19 designer bathrooms that demonstrate the power of pink 1-5

Did you know that there is a long and fascinating history behind the pink baths? In the 1950s, after World War II, pink was an intentional departure from the modesty and solemnity of grayscale color schemes in wartime. It also dates back to First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, who popularized the color when she used it throughout the White House executive residence after moving in 1953 (in fact, she even earned the nickname “The Pink Palace”). Today, it may not seem like the most obvious color option to use in a bathroom, but more and more designers have incorporated pink, if not full monochrome. In fact, pink offers tons of variety; If you choose a dusty pink shade, you can create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere, while a pastel shade radiates sweetness and a coral instantly energizes a space. Real estate property

If you are still not convinced of the power of pink, the examples of pink baths presented will present your range, from modern to playful and traditional, or even relaxed and inspired by the country. Read on to see the trend in the pink bathroom and write down your favorite ways to use it, from a floor-to-ceiling gum situation or keeping it discreet with a pastel marble dressing table or splashing bedding.

It is easy to feel trapped when decorating a small dust room, but the limited space is really a great blessing, since it is small, you can leave without worrying about being overwhelming. Take this dressing table from Ailana Michelle Ralph’s house, for example. With a light pink color on the wall and a surrounding gallery of eclectic works of art, the small small space leaves a strong impression.

Consider this a lesson on how to use soft shades of pink. The lovely blue and peach wallpaper in this bathroom designed by Anne Hepfer reflects the swirls of color on the marble top, creating cohesion in this small corner dust room.

A clean stack pattern of monochromatic pink bubblegum subway tiles is surprisingly relaxing to look at. Placing them vertically extended this bathroom designed by Studio Life / Style.

Adopt a favorite color in the powder bath: this is the perfect time to dare and create a jewelry box. Heather Hilliard went with an upbeat fuchsia energetic wallpaper with tangerine and here.

When you want to use various shades of pink without looking too playful, trendy or noisy, use the humble zellige mosaic. One of the many good things about zellige is that you can create a tonal cocoon that offers more variety than cookie cut tiles or a single shade of paint. ETC.etera chose a rainbow of roses for this mosaic shower at the Firehouse Hotel in the trendy arts district of Los Angeles.

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