Parents, Pay Attention to These Three Things Before Decorating The Baby’s Room

Every parent would want to fulfill all kinds of things needed by their baby long before he was born.

All the baby needs that have been prepared by parents also vary, ranging from clothes, toys, to the bedroom.

If you want to decorate a baby’s bedroom, you must pay attention to three important things so that the baby is comfortable and calm.

Launching Decortips, here are the three most important things parents should consider before decorating your baby’s room. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Furniture selection

The first thing that parents need to pay attention to when they want to decorate a baby’s bedroom is the selection of safe furniture.

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Please note, do not choose furniture that is too big and has sharp edges because it will hurt them.

In addition, you can choose pastel colors for the selection of accessories such as curtains, rugs, and bed linen.

This pastel color is suitable to be combined with the neutral base color of the walls that you apply in the nursery.

2 Determination of the theme

As previously explained, neutral colors can be applied as the basis for the walls of the nursery. House Furniture Solution

However, you can still choose a variety of children’s themes ranging from animals, cartoons, flowers, and so on.

In addition, you can use animal-shaped stickers to provide a stimulus to the baby.

3 Extra storage

Over time, the baby will grow and more and more things will be piled up in the room. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Therefore, provide extra storage so that your baby’s room remains spacious and does not feel crowded.

Extra storage that can be selected is for example a bed that has a drawer to store things that are not or are not needed. Property New

Decorations for 15 celebs’ proposals, the latest from Ria Ricis is studded with flowers

Before holding a wedding, a couple will generally hold a series of events from proposals, siraman, recitations, and other traditions. Well, the proposal is one of the historic moments for every couple. Because at this moment, a man asks permission to marry the woman he loves in front of both families. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Not only bringing dozens of offerings, expensive rings, and delicious food, the application procession is also more complete with a special stage. Uniquely, these celebrities made the stage decorations for their proposals so grand.

Like this line of celebrities. On the day of the proposal, they conjured up a very beautiful atmosphere with beautiful decorations. The latest Ria Yunita or who is familiarly called Ria Ricis also carries the concept of a magnificent flower for her wedding.

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So, what does the portrait look like? The following is compiled by from various sources, Sunday (26/9).

1 YouTuber Ria Ricis has just made a proposal with her boyfriend, Teuku Ryan. This is what the decoration looks like. There are also artificial tree decorations that make the atmosphere like a flower garden. House Furniture Solution

2 If this is a portrait of Atta Halilintar’s proposal decoration – Aurel. Like a magnificent aisle, the hotel’s ballroom is decorated with purple flowers with a background like a palace building.

3 This is what Caesar Hito and Felicya Angelista’s proposal looks like. This couple chose an outdoor concept with rustic decor. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

4 Choosing the outdoor concept, Lesty and Billar ensured that the venue decorations were truly impressive. White and gold dominate the decoration of Leslar’s proposal.

5 Nikita Willy – Indra Priawan chose a brown proposal decoration. Elegant and luxurious right! Property New

Similar to a flower garden, 7 portraits of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s proposal decorations

Before tying the sacred vows of marriage, Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan held a proposal ceremony on Thursday (23/9) at 12.30 WIB. Taking place at the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Mega Kuningan, the event only invited family and closest friends. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

In addition to the sacred procession that was awaited, the decoration of the venue from the moment of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s proposal also stole the attention. The hotel ballroom has been transformed into a flower garden.

Not only filled with flowers, the invited guests’ tables and chairs were arranged in such a way around the venue. The combination of white and gold from the decoration brings a luxurious impression.

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Curious? The following is a summary of from various sources, Thursday (23/9), a portrait of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s proposal decoration.

1 From the entrance area, guests will be greeted by the hotel as the receptionist for the event. House Furniture Solution

2 Entering the room, there is a pink backdrop with photos of Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan.

3 White and pink flowers also make the location more luxurious. Also artificial tree decorations that make the atmosphere like a flower garden.

