44 Very Merry Christmas table decorations to recreate this year #1

If you plan to host the Christmas party this Christmas, the table should be as memorable as the menu. After defining the centerpiece of the party (and deciding what will do, of course), it comes down to the plates, bedding, and other festive table decorations. We’ve highlighted 44 scenarios so you’re guaranteed to find Christmas table decorations and ideas that you want to recreate this year and next, and … maybe you should host more dinners?

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Balance formal and relaxed elements

For a large family dinner that seems affordable and special, mix formal materials like metals (look at chandeliers and card holders) with more casual and elegant pieces, like striped sheets, wooden plates, and a makeshift vase. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Mix prints

Styled by Sara Rodrigues and Robert Rufino for House Beautiful, this festive Christmas brunch table is easier to create than it sounds. Pair cloves with plaid patterns, cinnamon sticks, classic Christmas motifs, and a patterned tablecloth.

Make it non-denominational

Now, this is how a non-denominational holiday table is defined. Emily Henderson livened up the dining room bench with a shearling blanket, adding to the comfort and winter vibes. The table itself is decorated with miniature houses painted white, gray candles, and a plain linen hallway. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Mix shades of green

If you’re going to use a garland as a centerpiece for your Christmas dinner, share the greenery with some vibrant red flowers. Then mix the modern metallic details and glasses with classic winter motif plates. Then counteract the lush, moody shade with a more real, saturated shade for the hallway and napkins. House Furniture Solution

Cloak, cloak, cloak

Decorate with objects of different heights. Start by hanging huge snowflakes and building the table with tall chandeliers. For the fireplace, hang a wreath of olive branches.

Make a vase yourself

Create a red and white striped background for your flowers with bubble gum balls or marbles. Light pink and coral candles brighten the mood and bring something unexpected. Property New

Complements the food

This dessert table setup is proof that simple DIY alternatives can look (if not more) tall and elegant than expensive store-bought Christmas decorations. And we love how the edible item dictated the entire direction of the table decor. White painted branches arranged on a spool of beige thread can be recreated with objects throughout the house and yard.

Add Holly

Attach holly leaves to napkin rings, add a garland as a runner, and you have a festive, nature-inspired table.


The embellished garland makes this dining table wonderfully festive, while the chandeliers and blue and turquoise glass add a contemporary touch. Put cushions on the seats to make them more comfortable.

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