4 Inspirations for Japanese-style Decorations That Can Be Created Inside Your Home, It’s Time For Holiday-Style Photos

Already getting bored after more than a year at home? The boredom of working from home and school from home is usually synonymous with missing the atmosphere of a vacation abroad, one of which is Japan.

Even though you still have to work hard at home and it’s not yet possible to go on vacation abroad, you can create Japanese-style decorations at your home! Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The atmosphere of the house is guaranteed to be fresher, and all family members become more harmonious. Not to forget, you can also take vacation-style photos in Japan armed with this aesthetic decoration. Like what?

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Tropical Wooden Style Japanese Style

The Land of the Rising Sun is synonymous with the creativity of its artists. Not only music and painting, various visual arts can also come from home decoration. House Furniture Solution

Armed with wooden furniture, you can create a Japanese-style atmosphere, especially traditional authentic. Such as wooden shelves, table lamps, and brown wall fan ornaments.

Can Still Exist on the Dining Table

Have you ever watched a Japanese anime or film set in an apartment? If you have, surely you will find a scene located in a minimalist apartment.

You can replicate this atmosphere on your own dining table, Fimela Friends! With white wall shelves and a wooden dining table, the Japanese style atmosphere will be thick. Just serve ramen or sushi! Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Checkered Sliding Door

It is common knowledge that Japan is synonymous with sliding doors or doors that are opened by sliding. If your house has a large enough space, providing a partition in the form of a sliding door will make the atmosphere similar to Harajuku. To be used as a photo background is also aesthetic. Don’t forget to wear a kimono so that the Japanese atmosphere is thicker.

Not Lesehan, But a Japanese Restaurant-style Table Room

Sitting with your legs stretched out on a soft mat is really annoying. This style is also very popular in Japan, including the food stalls! Property New

Add a sweetener in the form of a wooden table with short legs and a colorful floor mat as a seat. A perfect ambience to enjoy a warm cup of Ocha tea.

Not only decoration, other elements that need to be considered are the cleanliness of the floor and the soothing Japanese aroma. Now, you can present the sensation of this Japanese-style fragrance by using SoKlin Floor Fine Fragrance Sakura Blossom.

SoKlin Floor Fine Fragrance Sakura Blossom offers a luxurious sensation of cherry blossom fragrance that can last up to 8 hours. In addition, the support of an anti-bacterial formula and fast dry technology makes the floor of the house shiny, clean, and #One StepMore Luxurious.

Still have a holiday vibe to Japan even though you have to stay at home? rely on SoKlin Floor Fine Fragrance Sakura Blossom which can now be obtained at Alfamidi or Wings Official Store in E-commerce!

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