4 Here is the scene at the venue before the event started. In the corner of the stage there is a music orchestra that will enliven the event.

5 The series of events were held according to health protocols.

6 This is the layout of the ‘stage’ where Teuku Ryan will propose to Ria Ricis, his idol. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

7 Now, this is the chair that Ria Ricis will sit on. In addition to the written name, the chair is even more beautiful with flower decorations. Property New

Decorating hobby, these 6 Natalie Sarah furniture ideas can be an inspiration

Having a comfortable and beautiful home is certainly everyone’s dream. Various ways are done so that the residents feel comfortable at home. One of them is by decorating every corner of the space in it. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Apparently the fun activity was also experienced by the beautiful actress, Natalie Sarah. In fact, he admits decorating is now his new hobby. Especially during a pandemic his activities are often spent with the family at home.

Starting from a decorating hobby, Natalie finally also likes to create unique skills for her home furniture. From wall decorations, glass shelves, to bicycle racks he created himself.

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For those of you who are tired of that-that-only home furniture. This series of Natalie Sarah -style furniture ideas can be your inspiration. You don’t need a lot of capital, you can make it with used materials. House Furniture Solution

Well, what is Natalie Sarah’s inspirational home furniture idea?

1 Wall painting.

In the video, Natalie uses a used wall display to decorate her home. Again, he removed the sticker on the old display. Then he recycled by painting the flowers white. The decoration of the house looks more beautiful with this display.

2 Pot wall.

Natalie Sarah’s creative ideas seem endless. The wall frame he had was conjured into a wall pot for water medium plants. The material he uses comes from used prints. From glass bottles, burlap to photo frames. The result of this skill also reaped a lot of praise from netizens.

3 Rosary decoration.

To beautify the room, this time Natalie made a craft from macrame round wooden beads. It arranges the beads to form like a rosary. The idea of ​​furniture is very suitable to be used to decorate a house that carries an industrial concept.

4 Lanterns.

The idea for his lantern furniture began when he found the remains of a fiber fence in a warehouse. Then he immediately bought a piece of woven bamboo and macrame rope. The materials he arranged into a lantern. Looks simple and interesting yes. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

5 Resin wall decoration geode art.

For those who are bored with wall decoration in their house, you can try making Natalie Sarah -style geode art resin creations. It chooses to use the main materials of resins and dyes to make wall decorations. Resin itself is a clear -colored liquid that serves as a polymer former.

6 Set the glasses.

Well, next he created by making a glass tray from epoxy resin. Natalie’s hands seemed so skilled at processing the various ingredients she had prepared. The glass floor of his creation looks beautiful with shades of ash, in line with the concept of decoration in his house. Property New

Indonesian handicrafts and home decoration products invaded Italy

Indonesian handicraft and home decoration products were invaded by buyers at the HOMI 2021 handicraft and home product exhibition in Milan, Italy, resulting in a potential transaction of around Rp. 2.6 billion with the number of potential buyer contacts reaching 50 companies. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

“In this exhibition, Indonesia displays wood and stone carvings, home decorations, aromatherapy such as resins and candles, as well as handicrafts from bamboo and rattan. By having good quality, these products have succeeded in attracting the attention and interest of the buyers present,” explained Rome Trade Attache Silvi Charlote Sumanti in an official statement received in Jakarta, Saturday.

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Indonesia’s participation in HOMI 2021 which will take place on 5-8 September 2021 is a synergy of the Ministry of Trade through the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Milan in collaboration with the Rome Trade Attaché by cooperating with the leading Italian home decoration distributor Aladdin Srl. House Furniture Solution

HOMI is an international exhibition in the field of crafts and home decoration in Italy that involves all relevant parties, from producers to distributors. At this time, HOMI 2021 featured 300 participants from 22 countries.

