13 of the most chic bathrooms you can buy online at any price 1-5

Bathrooms, especially tiny bathrooms in apartments and rented ones, can be difficult to model. You have to get that perfect combination of form and function and, at the same time, you are more limited in the way you can infuse your space with color and personality. One of the easiest ways to do this is to choose beautiful bathroom accessories that can do a lot of heavy lifting and also serve an important purpose. A cute soap dispenser can make a difference in the world (even if all you do is smile when you wash your hands!), And a coordinated set is even better. If you are looking for the perfect bathroom set, look no further: if your personal style is more modern or sophisticated or if you prefer neutral or bright colors, this list has you covered. Oh, and there’s something for every budget too. Real estate property

1 set of pink glass bathroom with 5 pieces

You can’t go wrong with a cheap, nice glass bathroom set in pink.

2 5 piece marble bathroom sets

If your style is elegant in white marble, use this set. It comes with a soap dispenser, a glass, a cloth cover, a soap dish and a toothbrush holder, all for less than $ 50.

Bistro 3 tile bath collection

Anthropologie’s ever-popular Bistro collection isn’t just for the kitchen, and these bathroom accessories prove it. They don’t come in a set, but you can get each piece for $ 16 to $ 20.

4 Polished porcelain bathroom accessories

The multifaceted style of these simple bathroom accessories gives them a little more personality, and the Blue Sea Salt coloring is totally chic.

Iridescent mosaic bathroom set 5

Do you like some sparkle? This impressive set of three iridescent green mosaics will shine in the light and cost just $ 25.

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