lego Blackpink may rarely be found, but if you are interested, you can buy it at a price of around Rp. 600,000.

4 Lightstick Blackpink Official Ver.2

Like most bands, Blackpink also issued their own special lightstick.

The shape of this lightstick is quite unique because it is shaped like a hammer with a heart shape. As the group’s name implies, the colors of this lightstick are black and pink.

This lightstick is equipped with an application to turn on the lights. In fact, the lightstick can react automatically to special music, you know! With a price of around IDR 700,000 to IDR 800,000, Mama can get an official lightstick from Blackpink.

5 Mini Action Figures Blackpink

For action figure lovers, Blackpink is also made in the form of a minifigure, you know, Ma!

At first glance, these minifigures look similar to each other, but are given a different touch to their hairstyles and outfits.

This minifigure is very cute and can be placed anywhere because of its small size. Mama can buy this one display for around Rp. 600,000.

6 Blackpink Decoration Plates

One of Blackpink’s other hits, How You Like That, is like the theme on this one decorative plate. Besides the Blackpink theme, this plate is very aesthetic, you know, Ma!

Of course, this plate is not meant to be a place to eat, but only a display. Mama can put this plate standing on a small cupboard and decorative plate, so it can be an aesthetic decoration!

7 Wall Decor Blackpink Squad

Other display recommendations from Blackpink fall on wall decorations or wall decor. This display is suitable for hanging on the bedroom wall instead of using a poster. The size is also not too big, only 40x30x3 cm.

With high quality printed vinyl technology, this decor is waterproof and easy to clean. This display shows photos of all Blackpink members in it. Blackpink wall hangings are sold for only IDR 70,000.


5 Cool Boys Room Decoration Ideas But Not Too Much

Not only a place to rest, a room can also function as a place to work and also a privacy space for someone, not to mention guys. Because of its function, decoration is indispensable. Of course, making aesthetic room decorations will make a boy’s room cooler and more comfortable to the eye. There are still many people who think that room decoration will cost a lot of money. Even though the design of a low budget boy’s room is very possible to do.

Well, for guys who are thinking about decorating or looking for inspiration for a room, here are some inspirational room designs for teenage and adult boys that are simple but still cool and of course comfortable too. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Always use neutral or dark colors to make your room look masculine. The combination of dark and light colors is also worth trying for a lively minimalist touch sentuhan

The most important thing in decorating a room is the color of the walls. For guys, make sure you use a simple and unobtrusive boy’s room color. The reason is, bright colors will spoil the minimalist impression.

In addition to using neutral colors and avoiding bright colors, you can also use paints with darker colors. For example, you can use a blue boy room design. The dark color will give the owner a masculine impression. You can give a touch of light color with ornaments or other accessories. In essence, this will make your room more balanced in terms of color composition. House Furniture Solution

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2 Use long chandeliers or wall-mounted fluorescent lamps. The dim color can make you comfortable and sleepy fast

An accessory that you can use to rest comfortably is a night light. It would be better if you have lots of lights with various colors in your room. For example, you have lights to read books, to dim colorful lights to give the impression of an aesthetic boy’s room but also provide comfort and quality sleep.

You can also use long colorful decorative lights or neon lights, aka aquarium lights, that you stick at some point you want.

3 Choose key items such as open wardrobes, tables, rugs, clothes, jackets, and computers as decorations. Those things of yours can serve as ornaments for the sake of eliminating

Simple boys room decorations are not entirely good to look at. If you use a design that is too simple, a sense of monotony and boredom will quickly come to you. You have to be able to get around the monotony of the wall color with a variety of decorations or items in your room. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

For example, you can choose a tall table that has a more striking color. You can also buy a computer with a design that looks more ‘sharp’ with a colorful keyboard. Although it looks trivial, these items will make the room feel more alive. In addition, the wardrobe is indeed the main item that must be in the room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the wardrobe look good. Opt for a smaller wardrobe and if you have a lot of free space, use an open wardrobe or hangers to show off your colorful clothes. Guaranteed cool but simple boy room decorations you will get! Property New

4 If your room is narrow, use green ornamental plants to help make the room cool, spacious, and comfortable to live in

The position of the rooms in a house is important. The bedroom should be a place that has at least good air circulation and is exposed to direct sunlight. Even so, usually the boys’ rooms don’t have all of that. The lack of air circulation and no sunlight makes the room feel stuffy and hot at night especially during the day.

