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The butler’s pantry, or pantry, refers to the transition space between the kitchen and the dining room (although there is no person with a bow tie preparing the appetizer and cocktails present). Butler’s pantries were the norm in formal and luxurious homes dating back to the 18th century. according to SFGate. They have evolved over the years for several reasons, some related to architectural trends, such as the rise of the floor plan, as well as the change in social attitudes. Real estate property

Today, unlike the old common pantry – also known as the room with all the snacks and therefore also known as the real heart of the house – the butler’s pantry is intended to facilitate entertainment, providing space for preparation and storage of tools and barware. Think of it as an elevated corridor: it’s-in-home-bar-meets-mini-kitchen-prep-station-meets-glorified-wardrobe. If you’re lucky enough to have one at your house (or are thinking of buying one), read on for sixteen elegant butler pantry ideas that bring past space into the modern era.

Keep It Classic

Interior architect Heather Hilliard kept this light, bright and classic pantry with printed wallpaper, white paint and showcases. The blue glasses on the top shelf also add a nice touch of color.

Opt for open shelves

Krysta Gibbons, from Kipling House Interiors, divided a large kitchen into two rooms: the main kitchen, where all cooking is done, and the kitchen / pantry. It is basically a modern butler’s pantry, where all bulky appliances are stored, as well as food and dishes. It is equipped with open shelves for maximum comfort and a ladder to reach the objects stored in the upper cabinets. This helps to make a high-traffic family kitchen run smoothly.

Invest in a wine refrigerator

Not only are symmetrical wine coolers aesthetically pleasing, they are also conveniently positioned and offer excellent use of extra space. The smoked mirror backsplash brings the right touch of formal style to this space also designed by Studio DB. So it’s the perfect combination of a home bar and a butler’s pantry.

Free up counter space

Designed by Chango & Co., this butler’s pantry will facilitate entertainment. The long and spacious countertops offer plenty of space for preparation and the cupboards ensure that all your dishes are stored comfortably close to the dining room.

Prepare it for the photo

This butler’s pantry designed by Catherine Kwong is more like a chic home bar. The cabinets and the hidden minibar offer plenty of space, so the surfaces are free for furniture and preparation work.

Enjoy vertical space

If you have high ceilings, enjoy it with layers of floating shelves. Brady Tolbert of Emily Henderson Design used gold brackets to anchor the shelves and add a metallic touch.

Add extra devices

If the butler’s pantry is large enough to look like a small kitchen, stock it with extras like an oven and a coffee maker. Warm up and add color and fantasy with a small rug. Interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer also chose a warm color palette and packs many textured materials in a small space.

Install a pocket door

Choose a pocket door. If you want to hide the butler’s pantry from the dining room, consider installing a pocket door. This will keep the transition space out of sight without taking up additional space. Interior designer Jenn Feldman kept it simple to complement the room’s classic and contemporary style.

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