15 storage ideas in the living room that minimize the footprint (or hide it) 1-5

Elegant places to store your odds and ends are essential in the living room. Whether large or small, elegant or informal, the living room is probably the most public and common space in the house: it is where to entertain guests, so it should make a good impression. This means that the disorder is not permanent. Read on to get 15 smart ideas to store your living room and get your best condition. Real estate property

Opt for dual use furniture

In this living room designed by Emily Henderson, the thin cast iron coffee table also acts as a receptacle for reading materials. Double service furniture like this is perfect for smaller living rooms and minimalist spaces.

Customize a wall unit

A floor-to-ceiling wall unit will eliminate excess clutter from its surfaces and tables that can be used throughout the living room. Obviously, this is good for functional reasons (like having a place to leave your cocktail), but you’ve also seen the walls. Designed by Arent & Pyke, this bookcase is sophisticated and spacious on its own, while offering another space to display decorative objects.

Optimize your furniture

This room designed by Arent & Pyke encloses large seats and containers in a small space with strategic customizations that do not overwhelm the view. For example, wall lights free floor space and the integrated bench has drawers underneath.

Bring a basket

The easiest and cheapest way to introduce more storage space? It’s baskets! They are neutral for blankets and blankets. Designer Tasmin Johnson added one to this living room, which balances the formal elements without colliding. You can also reuse an old box or use a basket for something more elegant.

Show firewood

The wooden storage notch alone with the neutral color of the organic wooden coffee table ensures that the living room complements the splendid view that unfolds without stealing attention. The open wood closet is functional, but keeping the wood outdoors also adds a familiar and welcoming charm to the space. It also creates a beautiful and natural model that also works as an art.

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