The founder of Aladdin Srl Massimo Vento said he was satisfied with the results of this exhibition. Indonesian products are beautiful and unique products that are rarely found in Italy, making them highly sought after and appreciated in Italy. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“Market interest in root and teak wood products is very large. We still get a lot of requests even though there are some problems related to delivery,” said Massimo.

Head of ITPC Milan Sri Bimo Adhi Yudhono explained, after being hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic and a strict lockdown followed by massive vaccinations, the Italian economy is now throbbing again. This should be used by Indonesia to reach the market as one of the countries producing high quality handicrafts.

“Moreover, currently the Italian government provides discounted prices for those who build or buy houses. Thus, making the opportunity for the home decoration sector even greater,” added Bimo.

The 2021 trend in the interior design field is environmentally friendly products as well as sustainable products. Indonesian products have these two characters because they are made from natural ingredients and not from artificial materials or chemical industry products. Property New

This year, public interest in furniture and products for verandas, terraces and yards has increased sharply because many people still have to work from home.

“Since the pandemic, the lives of Italian people have changed a lot. They no longer work in offices or in companies, but work from home and many decide to turn their homes into workspaces,” concluded Bimo.

The total trade between Indonesia and Italy in the January-July 2021 period was 2.40 billion US dollars, an increase of 31.54 percent compared to the same period the previous year. Of this value, Indonesia’s exports to Italy amounted to 1.39 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s imports from Italy amounted to 1.01 billion US dollars.

7 Tips for Decorating a Workspace to Make WFH More Enthusiastic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new habits, including at work. Many companies ask their employees to work from home or Work From Home (WFH). Peralatan Rumah Tangga

To make work more comfortable at home, many create workspaces. There are also those who turn a room or area at home into a workspace.

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Creating a vibrant atmosphere requires help from the surrounding area. So, making the workspace as comfortable as possible is the key to passionate work.

There are several decorations that must be present if you create a workspace in the house. Here are some decorating tips during WFH.

1 Lighting

The workspace should have sufficient lighting so that you can work comfortably. To get around this you can make the workspace close to the window or add a desk lamp with sufficient lighting. House Furniture Solution

2 Air circulation

Air circulation is a factor that cannot be ignored. A stuffy workspace can make the work atmosphere uncomfortable and tired easily.

You can add a fan or air conditioner (AC). If you want some cool air, you can open the windows. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Plants

Add plants in your workspace to make it feel cooler. Also choose plants that are useful for purifying the air and counteracting radiation in electronic devices. Property New

4 Color touch

Don’t underestimate the paint color for the work area. Colors that are late can raise one’s enthusiasm or concentration for work. Paint colors that are suitable for use in the workspace are purple, blue, green, and white.

5 Minimalist

Choose a minimalist decor so that the room still looks clean and tidy. This helps you stay focused while working.

6 Add your favorite decorations

To make work more exciting, you can add decorations that you like. For example add some photos of you with friends and family.

7 Workbench

Arrange your desk as beautiful as possible so that you are more enthusiastic. Don’t forget about your comfort while working.

Make WFH More Comfortable, Follow These 10 Tips for Decorating the Workspace!

The COVID-19 pandemic that is still ongoing in the country has forced the government to take anticipatory steps in the form of PSBB. The policy also requires non-essential sector companies to implement WFH for their employees.

Are you guys still WFH, Bela? If yes, then the workspace in your home needs proper adjustments.

Creating an atmosphere that keeps your morale stable, just like in the office, is part of the adjustment. The adjustment is in the form of arranging the workspace at home with aesthetic decorations. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Well, here are Popbela’s chosen workspace decorating tips for those of you who are still WFH:

1 Add greenery decorations to purify the air around you, so that the atmosphere becomes more comfortable. Choose succulent indoor plants with colorful pots, so that the decoration is more aesthetic

2 Give it a touch of striking color to increase the energy in the house. Choose a striking color that makes you excited to work. For example, blue looks elegant and professional, thus increasing work motivation House Furniture Solution

3 Give a minimalist but comfortable touch, such as tables and walls in neutral colors. Also add fabric decorations such as pillows or blankets, as well as minimalist carpets on the floor

Another 4 tips for decorating the workspace is decorating according to your personality. If Bela is fashionable, go all out with a touch of colorful colors, whether on the wall color, artwork as a display, or furniture. You can also add colored modern rugs, or metallic accessories

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5 Make your desk look artsy. For example, posting photos, illustrations, or artwork that channel positive energy when you work. Hanging shelves, posters or beautiful paintings that can be hung on the wall can also be an option, so that this decoration seems like your personal gallery.

