Some makeup ideas to stay organized and get ready with style Part 2

Use a closet or screen

Turn a closet or screen into a makeshift dressing table in an empty corner. Studio DB has equipped it with padded interiors and hanging shelves for glasses and bar essentials or whatever else you want on your dresser, as well as make-up and skincare items.

Make it double as a desk

Choose a small desk so you can also use it in your bedroom as a small workspace. And instead of hanging a large mirror, liven up the walls with eye-catching paint and keep a sculptural hand mirror on your desk to apply makeup. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Add decorative seating

A comfortable place to sit while getting ready instantly makes a closet more luxurious, especially with a velvet ottoman like this in a Studio DB-designed walk-in closet. We also like the idea of lining up a series of asymmetrical mirrors instead of just one for a bolder statement. House Furniture Solution

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Try a medicine cabinet with a mirror

Use your sink! If you don’t have room for a real dressing table, a wall-mounted mirror cabinet will suffice. It is convenient and easy to access all your products. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Animate it with the background

If you have a small desk or chest of drawers in the closet, use some cute jars to store jewelry. Consider making an eye-catching wall with wallpaper, place a mirror on the surface, and put up an eye-catching stool. Hang pendants on either side of the mirror instead of opting for sconces. Property New

Some makeup ideas to stay organized and get ready with style Part 1

Having an organized, well-lit surface to perch on while applying makeup will ensure better results (which means it won’t look like the Bozo clown – well, no promises, really). And it will add some style to your bedroom, closet or bathroom. Whether you’re looking for makeup storage solutions, clunky or small space ideas, or even some design inspiration, the 11 makeup ideas below will take care of all of your lipstick, skincare, fragrance, and nail polish collections. nail.

Use a paneled mirror

If your makeup table is facing a window, but a small makeup mirror doesn’t work, opt for a folding mirror like this Heather Hilliard-designed cabinet. Since a three-panel mirror can stand on its own, you don’t have to worry about fixing anything on the wall. The built-in table is also flanked by six roomy drawers for additional storage. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Install a floating shelf

Place a thin floating table near the window for optimal lighting of makeup application. It will also serve as a desk. Keep things to a minimum, like Corinne Mathern Studio did here.

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Reflect back wall

Designed by Patrick McGrath, this corner vanity has a sleek, low profile, but also has a drawer deep enough to accommodate essentials. The upholstered channel stool gives a little warmth to the cold bathroom and the mirror makes the room twice as large. For an energizing finishing touch, place a small bouquet in the corner and keep your favorite investment products on the counter (like a bottle of Byredo perfume). House Furniture Solution

Make with a side table

Don’t let a tight budget or small space hold you back! Use a modest-sized side table for a makeshift dresser if a built-in table or table is not an option. Then just hang up a mirror and pull out a side chair. If you are not near a window, you can add a small table lamp. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Install secret storage

Mount a floating cubicle or folding table on the wall to keep your collection hidden when not in use, but also within easy reach. Bonus: this idea doesn’t take up space. Property New

The best paint colors for small bathrooms when you’re tired of white Part 3

12 deep blue

We love the classic blue paint Reath Design chose for this space. Adds richness and complements soapstone countertops without being over the top, in case occupants want to swap out standout pieces, like rugs and mirrors, over the years.

13 Black lacquer

For high-impact contrast, paint your finishes with a brighter finish. The black, white, brown, green and gold color scheme of this bathroom is the perfect example to follow if you love sophisticated interiors. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

14 blue sky

You can’t go wrong with sky blue, especially in a small bathroom. Here, Arent & Pyke brought some grown-up sparkle to the cheery, cheerful color with accent black accents, an ornate Art Deco rug, and gray-speckled tiles.

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15 cream

Reath Design opted for a creamy off-white paint color in this bathroom for a softer take on bright white. It goes perfectly with the fun geometric rug and green painted window frames. House Furniture Solution

16 dark gray

It’s all about layers, textures and colors in this cozy bathroom designed by Heidi Caillier. She transformed a rustic green dresser into a polished sink with a natural stone countertop for an elegant touch. The most transformative element of the space is definitely the dark gray paint, which achieves a cozy atmosphere.

17 Dusty Rose

If you love the sweet and romantic qualities of light pink, but also want something that looks a bit bolder, go for a powdery rose. This one has an eerie smoke and the contrast of the dark blue door is accentuated. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

18 chocolate brown

We love the neutral, but different, clay color scheme in this grounded bathroom designed by Robert McKinley Studio. The combination of painted walls, a woven lamp and blinds, and a natural stone countertop create an earth-inspired oasis. Property New

The best paint colors for small bathrooms when you’re tired of white Part 2

6 light green

The floral-bordered sink and complementary green-painted walls make each day feel like a fresh spring morning in this cheerful bathroom at Madcap Cottage. The two shades of green paint speak of the various shades of the skirt and the wallpaper in floral fabric.

