19 designer bathrooms that demonstrate the power of pink 10-19 End

An unexpected way to incorporate the rose? In Marble This fantastic shower by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture and Design is like stepping into a magical cotton candy paradise (one that is not sticky, of course, since it wouldn’t be very useful in a shower). But seriously, if you’re wondering how to use pink in a bathroom to look timeless and exclusive, look no further. Real estat property

Keep it classic with a bubblegum pink background. Play with colored tiles to create a dynamic pattern. This bathroom is a graphic example, mixing grayscale black and white tiles. It looks decidedly retro and straightforward.

In this powder room designed by Studio DB, the curved mirror completes the curvature of the sink surface. With the exclusive blush pink light bulb above, space is the perfect combination of elegant and modern. And while I might think pink gold is an obvious choice, the golden accents and accessories shake really well.

The lively tangerine painted cabinets in this bathroom designed by ETC.Etera highlight the orange hues on the pink stone dressing table, which also adheres to the pink tiles and carpet. Although complementary, the wave of orange is decidedly nervous and fearless, further proof that pink is far from being picky in the right environment.

In this powder room designed by Studio DB, the swirls of gray, purple, pink and white are truly adorable. The blooming flowers of the wallpaper mimic the movement of the marble veins and those purple-pink colors are on the subject, but they also add a playful touch. Even the contrasting turquoise really stands out.

Speaking of mixing the chips, Arent & Pyke knows what happens. The penny tiles in the upper half of the wall represent the motif of the circle, from the round mirror to the round handles of the wooden drawers, while the pink zellige rectangular tiles illuminate the room.

Can’t you commit to highlighting just the pink in the bathroom? Color block! Like the inverse of the last tip, use the same type of mosaic everywhere, but divide it into pink sections and then another color of your choice. Here, GRT Architects chose the periwinkle for the sink and the sink area and then a pale pink peach-colored tile for the shower area. The navy blue paint and black accessories combine surprisingly well.

The angular geometric tiles juxtaposed with the organic and soft swirls of a variety of burgundy dark pink marble make the bathroom elegant but shiny. We also love the way Arent & Pyke chose to wrap the floating wardrobes in a natural stone frame instead of limiting it to a dressing table.

And now, for the crowned jewel of the pink baths in our summary, we present this masterpiece designed by Fiona Lynch Studio. When your bathroom has corner windows to create a niche large enough for a floating bathtub, take advantage of it: it is worth renovating the pipes just for the visual impact. That decorated carpentry really sets it apart.

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