Practical Ways to Arrange a Tiny Bedroom, Do You Know?

Do you have a tiny bedroom? Confused about how to arrange a bedroom so that it looks beautiful but doesn’t make it narrower?

How to arrange a tiny bedroom has its own challenges. Starting from a very limited place to store things to a feeling of claustrophobia that may arise is a problem that is usually faced. If you have a tiny bedroom, don’t worry. There are ways to organize your bedroom that can help you overcome these problems.

Regardless of the size or size of the room, the right way to organize a bedroom can contain a lot of things, you know. Plus, your room will be more comfortable and beautiful to look at. Here are the tips.

1 Choose Space-Saving Furniture

Make sure the furniture you choose for a small bedroom doesn’t take up a lot of space. For example, a minimalist design office desk, a bed with a drawer at the bottom, and others. With furniture that is not too big, this makes arranging the bedroom easier. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

2 Limit the Color Palette

Bright colors are known to make a room appear wider, especially if there is sunlight coming in. For this reason, choosing neutral or pastel colors is one way of arranging an ideal small bedroom. Not only choosing bright colors, you also need to limit the number of color palettes. Use similar patterns for walls, furniture and bedding. This way of arranging a bedroom is intended to create a roomy impression because your eyes will not be fixated on the narrow corners of the room. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Make a Wider Impression with a Mirror

Using a mirror to make a room appear twice as big is a trick that’s been used for centuries. Basically, the mirror reflects light and creates an optical illusion to the room. Even now, this is one of the most frequently used ways to organize a tiny bedroom. House Furniture Solution

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4 Defining Good Lighting

Lighting is everything — especially in a tiny bedroom. The first thing you can do is not to block the incoming sunlight. How to arrange a bedroom that is friendly to sunlight will make your bedroom feel more spacious and fresh during the day.

5 Select the Floating Table

Basically, all the “floating” furniture will make the room appear taller. However, floating tables have a very important role in how to arrange a small bedroom because they have more functions than that. Property News

the most beautiful advent calendars for Christmas this year Part 1

Advent calendars have been a Christmas tradition for a long time, but they sure have come a long way from the chocolate-filled cardboard calendars of their youth. Now, there are all kinds of exclusive and even luxurious advent calendars to choose from, not to mention some beautiful reusable advent calendars that you can fill with your treats year after year and pass down from generation to generation.

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1 12-night wine advent calendar

If your idea of ??a relaxing evening is to kick back with your favorite red or white mug, this advent calendar is perfect for you. Choose between Naughty (red) or Nice (white) to enjoy a new glass on each of the 12 nights before Christmas. You can also score both at a discount. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

2 Personalized Tea Advent Calendar

This adorable Advent calendar contains 24 different tea bags, perfect for pampering yourself until Christmas every day. And, as a bonus, you can personalize it with a message on the back.

3 friends: the official advent calendar

All Friends fans will love this official Advent calendar, which contains over 40 surprise charms and souvenirs inside. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

4 Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Kids and Lego collectors crave new Lego advent calendars year after year, like this 2020 edition of the Harry Potter calendar. House Furniture Solution

5 Volcano 12 days Christmas gift set

This 12-day advent calendar is entirely dedicated to Capri Blue’s beloved “Vulcano” perfume (a delicious mix of sugary citrus fruits and mountain vegetables), with six candles, an environmental spray, a diffuser oil, a bath bomb , hand cream, bar of soap and of course a tiny ceramic candle. Property News

Brilliant gifts your whole family will appreciate #3

12 100 Movies Wish List Poster

This scratch card is exactly what you need to accompany all the classic films you watch together, from Back to the Future to The Lion King. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

13 Kit for the production of milk cups and cookies

Change the classic cookie routine with a cup making kit, which comes with a silicone mold to create molds that can be filled with milk. The mold can be washed in the dishwasher, so you won’t mind mixing them up indefinitely.

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14 Paint your S’mores kit

If you are more of a s’mores family, this kit (which comes with marshmallows inspired by a coloring book and edible ink!) Will also turn the night into a fun art project. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

15 home Escape Room

Do you enjoy challenging family activities like escape rooms? This kit comes with everything you need to install one at home, or really, anywhere.