You can give a touch of nature in your room by using green ornamental plants such as Pathos which are useful for purifying the air, mother-in-law’s tongue plant, peace lily, cactus, and so on. How to care for these plants is not difficult, you just need to water them regularly and occasionally take them outside to get sunlight.

5 The most important thing in decorating a room is to bring out creativity through your personal obsessions and hobbies. Room is a personal identity that should reflect your life!

Before starting decorating, the thing you should think about first is the shape and area of ​​the room. Is your room square or rectangular? How wide is it? Where are the doors, mattresses and cupboards located? All of these things must be considered. Later you will be able to determine the decoration of a spacious room or room decoration for a narrow boy.

Make sure the items you make accessories match your obsessions or hobbies. For example, if you like certain music or bands, you can use posters of your favorite band. Do you like movies or anime? You can order a large poster to hang on the wall. Do you like art? You can also use a painting for decoration. In essence, the room is your identity and your place of expression. Nothing can hinder your creativity in decorating a room.


4 Tips for Decorating a Living Room to Make it Look Beautiful, One of them Use a Shelf

Memperbaiki ruang tamu itu mudah dan sulit. Kita bisa membantu ibu atau orang di rumah mendekorasinya.

Namun sobat harus memperhatikan jenis dagangannya agar ruang tamu terasa nyaman dan sejuk saat ramai.

Belakangan ini, tanaman hias menjadi salah satu elemen penting ruang tamu. Pasalnya, bisa menghasilkan aroma yang menenangkan. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Selain itu, kehadiran tanaman hias dapat mengubah suasana ruangan menjadi lebih berwarna.

Namun, barang-barang yang harus ada di ruang tamu tidak hanya tanaman hias, itu saja. Masih ada hal lain yang perlu diperhatikan, yaitu:

1 Tempatkan tanaman hias berukuran besar di dekat sofa

Tips pertama yang bisa sobat gunakan adalah dengan menempatkan tanaman hias berukuran besar di dekat sofa. House Furniture Solution


Area ini sering diabaikan oleh pemilik rumah. Namun dapat dimanfaatkan dengan baik.

Fungsi menempatkan tanaman hias ini, agar area di dekat sofa tidak terlihat kosong.

Setelah dipenuhi tanaman hias berukuran besar, area di dekat sofa terasa lebih ramai.

Untuk jenis tanaman hias yang bisa Anda pilih antara lain: tanaman pam area, tanaman draceana dan tanaman payung papirus. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

2 Menggunakan rak

Tips selanjutnya adalah memperhatikan pemilihan rak.

Rak dengan ukuran besar paling cocok untuk mempercantik dekorasi ruang tamu.

Karena rak yang tinggi memberikan kesan rapi dan teratur. Selain itu, tanaman hias juga bisa diletakkan di atasnya.

Selain itu, sobat juga bisa menambahkan aksesoris lainnya, seperti vas bunga dan buku.

3 Pilih tanaman hias yang mudah perawatannya

Tips ketiga, pilihlah jenis tanaman hias yang akan tumbuh subur di dalam ruangan. Property New

Jenis-jenis tanaman yang dapat digunakan, seperti: lavender, anggrek, lidah buaya, lily perdamaian, dll.

4 Pilih pot yang tepat

Tips terakhir yang perlu diperhatikan adalah pemilihan pot. Pilih jenis penanam yang sesuai dengan dekorasi ruang tamu Anda.

Pertimbangannya juga ukuran pot, guys. Karena ukuran vas akan mempengaruhi dekorasi ruangan.

Misalnya, pilih pot besar untuk tanaman hias. Lalu letakkan di samping dekat sofa.



Every girl must have had a dream or at least a curiosity about becoming a royal princess. Not infrequently, they can spend hours playing and pretending to be princesses of fantasy lands with matching dresses and knick-knacks. Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents like to choose a royal princess theme as a girl’s roommate in their home. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Girls room in the style of a Royal Princess

The first inspiration for this first girl’s room looks adorable with a cool soft pink color. It is also seen that the decoration of the girls’ room is dominated by a classic and girly feminine theme. Starting from a soft mattress that is low to match the child’s height, to the corner of the room with a child’s drawer as a place to put the daughter’s favorite toy.

