40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 3

It serves cocktails

Combine desserts and drinks in a frozen surprise with these adults-only popsicles. Real estate property

Go camping

Gather your friends and follow the beaten path for a weekend camping trip.

Go sailing

Organize a sailing party. Find out how to do it yourself or sign up for a lesson.

Take a photo shoot

A photo wall is fantastic and everything, but when you’re outdoors, the background is nice enough. Hang the frames on the trees and add a basket of accessories to make sure you organize the heaviest party of the summer.

Exchange stories

It houses an adult version of a bonfire. Invite your friends to learn stories and tell stories! Bonus points for exchanging scary stories.

Sweeten your wine

Put an ice lolly in your glass of white wine, but be careful: you should try all the flavors in the package before the summer is over.

Put citrus fruits in the location settings

With a handwritten name, they become summer place cards.

Freeze the rosé

For a summery touch, freeze the rosé in an ice cube tray and mix the next day.

Layered torches

Hanging them at different heights brings a dark atmosphere to your backyard.

Install a tent

Here is the super chic way to offer your guests a break from the sun.

Change your pillows

The easiest way to update your construction site for the summer without making your bank account cry? Swap outdoor seat cushions for something light and cool, like blue skies.

Prepare the home bar

Store simple flavored syrups for small batches, as well as state-of-the-art drinks, mixers and side dishes to get the best mix and match cocktails.

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