16 risk-free world map

For the family that has big travel goals, this rough map of the world is a great interactive gift. Simply cross out the places they have been together to reveal a more colorful map below. House Furniture Solution

17 wall plaque with notes

Combine this elegant card with a family photo that you know they love and you have a chic and thoughtful gift that everyone will love. Or make it useful for busy families by creating a good calendar.

18 Photo calendar by Bountiful Joy

A photo calendar is a great way to combine personalization, art and convenience, as the whole family can use it to keep track of their schedules.

19 Signature Jam Set

Toast, cookies, PB & Js – you choose, they just received an important update. And with six flavors together, there’s a new favorite flavor for everyone in the family, guaranteed. Hello blueberry, lemon and basil! Property News

20 Painting by Numbers Kit Very Venice

This number painting kit is a fun and creative activity that everyone can enjoy – it’s perfect for families with older children, and you end up with a classic framed work of art!

21 Print family definition

This simple letterpress will remind everyone in the family how much they mean to each other whenever they see it, and what is better? It’s an instant download, so you can print it right away and frame it, without having to pay for shipping.

22 Pizza making kit

Pizza makes everything better, so even if the whole family disagrees about the fillings, this pizza kit (complete with pizza stone, peel, spatula and slicer) allows you to cook together instead of asking.

23 Apple TV 4K

There’s nothing like preparing for a family movie night, so if you don’t already have an Apple TV, it’s time to invest in the latest version – Netflix, Hulu and all the other streaming services are just a few clicks away .

Brilliant gifts your whole family will appreciate #2

7 Personalized family illustration

Submit your favorite family photo for a personalized illustration. The best part of these personalized portraits? The manufacturer can also draw pets. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

8 Personalized family portrait with African fabric art

If an illustration is not your style, create one of these beautiful digital collages with your favorite family photo.

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9 Ice cream kitchen set

Mix a little magic for the whole family with this ice cream filling mix kit, complete with a marble plate, two kneading knives, three ceramic plates and a bamboo base to rest everything. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

10 stuffed waffle maker

This is not your normal waffle maker – it is designed so you can easily fill them with any filling you want, from fruits to eggs and bacon. This is a breakfast that everyone in the family can agree on! House Furniture Solution

11 Total Nonsense Family Edition

If you want a game that makes the whole family laugh until they cry, choose the family edition of Utter Nonsense. The game challenges everyone to utter strange phrases with silly accents, so we guarantee you a fun time. Property News

Brilliant gifts your whole family will appreciate #1

Buying a gift for a family, whether yours or someone else’s, can be tricky – everyone has different interests, especially when there are children of all ages. If so, gifts that celebrate your bond (like a custom art print) or help you spend time together (like a pizza kit or movie night care pack) are the best way to go. , because everyone can appreciate them and have fun together. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 personalized family mugs

Make sure each member of the family knows exactly which mug is theirs with this set; each has its own name and personalized illustration.

2 game night in a can

For the family that can’t resist board game night, Game Night In A Can is a fun, creative, and age-appropriate set (combine 30 different games!) The whole family can enjoy together. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 gardening kits for kids

Get kids interested in gardening with this handy kit, which includes biodegradable soil, seeds, pots and trays, instructions for kids, and a children’s activity book filled with puzzles, jokes, fun facts and more.

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4 Night Movie Popcorn Kit

Make your TV time even more memorable with this amazing popcorn game. It comes with six different toppings and three different types of bones, plus retro popcorn boxes for everyone. House Furniture Solution

5 Set of toss the burrito

Another new game to get on the radar of your board game-loving family? Throwing burrito shot. It’s simple enough that anyone can play and soft burritos can be tossed at each other, which can only end with hilarity.

6 air hockey tables

No need to go to the game room, everyone can enjoy an exciting game of (mini) air hockey with this battery-operated tabletop version. Property News

17 perfectly thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts your guest will appreciate #2

6 scented candles for pumpkin pie

Candles are always a nice gift, and a seasonal gift – like this choice, which smells like pumpkin pie – is perfect for the holidays. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

7 pumpkin pie soap

No, this isn’t an actual slice of pumpkin pie – it’s actually a goat’s milk-based bar of soap that looks good enough to eat.

8 Personalized “Thank you” cutting board

A personalized gift is always a well thought out idea, and doubly when it’s something useful, like this cutting board. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

9 printable Thanksgiving labels

When in doubt (or when you just want to make an even more festive gift!), Add one of these printable labels to your gift. House Furniture Solution

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10 marbled glass coasters

Coasters are always a good idea for a guest gift, especially when they look this good.

