10 Types of Kitchen Flooring Materials 1-5


Wooden floors are an always popular option for kitchens, since they are available in a range of colors to suit your aesthetics. It looks a little softer under the feet than the tiles and can be finished if it wears a little. The only negative is that it can be expensive, depending on the type of wood. Real estate property


Laminate is a convenient alternative to hardwood: it is a synthetic floor made of layers of resin and wood fiber that comes in a variety of styles, often imitating wood or ceramics. Although the material has a more superficial appearance than hardwood, it is extremely durable and easy to install on its own.


Like laminate, vinyl is a durable, waterproof and reasonably priced synthetic floor material. Not only is it available in numerous styles, but it also has two forms: vinyl sheet, which is rolled up on large sheet flooring, and vinyl tile, which can mimic ceramics.


You may be more familiar with corks as a stopper in your wine bottle or as a pin table, but the environmentally friendly material can also be used as a floor. It is particularly ideal for kitchens, as it provides a comfortable feeling, like a cushion under the feet. Cork must be finished to protect it from spills and, like hardwood, can be finished if it is to be repaired.


As with cork, bamboo is a renewable resource, so it can be used as an ecological option for the floor. Although it is actually an herb, bamboo works like hardwood in terms of flooring. While it is susceptible to scratches, it can be restored.

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