16 modern ways to decorate a butler’s pantry 9-16 End

Facilitates the transition

Paint the walls with a dark color that goes from the kitchen to the dining room. In this butler’s pantry designed by deVol Kitchens, the deep marine hue adds a formal touch. Real estate property

Add activity lighting

If you plan to do some preparation in the pantry, we recommend that you are equipped with ideal lighting. Interior designer Andrew Flesher opted for bright white paint, lacquered furniture while reflecting light and two additional pendants in the work area.

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Inspired by sculptor Louise Nevelson, interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer found extravagant finds: a bottle of Topo Chico, clock gears and antique bicycle parts, for custom wardrobes in the fabulous butler’s pantry. The takeaway? Just because it is a glorified corridor / miniature kitchen, does not mean that it cannot shine in style.

Keep It Casual

Although it is traditionally an elegant room, you can keep it informal. In a farmhouse, make the butler’s pantry chic, with outdoor copper utensils, school wall sconces and a rustic sink. Leanne Ford Interiors placed a bouquet of wildflowers in a jar to relive it and hung the linen fabric in front of the sink to hide the space.

Embed art

The framed works of art, supported by the wall of the floating shelf, illuminate and dress the pantry of this butler designed by Studio DB. Light gray paint and sophisticated marble make it elegant and functional.

Make it multipurpose

Metallic wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a good-natured and intimate pantry, a home bar or a butler’s pantry. Studio DB combined it with black marble surfaces and stained wood wardrobes to complete the look.

Tuck It Away

If there is no door that separates the pantry and the dining room, hide the main counter space and the storage unit in the corner to keep it out of sight. Or, if you don’t have a pantry, choose a section of the kitchen closest to the dining room to turn it into an improvised version of one.

Extend the kitchen

If you need additional work space because your kitchen is too small, make the butler’s pantry an extension of the kitchen. Here, DeVol Kitchens aligns the shelves with dry ingredients and cooking utensils placed under the counter, so that it can be used as a cooking station.

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