7 baby pink

We love eclectic art against the baby pink walls of this powder room. A tiny bathroom is the perfect place for a fun paint color, as there is no room for other decorative statements. In this bathroom, the pink wallpaper makes the traditional portrait gallery fun and whimsical. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

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8 dark eggplants

Whether used in a bohemian space or a more traditional location, a super dark, almost black purple eggplant instantly enriches. It has Victorian vibes in this bathroom against white and gold frames. House Furniture Solution

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9 Chalky Off-White

When you want to use a neutral tone, but also want to spice things up in a structural way, use a special finish. Something chalky, super matte or ultra shiny will do. In this bathroom, interior designer Tamsin Johnson opted for an oat-based paint similar to clay, which combines both bold concrete with modern glass details, and the earth tone of the fabric skirt. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

10 Steel Blue Gray

Designer Nina Farmer made the sink retro again by adding the impressive marble effect wallpaper by Robert Crowder & Co. The original wall panel was painted in Plumb Farrow & Ball, which complements the paper and makes the toilet more formal. .

11 light orange

The cabinets painted in vibrant tangerine in this bathroom designed by ETC.etera highlight the orange tones on the pink stone top, which also attaches to the pink tiles and carpet. The lesson? Combine your cabinets with your natural stones and tiles. Property New

The best paint colors for small bathrooms when you’re tired of white Part 1

Ah, the old design myth that crisp white paint will make tiny rooms, like bathrooms and toilets, look much larger. Sure, it feels real sometimes, but it’s definitely not the only option. Sometimes the best way to make a small bathroom more spacious is to decorate it with dark, bright or experimental colors. To open everyone up to the vast world of small bathroom paint colors, we’re highlighting our top favorite shades below.

Soft purple

Color blocking is a great way to play with color if you don’t want to cover the entire room in an experimental hue. Here, Heidi Caillier chose a soft purple below the chair line to give the rustic farmhouse bathroom a more romantic touch. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Light grey

For such a small bathroom, a corner hanging mirror above an angular sink maximizes every inch (and clutter can be hidden behind the fabric skirt). Wedgwood plates and round table help neutralize the box and add charm. To add a little more glaze and intrigue, the walls are painted in a soft, light gray.

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Forrest Green

With a slim cylindrical sink and a lonely pendant light, this bathroom is perfectly proportioned. But since there’s no room for decorative extras and even essential pieces can’t take up a lot of space, the only way to make a powerful move in terms of design is with a bold paint color. House Furniture Solution

Red wine

This bathroom designed by ETC.etera for Firehouse Hotel is the perfect balance between serious and particular, sophisticated and cool. Red wine tones are the clear focal point of the bathroom, accented by the marigold zellige tiles. Together, they create a story of warm colors. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Crunchy white

Okay, we know we said we would keep away from white, but here’s proof that sometimes it’s really the best choice for small bathrooms. Alexander M. Reid went for a bright, fresh white for this traditional bathroom and then added touches of blue for a classic combination. Graphic tiles come alive and white walls make a perfect backdrop for the art gallery. Property New

10 incredibly beautiful colors to consider for a fall wedding #2

Toasted sienna

Burnt Sienna isn’t what you normally think of when you think of “marriage”, but it actually looks ravishing near white classics. Add some gold to make it more festive. House Furniture Solution


Don’t feel like orange will turn your wedding into a Jack Skellington-inspired party – it can be elegant and rustic when used sparingly, as chandeliers. Then compare it to bright pinks, reds, or purples.

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If you don’t want intense forest berry tones to dominate your palette, add pops. This unique flower on a white and gold pastel adds color without overcoming the complexity of the design. Peralatan Rumah Tangga


The clay shade is how you turn pink in the fall. It goes especially well with greens and whites. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Red orange

They are fall classics for a reason. Your look will not only complement the changing leaves, but add a little green and you have the earthy color palette of your wedding dreams. Property New

10 incredibly beautiful colors to consider for a fall wedding #1

Pastel shades are an obvious choice for a wedding, but if you’re getting married in the fall, you may have a hard time choosing a color palette. We have put together some incredibly beautiful fall color schemes that are perfect for your wedding. Pink is beautiful and all, but what about terra cotta?

1 caramel

Before you immediately get rid of the idea of ??a brown bouquet, consider how beautiful your rich tones can look. While it is obvious for a boho wedding, it is actually insanely chic, even for a more traditional wedding. House Furniture Solution

2 wines

A vibrant burgundy bouquet stands out in a white dress. For contrast, try light pink, cream or even orange.

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3 wood tones

Keep the colors neutral – think of whites and creams – and make the recovered pieces of wood stand out. They are perfectly rustic for an outdoor wedding and can be easily adorned with some tulle or satin. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

4 forest green

All earth tones for fall, please! This includes wood, browns and lots of sage. Take it easy with the flowers and don’t skimp on the green. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

5 golden yellow

Channel the changeable leaves with yellow flowers. To accentuate your centerpiece, add yellow glasses to your table as well. Property New