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The first thing that definitely comes to mind when you want to design a child’s bedroom is choosing a theme for the bedroom. House Furniture Solution

2 Wall and ceiling decorations for girls’ room Bak Princess

This girl’s room inspiration shifts the focus from the size of a room that is not too big in very smart ways. The addition of chandeliers and wall decorations from various directions is a good way to show the advantages of a girl’s room to the fullest. In addition to placing the furniture correctly in the form of a simple pair of beds, there is a large cabinet that looks luxurious and functions as an effective storage shelf. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Custom Furniture for the Little Princess

The inspiration for the royal themed girl’s room seen in the picture is not half-hearted in setting up a typical palace decoration, complete with a pair of small luxurious stairs. Interested in decorating this girls room? To be sure, the little princess is guaranteed to feel at home and enjoy playing in this private palace.

4 Jungle Rooms for Adorable Princess

Don’t like the mainstream royal princess girl room theme? Create your own girl’s room according to your taste with a unique touch. This girls room is full of creativity and personal touch that is definitely different from most girls’ rooms. Coupled with a raft tent and a wall full of DIY-style decorations, it’s no wonder the little princess can grow more creative and imaginative. Property New

5 Classic Themes like European Royal Princess

Teen girls’ rooms can also be decorated with a touch of a royal princess but more modern. Choose a wall decoration that looks luxurious with a bed that looks comfortable, making it suitable for a royal princess from a fantasy land to live in.

Minimalism isn’t your style? Just choose a classic luxury theme with a European royal style complete with chandelier lighting, luxurious furniture, to a bed that truly reflects the royal princess-style decor.

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Tips for Decorating a Narrow Room for More Comfortable Sleep

Apakah Anda hanya memiliki satu kamar mini di rumah? Jangan khawatir, jika Anda menerapkan desain yang tepat, ruangan kecil Anda akan tetap nyaman untuk ditinggali.

Dibutuhkan perencanaan yang matang dan beberapa ide inspiratif untuk memaksimalkan potensi kamar tidur Anda. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Berikut 5 hal yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk mendapatkan kamar yang nyaman.

1 Letakkan lemari di samping tempat tidur

Lemari khusus adalah cara paling efektif untuk memaksimalkan ruang penyimpanan kamar tidur Anda.

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Membangun lemari di kedua sisi tempat tidur dapat menghemat ruang Anda.

Ini juga menciptakan area penyimpanan di atas tempat tidur. Namun berhati-hatilah untuk tidak melakukan banyak hal yang membuat Anda merasa berantakan. House Furniture Solution

2 Pasang stiker reflektif cermin

Jadikan kamar tidur Anda terlihat lebih besar dengan menggunakan stiker cermin reflektif. Cermin dapat menciptakan ilusi optik untuk membuat ruangan tampak lebih besar.

Stiker ini lebih murah daripada menggunakan cermin besar. Anda juga bisa menggunakan cermin lemari atau cermin rias.

3 Pasang lampu dinding

Pencahayaan yang dipasang di dinding kamar tidur kecil akan lebih baik daripada memasang lampu di langit-langit ruangan. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Lampu yang diletakkan di dinding dapat memberikan pencahayaan yang sempurna dan dapat disempurnakan ketika suatu area tampak kosong.

4 Lemari pakaian dengan pintu geser geser

Anda hampir tidak memiliki ruang untuk bergerak di kamar tidur, tetapi memiliki banyak pakaian untuk disimpan?

Coba beli lemari dengan pintu geser. Lemari ini biasanya memiliki banyak ruang penyimpanan, sehingga Anda tidak hanya dapat menyimpan pakaian Anda, tetapi juga barang-barang lainnya. Property New

5 pilihan warna ruangan

Menggunakan warna-warna yang merangsang, seperti kuning cerah, dapat membantu menyegarkan ruangan kecil.