6 Give a touch of light to your desk by placing your desk in front of the window, Bela. Natural light from outside makes the work atmosphere more spacious, especially if you work in your room. That way, sunlight will also not reflect on the laptop screen. Just add a curtain if the light starts to get dazzling! Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

7 Take advantage of free space by cooking shelves on the wall as a place to put things, such as printers, files, or books. Avoid putting it on the table because it only makes your workspace narrower. Leave important items that are often used, such as laptops, stationery, or notes, lying on the table

8 Tips for decorating the next workspace is to use a diffuser or aromatherapy of your choice to calm the work atmosphere. That way, you become more relaxed and not easily pressured by the intensity of work. For example, if you want to increase concentration, citrus aromatherapy is usually an option, accompanied by classical songs that relax the mind while working. Property New

9 Choosing a work desk with drawers underneath is also an important point, because there are only a few important items that you need to take with you when you work. Items that are important, but not needed at that time can be placed under the desk drawer so they don’t interfere with your work activities

10 When your workspace is not supported by adequate natural light, use a desk lamp to increase lighting. However, avoid lamps with strong light intensity. The tip is to choose a lamp that is specifically designed for the table, so that it provides light, soft lighting and doesn’t damage the eyes

Those are 10 tips for decorating a workspace or home office at home that you can try, to increase your productivity during WFH.

The rooms are getting more beautiful, these are 5 ornamental plants that are suitable for decoration

Not only home interiors such as paintings or decorations that can beautify the bedroom, this row of 5 ornamental plants can be your choice to complete the decoration, you know.

You can put various choices of ornamental plants for the bedroom that are useful for relaxation, reducing stress, and increasing productivity and sleep quality, you know! Peralatan Rumah Tangga

It has a calming fragrance, humidifies the air to filter the air, is the reason most people beautify home decorations, such as bedrooms with ornamental plants.

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In order not to be confused about choosing it, consider some types of ornamental plants that can be placed in the bedroom as decorations and improve the quality of your sleep. Quoted from the Better Homes & Gardens page, Tuesday (24/8/2021), see the full review below. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

  • In-law’s Tongue or Sansevieria

Mother-in-law’s tongue or sansevieria is one of the popular indoor ornamental plants. Its distinctive feature is the rough leaves that are wide, long, erect, and green. This ornamental plant contains natural antiseptics that have good anti-toxin properties.

According to NASA, the mother-in-law’s tongue plant has the ability to filter the air in the house. Mother-in-law’s tongue also has the ability to produce oxygen at night. So it is useful to keep the air in the room clean and fresh when you breathe it.

  • Lavender

Lavender has a stress-relieving scent that can help you sleep better. Most lavender is grown outdoors. But you can still put lavender in the bedroom with exposure to bright sunlight. House Furniture Solution

Make sure the lavender is placed in a large enough pot as the roots should have plenty of room to grow. Do not water it too often to make the soil soft.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera or aloe vera has the ability to purify the air, heal wounds and inflammation, moisturize the skin, and more. This ornamental plant that can be placed outside or inside the house is one of the favorites of many people.

How to care for it is quite easy. If placed in the bedroom, choose a spot that gets a lot of sunlight and water it twice a week.

  • Peace Lily

To create a comfortable and quiet bedroom, you can choose peace lily flower plants. This easy-to-grow ornamental plant provides a tropical feel in the room. This is because of its ability to increase the humidity of the air.

