21 Ideas for patriotic parties on July 4th to launch a starry banger Part 1

America’s birthday is in a few days … Exactly, July 4th is this Thursday! This year celebrate with a summer cocktail, fireworks and an abundance of red, white and blue decorations. Your friends and family agree that the more festive the party is, the better it is and these fun 4th of July ideas will make you the best guest in the world. Whether you are meeting your loved ones or playing a banger full of stars, these ideas for the 4th of July party are sure to set the stage. From balloons full of confetti to the floral arrangements approved by Lady Liberty and to the most patriotic cocktails you’ve ever seen, you’ll be ready to make Independence Day unforgettable. Real estate property

Create a 7-level location configuration

Feel the festive vibes as you enjoy a July 4th brunch or smoky barbecue with a detailed setting of themed spots. Put a special touch with a tea towel between two dishes instead of a traditional napkin, as Jenny Reimold suggests to HomeGoods.

Install a drunk snow cone bar

Best wishes to ‘Merica with this DIY spiked snow cone bar. And always say yes for a more festive decoration, like these decorative fans made of red, white and blue paper. Get full instructions on Sugar & Charm.

Use the checkered napkins

While these classic checkered napkins are definitely suitable for Independence Day, they look so beautiful in your dining room all year round. And they also come in red, so you can alternately create a nice pattern on the table by alternating the colors.

Dress up the dessert

Funfetti is quite fun, so a themed version crowned with a diamond is more than pleasant for the crowd. This, dressed as Sugar & Charm, is a seasonal special of the Momofuko Milk Bar (here is the recipe).

Show confetti balloons

Skip the basic mix of red, white and blue balloons and opt for a dozen of these beauties full of confetti. They are undeniably photogenic.

Go on a picnic

A picnic in the park is a fun and inexpensive way to gather your friends in the room. Keep the parties going and make sure you enjoy the party with this outdoor hammock table cover. It’s summery, elegant and very effective for keeping those annoying parasites out of your 4th of July picnic masterpiece.

Turn it into a formal garden party

To elevate your celebrations on July 4th, check out this beautiful red, white and blue spread of Cheetah Is the New Black. With some fresh fruit, a cold cut platter, a floral cake and bottles of roses in a garden, they will set the stage for something a little more elegant.

Be creative with cocktails

These cubes look more like works of art than jelly photos on July 4th. Follow the Sugar & Cloth recipe to learn how to prepare them. What’s more American than jelly?

Create bouquets of red, white and blue flowers

Since flowers can cost a fortune, especially when you need a large table, choose to do something a little more discreet for your centerpieces. Take some stems of red, white and blue wildflowers and fill most of the galvanized pots with vegetables, as Sugar & Charm did here.

Take it to the beach

July 4th is the perfect time of year for a day at the beach. Keep it as a family or invite all your friends. Don’t forget to bring fresh watermelon, SPF, an umbrella and, of course, fun beach games, such as cob balls.

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