While the name evokes an urban atmosphere with warehouse and factory elements, it is no surprise that industrial interior design practices lend a clean, somewhat masculine, minimalist spirit to any environment. Think of a combination of neutral colors, recycled machinery, shades of color, rough woods and unfinished metals and, in the end, a return to the past with a slightly steampunk feel. Real estate property

That said, we do not recommend entering the industry when considering the best interior design styles for small homes, as this is an aesthetic that requires a lot of room to breathe elements inspired by machines that are usually too large. However, you can inject small doses of the design movement as you look at industrial interior design styles by incorporating the decorative rough metal extras on a shelf here or in a small corner there.


Similar to bohemian furniture but with decidedly adult charm, the eclectic interior design is based on high energy finds and accessories and spells. Think of bold color palettes, textures, and motifs brought together to create a rich mix with utility and focal points in mind.

Not to be confused with something, says the spirit, eclectic design is based on consistency, shades of fashion and, above all, the freedom to explore creative directions with the shades studied.


If warmth, practicality, comfort and a laid-back approach to attractive design are on the agenda, modern farm decor is a great option to consider. The modern, warm and inviting farmhouse is inspired by the province for the maximum combination of high and low contrasts that works beautifully, especially for a growing family.

Think of the rustic elements of the country updated for now with a rich mix of industrial, minimalist and Scandinavian touches, to unique spaces that fully exploit all architectural signs – imperfect or not.


The modern country style features dynamic organic and robust layers for a warm and comfortable touch of interior design classics. From beams exposed to precious industrial finds, the appearance is tall but natural.


If your taste is ornate and decorated with jewelry, this reminiscence of the 1920s style may be the best option. Art deco style interior design instantly evokes opulence; Elegant, glamorous and elegant, this style was popularized as the epitome of elegance in the 1920s.


If you want to create a rich interpretation of discreet interior design in your home, taking inspiration from Asian Zen design style may be the right direction for you, as an Asian Zen interior is minimal but in unique layers.


Feng Shui is not limited to the way you organize your furniture. It is yet another philosophy to create balance in your home for harmony and it is sure to add a sense of tranquility to your everyday life.

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