11 old fashioned cherry pie earrings

The cutest gift for the guest who loves to cook? These adorable mini pie earrings, which, by the way, have a fun twist – they smell! Property News

17 perfectly thoughtful Thanksgiving gifts your guest will appreciate #1

If you’re attending a Thanksgiving dinner this year, be it a formal family gathering or a more casual friendship party, you don’t want to show up empty-handed, especially when you know your host has cooked, prepared for guests. and spend more time following safety precautions on top of everything. Little touches, like festive wine labels and personalized labels, can enhance a casual gift, while things like hand-stamped serving utensils and fall pots work for a more elaborate occasion. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

And if you can’t be with your loved ones over the holidays this year, sending a gift is a great way to remind them that you are thinking and grateful for them. Wherever you go or whoever you are shopping for, you are sure to find the perfect gift on this list. Oh, and we won’t blame you for ordering some of these for yourself to decorate your Thanksgiving table, even if it’s just to make a quiet house party more special. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 Thanksgiving wine label

Turn the bottle of wine you were already about to carry into something a little more festive with one of these Thanksgiving labels.

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2 white pumpkin pie baking dish

If it’s your turn to bring the cake, take it to this pumpkin shaped cake plate as a guest gift.

3 “Spread Joy” printed retractors

This holiday-friendly sweet cheese spreader pairs best with your favorite fancy cheese gift. House Furniture Solution

4 Oreos dipped in chocolate and pumpkin

A sweet treat for the hostess with more, these little pumpkins are actually chocolate covered Oreos.

5 Compact rotating cheese board

Speaking of cheese, this compact cutting board is perfect for the guest living in a small apartment, as it folds in on itself for easy storage. Property News

How to make daily entertainment special

Among the restaurant’s food limitations, safety concerns, and the fact that we may or may not have started cooking as our pandemic hobby, many of us have dinner at home more than ever. But when it’s time to celebrate a holiday or birthday with just relatives or close friends, how can you make it more special than a typical evening meal? We caught up with entertainment guru Kim Seybert, whose eponymous home decor brand is a reference designer for truly jaw-dropping table landscapes, about her tips for improving domestic occasions during the holiday season.

Make the most of a theme.

Just because you won’t be receiving visitors this year, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about the usual cutouts – the fact that you spend more time at home is actually a big reason to do so. “The best way to make things festive is to decorate the house, even if it’s just for you and your family,” says Seybert. “I love decorating the front porch of each of these parties, as well as the family room. I will also design a table with these themes. It is very worth the time and effort to create something special to celebrate!” Peralatan Rumah Tangga

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Even a properly configured table should not be reserved for the company, adds Seybert. “Setting the table for dinner is a great and easy way to involve children. Furthermore, it is a great excuse for the family to get together, talk and focus on each other for an hour. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Don’t get stuck in a rut.

How to make dinner at home less monotonous? “To keep things interesting, I love playing with colors and finding ways to incorporate the season’s touches into my designs,” says Seybert. Your recipe for the perfect table: start with a tablecloth of a fun color or interesting texture, grab some local flowers or farm products that will create a centerpiece and mix it with colorful candles. “Another way to avoid For things to become obsolete, it is necessary to have a variety of vases, candlesticks and trinkets on hand to use depending on the theme, holiday or color of the table. Having some things on hand to embed in the center of the table makes the table feels instantly special “, he adds.

Have some graphics on hand.

While having a few days to plan ahead is always great for entertaining, sometimes you need to set up a last minute table. Fortunately, “you can always raise a dinner, even if you don’t have much time,” says Seybert. Just take stock of your porcelain cabinet and find out what works together so you always have a backup plan. “An easy way is to always have a few sets of napkins, placemats and napkin holders on hand to put on the table quickly. It’s amazing how this simple step really brings things together. Add some lit candles in the center of the table and you’re ready to go. start. leave! ” House Furniture Solution

Increase the luxury factor.

Expensive wine may not be a dinner option for 20 people, but when you’re hosting just a handful of people, you can enjoy a little more. “Serving caviar as an aperitif with an exclusive wine or champagne is always a truly special occasion,” says Seybert. Even your time can go further: “Since the meetings are shorter this season, surprise the guests by serving your favorite dish.” Property News