Anda dapat memadukannya dengan warna putih cerah atau warna netral serupa agar tampilan tetap lapang.

Berikan sentuhan warna ekstra pada tempat tidur, aksesori, atau permadani Anda untuk menciptakan tampilan yang lebih menarik.


7 Decorations to Make a Narrow Bedroom Look Comfortable

Currently, land for housing is quite limited in big cities. This leaves homeowners with no choice but to have a place to live with a small space.

Including the bedroom, although it is limited but must remain comfortable for the welfare of the occupants. However, designing a small bedroom to be comfortable is not easy. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

In order for a small bedroom to be comfortable, it needs the right arrangement. Attention to detail is key. Here are seven do’s and don’ts for designing a small bedroom, diktuipArchify.

1 Space-saving furniture

If you want to include some furniture, make sure there is enough room to move around easily. Choosing space-saving furniture is the key to designing a small bedroom. House Furniture Solution

You can create storage under the bed, such as a built-in wardrobe, recliner with storage compartment, and many types of furniture as long as it saves space.

2 Add wall pattern

Who says a small bedroom can’t have a focal point? It is possible. One way is to create a feature wall behind the bed.

You can add more color and pattern in the room without placing more decorative items that can narrow the space. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

To set this wall feature, you might consider using wallpaper, or simply applying some paint colors.

However, make sure the other walls are painted in a neutral color so that your bedroom doesn’t seem overwhelming.

3 hanging designs

Apart from arranging wall features, you can also take advantage of the vertical space to create style and functionality in your small bedroom.

The term ‘vertical space’ here refers to a design concept that utilizes walls to hang bedroom decorations, such as wall lamps and hanging shelves. You can also install a floating nightstand to work around the limited space.

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4 Don’t use multiple patterns

Don’t use too many different patterns as they can make your small bedroom feel cramped.

If you want to have a specific theme, set one point as the focal point and one area as a place to display the pattern, perhaps on your pillowcase or curtains. Property New

As for the other rooms, apply plain colors, softer and more muted.

5 Five star design

There are many boutique hotels with small bedrooms that manage to make the rooms look attractive and elegant. That’s because they apply a mature interior design.

Start with a monotone color palette, then add a soft headboard, a soft bedroom rug/rug, or lighting in several places.

Hotels also always place bedside tables, even if only with small drawers, which can increase the functionality of the bedroom.

6 Add mirror

Adding a mirror is commonplace to create a spacious impression in a small bedroom.

This helps reflect light and makes the room appear brighter and more alive. You can mount a mirror on the wall behind your bed or hang a wall mirror.

7 Do not use non-functional furniture

The ‘less is more’ concept is suitable for small bedrooms because reducing non-functional elements and leaving only the essential ones can save a lot of space.

Tidy up your bedroom and get rid of unnecessary furniture and decorative items.


Nightclubs paste money into wall decorations, the value reaches billions of rupiah

Sebuah klub malam baru-baru ini menarik perhatian publik karena dekorasinya yang unik. Pasalnya, ketika dekorasi klasik atau vintage biasanya digunakan, klub malam ini justru menggunakan uang kertas miliaran rupiah untuk ditempel di dinding.

Mengutip Oddity Central, klub malam tersebut terletak di Florida, AS, dan disebut sebagai McGuire’s Irish. Desain ruangan yang tidak biasa membuat klub malam ini ramai pengunjung. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Pub Irlandia McGuire pertama kali dibuka pada tahun 1977, sebagian besar oleh William McGuire dan istrinya Molly. Benar-benar pelopor bisnisnya, tidak lama kemudian klub malam itu akhirnya mulai menarik pengunjung.

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Kebiasaan menempelkan uang kertas ke dinding dikatakan telah dimulai ketika mereka menerima tip $ 1. Untuk merayakannya, pasangan itu menulis tanggal dan menempelkannya di dinding sebagai jimat keberuntungan.

Inilah yang terus dilakukan pasangan McGuire. Saat klub malam menjadi lebih ramai dengan pelanggan, dinding dipenuhi dengan lebih banyak tiket. Tidak seperti biasanya, pelanggan juga tertarik untuk menambah koleksi di sana. House Furniture Solution

“Klub ini berukuran 15.000 kaki persegi dan ada uang kertas dolar di setiap sudut langit-langit dan beberapa di dinding. Kami menghitung setiap tahun dan membayar pajak atas pertumbuhan tempat ini. Kami melihatnya sebagai keuntungan,” kata William McGuire.

