11 curtains suitable for a modern Marie Antoinette

VIP booths, circus tents, canopy beds in torrent towers: there is something dramatic in the bold fabric that embraces the walls and is covered above. Curtains have not been so popular since Napoleon’s time, but today’s designers are reinventing them with a lot of contemporary style. The trick of the ceiling wrapped in fabric, simply glued or completely padded, also offers a practical value: it can help isolate a space with drafts, hide architectural defects and even mask soffits and pipes. Read on to see eleven fabulous exaggerated closets for a design lesson on how to raise the roof. Real estate property

reA bold dining room

Going through the doors of this blue zigzag-wrapped Miles Redd dining room is like entering Alice’s Wonderland. The molding of the teeth has an additional layer of texture and pattern set for a surprising surprise factor. But keep in mind that rooms like this aren’t cheap. A professionally installed awning can be a great investment (don’t worry, with a few clicks you’ll find detailed DIY instructions at a much friendlier price). Depending on the work and labor involved in pattern making, sewing and installation, it can cost between $ 5,000 and $ 50,0o0, according to Redd.

A spectacular corner to sit on

While roofs with curtains can bring a spirit of fun to any room, we recommend making sure that the ceilings are high enough to accommodate the additional fullness and depth that the fabric will bring. The high and round vaulted ceilings in this seated enclave designed by Leandra Fremont-Smith are perfect. The designer used contrasting buttons to mark 40 meters of quilted fabrics.

A sunny hall

In this cheerful hall designed by Lilse McKenna, the walls and ceilings are covered on a flat surface, but the blue edges and geometric lines that lead from the corners to the suspended light create the illusion of a carp shape. Therefore, while vaulted ceilings are ideal for curtains, don’t allow a straight ceiling to limit you!

A guest room with floral pattern

This eclectic house designed by Sean Scherer is a treasure trove of antiques, whimsical fabrics and a cheeky decoration that perfectly shows the ingenuous ingenuity of the Grandmillennial style. In this guest room, vintage curtains stretched and hung on wooden rods, then joined the walls and ceiling to create a fantastic space. “You really feel like you’re in a floral curtain,” says Scherer.

A children’s room for children

In this bedroom, interior designer Emily Henderson lets the child’s favorite place and activity guide the theme: the canopy on the bed hangs on a pole, evoking the type of tent you would throw in a field, then the room it really feels like a camping experience.

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