It has shiny green pointed leaves with brown leaf tips. You can put this plant on the table or under the floor according to its size. Peace lily care also tends to be easy and requires very little light and water.

  • Jasmine

You’ll often find the sweet and soothing scent of jasmine flowers in beauty products and air fresheners. Jasmine flowers bloom at night and are suitable as friends to sleep at night. Property New

The jasmine plant is durable in the room and its pure white color radiates to decorate the room. Jasmine needs moderate sunlight and the soil needs to be kept moist but not soggy.

Those are 5 choices of ornamental plants in the bedroom as beautiful home decorations. The key to caring for ornamental plants in the room is to avoid over-watering because it can make the plant die because it is too humid. Also pay attention to the right lighting and according to the needs of the plant.

Three Shabby Chic Decorating Tips So You Don’t Get In The Wrong Direction, Listen!

Many people often apply shabby chic decorations to their interior designs. However, many are even ‘lost’. Even though the Shabby Chic theme is not so complicated.

The original intention was to decorate the room with a shabby chic theme, but it turned out to be really classic. Therefore, you must know the tips. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Therefore, here are some Shabby Chic room decorating tips, namely:

First. Start with natural colors – Tips for decorating a shabby chic room can be started by using natural colors such as beige or white. To be combined with various motifs.

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In addition, natural colors such as white also give a clean impression to the shabby chic decor. Coupled with other equipment of the same color.

Second. Vintage touch – Shabby chic design is synonymous with vintage or old-fashioned style. Actually, you don’t have to buy new vintage stuff. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

You can use old items with unique, vintage, and outdated looks. You can also hunt for unique vintage-style vintage items at thrift stores.

Third. Give a feminine touch – The next shabby chic room decoration step that you can apply is to give a feminine touch to the decor. House Furniture Solution

You can use pastel colors like pink, blue, or mint green. In addition, you can also include feminine ornaments such as floral motifs, boxes, and stripes. Property New

5 Tips for Home Redecoration So You Don’t Get Bored during PPKM

The IMPLEMENTATION of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) cannot be denied making many people bored at home. Not infrequently, many people start looking for additional activities. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

So, instead of being bored, try redecorating the house so that the atmosphere can be more comfortable. Tokopedia has noted that the Home and Living category is one of the categories that experienced a significant increase in transactions during the second quarter of 2021.

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“This is because online shopping is an alternative to meet daily needs, including household needs,” said Home Living Senior Category Lead Tokopedia Fifa Italia.

Here are some tips that can be followed to decorate the house.

Furniture Layout

Interior Communication Manager Dekoruma Kania Bunga said, rearranging the layout of the furniture can provide a new, fresher atmosphere. Do not forget to choose furniture that is multifunctional so that space utilization can be maximized. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Decorate the House with Minimalist Decoration

Currently, minimalist decoration is very popular with many people. Dekornata suggests the use of decorative elements made of wood to beautify the walls of the house and add a natural feel so that the room looks warmer and artistic.

The business owner Dekornata said that the wooden decoration elements sold in his shop are original products made by Indonesian craftsmen and only use wood that is legally and environmentally friendly.

Replace Sheets with Neutral Colors

Choose a bed sheet pattern with a neutral color so that it is easy to combine it with other elements. Use comfortable sheets such as tencel so you can sleep better.

“Bedcovers and sheets made of tencel are our best-selling products because their texture is soft and feels cold,” said Indah Catur Agustin, owner of the Sleep Buddy Bedding business. House Furniture Solution

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere Using Essential Oils

Main business owner Spice Ria Templer recommends using essential oils to make your home feel comfortable and fresh. In addition, essential oils are very healthy because they can kill germs in the air, repel mosquitoes, and improve mood.

Learn New Cuisine Menu

Cooking can also be one of the fun activities to do during PPKM. You and your family can try new menus to bring a different atmosphere at home. Property New