Saat pertama kali saya coba hitung, total tagihannya sama dengan US$175.000 atau setara dengan Rs 2,5 miliar. Hanya saja, jumlah uang yang tersangkut di setiap sudut ruang klub malam kini diperkirakan hampir mencapai Rp 2 juta atau setara dengan Rp 28,9 miliar. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Sejumlah uang yang ditempel di dinding tentu tak lepas dari upaya perampokan. Bahkan, seorang karyawan tergoda dan mencuri uang yang sedang mendekorasi klub malam.

Namun, uang itu terbukti sulit atau bahkan tidak mungkin untuk dibelanjakan. Hal ini karena setiap sen yang ditaruh sudah ditulis dengan spidol, ada juga yang berlubang karena dicap. Karena diketahui, semua bank Amerika bisa datang langsung dari mana asal uangnya.

“Teller dengan cepat menyadari uang itu dari McGuire dan segera melaporkannya ke polisi, tersangka panik dan segera meninggalkan gedung,” kata seorang petugas polisi tentang upaya pencuri untuk menukar uang dari klub malam bank.

Keberhasilannya membuat McGuire’s Irish Pub membuka cabang di Destin, Florida, di Amerika Serikat. Disko ini juga viral, seperti yang pertama, dengan uang sekarang setara dengan 1,7 juta dolar AS atau setara dengan 24 miliar rp. Property New


Having a Sultan, a Restaurant in Florida Hangs IDR 28 Billion for Wall Decorations

The restaurant is a place that must be visited by tourists who visit a place. In addition to food as the main character when visiting a restaurant, it turns out that the concept of a restaurant can also increase the interest of visiting tourists.

A unique appearance or decoration is also considered to be able to leave a deep impression on visitors, so they will always remember it and will come back. One of them is served by the manager of the McGuire restaurant in Pensacola, Florida, United States. The hotel is famous for decorating its restaurant by hanging millions of dollars in cash from the ceiling. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

According to My Joyo Online, McGuire’s Irish Pub’s unique decorating ideas began in 1977, when Martin McGuire and his wife Molly started the business. In managing their business, the two couples divide the tasks. Martin served the bar patrons, while Molly brought orders to the table. House Furniture Solution

Then, he got his first tip of 1 dollar, equivalent to Rp. 14 thousand. Overjoyed, Molly wrote the date on the note and stuck it on the back of the bar as a good luck charm. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Unbeknownst to him, the money turned out to be the beginning of a tradition carried out by pub visitors. The next day, visitors always stick their money around the walls of the bar.

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This 1,500 square meter room is filled with banknotes on the ceiling and walls. Martin said that he and his wife always count the money every year and pay taxes on tips they receive. Property New

“We treat it as an asset,” he said.

Based on the latest calculations, the money stuck to the bar has reached US$2 million or around Rp. 28.55 billion. So, with so much money hanging on the walls of the bar, is there no one who intends to steal it?

Sure enough, the bar often reported a number of incidents of theft. One of them was an incident where an employee was arrested for allegedly taking about 5 thousand dollars.

But since every note taped to the McGuire Pub was signed with black marker and had staple holes, the money was hard to spend. So famous, all banks in the US will not accept exchange of money taken from the bar.

“Tellers know right away if the money is from McGuire’s and they usually report it right away, so suspects are very easy to catch.” a police officer told WEAR-TV, when asked about thieves exchanging stolen money from McGuire’s at a local store or bank.

Currently McGuire’s Irish Pub has a branch in Destin, Florida, United States. According to a 2017 report, the pub also has 1.7 million in cash hanging from its rafters.

