40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 2

Organize a “Game Day”

Put a deck of cards for all the guests who prefer to stay on the floor. You could also launch some less conventional card games, such as tarot cards and bring a fortune teller to entertain guests. Real estate property

Have a piano party

Your guests will feel at home.

Rent a boat

Cool off in the water with a group of friends renting a boat for the day. More beautiful (and less expensive).

Add unexpected pots

A sunken pineapple is the summer pot you never knew you needed.

Create a flower arrangement station

Establish a guest station to organize your own bouquets. This will give them something to take home and remember the party.

Create a beautiful centerpiece

Succulents add an unexpected contrast to the delicate flowers. (Even better if you can use a colored scarf to cover the table). Or, for an equally creative summer table panorama, place the flowers in small containers of different heights and styles.

Plan a pool party

Don’t you have a pool in your backyard? Get it all by renting a hotel or a local pool for the day. Or find out which hotels in your areas have swimming pools and see if any of them are hosts, then gather a group of friends to buy tickets and participate together.

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