11 curtains suitable for a modern Marie Antoinette End

An elegant passage

The fabric can make the spaces uncomfortable and / or the transition is much more special, even if you install it yourself. Here, Aldous Bertram has transformed this narrow passage of the apartment into a magical portal in a few simple steps. First, he held one end of his convenient Etsy cloth on the wall and cut it, then threw additional cloth at the end, loosened it to replace it and fixed it with a hammer and nails. Finally, he used the hem tape to cover the rough edges with ornaments for a more elegant edge. Taking an extra mile, he created an impromptu door using cloth and curtain rods in the frame. The wide and draped effect gives dimension to flat roofs. Real estate property

A Victorian home office

When Miles Redd (or, as is known here, the crowned King of the Tempted Ceilings) first entered this Brooklyn office, he felt “like an insect trapped in a glass jar.” It is a glass solarium of the 80s, in addition to an 1820 city house, so that they feel coherent, and to transform a last-minute idea into the main event, he tried. Extending from the padded walls to the curved and curved canopy, the blue batik fabric cools and softens the space (from the point of view of temperature and visually).

A rustic escape

Although curtain ceilings tend to look elegant and decadent, they can actually adapt to any environment, it just depends on the fabric. This meeting space in the attic of a house renovated by two brothers has a softer atmosphere with a padded but padded roof, but in general, the tent is not so fast, but it is very effective and integrates rustic materials such as exposed wood and brick .

A capricious dining room

“The dining room was our biggest challenge, but in the end it became the most exciting room in the house,” says designer Sarah Gilbane of this fun space. The theme was the ancient Everglades, so decorative artist Brian Leaver painted palms and flamingos on a canvas wallpaper and then created a trompe l’oeil ceiling. Painting on textured materials instead of directly on the wall can add even more depth, as shown here.

A box of bohemian jewelry.

Californian interior designer Peter Dunham has transformed a small room into an elevated Bohemian paradise with a floor-to-ceiling canopy that occupies almost all of the space, demonstrating that embracing smallness by getting big with the fabric can work for you. please. In addition, extravagant awnings are an excellent way to get that volume and drama that reach the ceilings with curtains and upholstery, but with much less lift both at the time of installation and removal.

A timeless bedroom

Given its fun circus roots, curtain ceilings are perfect for children’s rooms. In this room by Amanda Lindroth, the playful drum pendant combines well with the red finish and the blue and white stripes while awakening the imagination (perfect for a small child), but it is classic enough to age gracefully while inhabitant it grows.

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