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Unique! This Restaurant Uses Up to IDR 28.4 Billion US Dollar Decorations on the Ceiling

One of the popular restaurants in Pensacola, Florida, United States managed to attract the attention of the people who saw it. The restaurant, named McGuire’s Irish Pub, has an unusual decoration with as much as $2 million in cash hanging from the ceiling. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The history of this restaurant’s unique decor dates back to 1977 when Martin McGuire and his wife Molly opened the business. At that time Martin was on duty at the bar while Molly waited for visitors at the table. Uniquely, when he gets his first USD 1 tip, he immediately writes the date on it and attaches it to the back bar as a sign of good luck. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

As is well known, tipping is an old tradition that is still respected by the club’s customers. The next day after the first tip was pinned to the bar, other diners started adding to the collection, and they’ve been sticking the notes ever since.

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“It’s 15,000 square feet and there are banknotes on every part of the ceiling and a bit of the walls,” said McGuire’s owner, William, as quoted by Oddity Central, Thursday (10/6/2021). House Furniture Solution

Previously, Martin had told the Chicago Tribune in 1999 “We calculate it every year and we pay taxes on the growth in it. We treat it as an asset, and we borrow it and so on.”

At the time of the interview, McGuire estimated the quirky décor to be around $175,000, but according to a more recent tally, the pub now has nearly $2,000,000 in autographed tips hanging from the ceiling. the sky.

Of course, with so much money in sight, incidents of theft have been reported at McGuire’s Irish Pub for years. An employee was once fined and put on probation after allegedly withdrawing about $5,000 from the wall decoration. Apart from that many other diners have tried to use the marked tips, to pay for various things around Pensacola. Property New

But because every note that goes up on McGuire’s ceiling is signed with black marker and has staple holes, it’s really hard to spend it anywhere in town without anyone noticing. Money tradition is well known at this restaurant, so whenever someone shows a tip marked almost at Pensacola, the alarm bell goes off.

“The teller immediately realized it was probably money from McGuire’s and alerted the manager and during that time, the suspect became a little worried and left the building,” the statement said.

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Pandemic, Home Decor Trends Switch to White and Neutral Colors

Restrictions on mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic to prevent the spread of the corona virus outbreak have led some people to take up their hobbies, including decorating their homes. White and neutral colors seem to be in great demand. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

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“That’s because it follows the interior design trends that are currently developing, such as monochrome and earth tone colors. Also, many of our consumers (young mothers) give input and are happy with products that are predominantly white,” said William Firman, Managing Director retail provider of premium Iuiga Indonesia household needs, Friday (4/6). Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Iuiga itself experienced sales growth of up to 75.8 percent in May 2021 compared to April in the same period. House Furniture Solution

“The pandemic conditions have resulted in restrictions on homecoming activities during Lebaran this year. This has made Eid celebrations mostly carried out with families in their respective homes which has led to increased demand for home products. Offering online shopping experiences and cashierless payment technology at all Iuiga outlets also makes we can provide comfort for consumers in a pandemic condition.” Property New

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5 Open Space Model Room Ideas for Residential

With the decrease in land for landed houses, especially in urban areas, the average house size is also shrinking. At least in Indonesia, the size of a house that is affordable by many people has an area of ​​​​between 36 square meters to 120 square meters. That’s why, the open space model is an alternative to make the house feel more spacious. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Open space means presenting a living area that is not insulated. Where generally the family room, dining room, and kitchen are in one shared area. This concept became popular since the 1990s from loft-designed buildings.

Until now, the concept of open space is used to overcome the limitations of space in residential areas. Instead of separating the room from a wall, the open shared space avoids a claustrophobic and overcrowded atmosphere.

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For that, for those of you who plan to build or renovate a residence with this concept, Dekoruma has five room ideas that apply open space. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 Light and Calm with Open Space Japandi Natural

One effective recipe for creating a comfortable and homey open space is to include lots of natural elements in it. Install large windows to let sunlight into the living area. Then, make furniture and room decorations functional and simple.

White wall paint for a clean and bright effect, essential furniture, and the use of light-medium colored wood for some furniture. Do not forget, plants in the corners of the room as an accent.

The Japanese design (Japanese-Scandinavian) Natural will further strengthen the roomy and limitless atmosphere which is crucial in living areas with an open space concept. House Furniture Solution

2 Modern, Stylish and Alluring Industrial Open Space

Still one of the most popular interior designs today, industrial design is a design that is familiar with the concept of open space. Prioritizing practicality, functionality, and openness, it can be seen from the picture that this residence feels spacious and bright. Large windows around the area make the room more spacious.

Paired with exposed brick walls and black metal finishes on the stairs, shutters, and furniture, these two industrial elements provide an evocative accent.

In fact, it is not only easy access to move from the family room, dining room, and kitchen, but also one of the bedrooms that can be closed for privacy or opened for a more spacious atmosphere.

3 Harmony in the Blend of Scandinavian and Industrial

What happens when two of today’s popular interior designs are combined into one? Here comes Scandustry, which is arguably a more muted industrial modification. Industrial elements are still maintained through black metal accents on several parts such as shutters and shelves, as well as exposed cement finishing on the floor. Property New

However, the color game is dominated by white with the selection of light wood materials for essential and simple furniture. The size that is not too wide also brings you and your family members closer when you are in this area for activities and chatting.

4 Limited Space Solutions Without Compromising Room Aesthetics

As mentioned earlier, open space is a solution for small residential areas like the picture above. Although not too big, the homeowner managed to divide the room into a family room, dining room, and kitchen. The kitchen set comes in pastel colors which act as color accents between neutral colored furniture.

Then, there is still a dining table that can accommodate two people right in front of the kitchen. Offers easy access to serving food and drinks from the kitchen.

Assisted by a room divider that does not isolate the area too much, a white sofa is placed with a coffee table and a comfortable fur rug. Coupled with round glass for an attractive decoration.

5 “Contemporean” Open Space Layout Inspirations for Apartments

Not only intended for landed houses, open space layouts can also be applied to apartments. Both studio apartments which are basically not insulated or one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments. For example, the following two-bedroom apartment uses the concept of “Contemporean” or Contemporary-Korean.


5 Things to Consider When Buying a Historic Home

Having an old and historic house in the modern century like now can certainly be a matter of pride.

Many of the character families who sell historical homes, inherited from their great grandparents in the past, are figures and warriors, for example.

But before buying it, there are some important things to consider. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Here are 6 things to consider before buying an old and historic home:

1 Requires high costs of renovation and maintenance

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An old and historic house will leave you with a lot of work to complete.

A house that has been around for decades can be fragile and needs serious maintenance. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

You need a large amount of money to renovate the house to be able to stand tall and strong again.

Moreover, this house is not an ordinary house, meaning a house that has a background story and past history, of course you want to try to keep the shape and model unchanged.

But if this house is already fragile and unfit to live in, the only way is to tear down the building’s foundation and rebuild it. House Furniture Solution

2 Renovations are limited due to applicable regulations

Even if you have bought and owned the historic house, there are usually a number of rules that the local government imposes on the category of historic homes.

This will limit you from renovating the house. Renovations may be carried out as long as they do not change the shape and appearance of the building and other regulations.

This historic house is in a historical area or settlement as well, for example the old town which is widely available in various countries. Property New

So it is natural that the renovations are limited because it is to protect and preserve historical relics.

However, you can still do renovations such as repairing electrical installations, water pipes, to the interior appearance of the building.

3 Different interior designs are in stark contrast

If you want to buy an old and historic house, you must understand that the house has a concept and design that is in stark contrast to modern homes in general.

The difference is not only visible from the exterior appearance model but also the interior or the inside of the building.

This of course will make it difficult for you to change or remodel it.

4 Check the condition of the house

Old and historic homes have a lot of potential problems. Therefore, checking the condition of the house before buying is very important.

First of all, be careful the first time you look around. Watch for signs of moisture and water damage, faulty wiring, poor airflow or plumbing.

Next, hire a professional who has experience with the style and age of the house you are going to buy.

They will have a better idea of ​​the peculiarities of a particular home model, and will be better able to identify problem areas.

5 Can get a lot of incentives

On the other hand, there are potential financial benefits that can be enjoyed when owning a historic home.

In some countries, local governments even offer tax incentives and low-interest loans to people who want to buy historic homes, hoping they will restore or preserve them.

Since homeowners are in a historic district, you are required to adhere to strict rules, there is a high chance that all the homes in the neighborhood will be well-maintained.

Thus, property prices tend not to fall, which means selling prices will return to high.

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