5 Festive Home Decorating Ideas to Celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day

This 76th Indonesian Independence Day, once again we cannot enjoy the traditions and special festivities of August 17, such as flag ceremonies and various competitions.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the spirit and excitement of independence at home with your family. The main theme of independence is indeed identical to red and white, but there are still many other decorative elements that reflect pride about Indonesia. Decorations use traditional fabrics, ornaments typical of a particular region or tribe, or knick-knacks typical of Indonesia’s rich culture. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The red and white flag is indeed the strongest symbol of the celebration of Indonesia’s independence, but the decorations below show that there are still many Indonesian-style decorations that can make a home more beautiful and still showcase the diverse Indonesian culture.

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Dekoruma collected five Indonesian festive decorations that you can install at home on the upcoming 17 August celebrations.

1 Red and White Flag

This is a decoration that is mandatory and should not be absent from the celebration of independence. You can start by raising the red and white flag on the flagpole of the house from August 1 to August 31 to enliven the feel of independence. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

In addition, there are many variations of the red and white flag that can be installed at home, such as a small flag that is hung on a rope, which can be installed in front of the door of the house or the top of the window of the house.

There are many more variations of red and white flag decorations that can be found. For example, small flags with adhesive to attach to the glass or refrigerator, stemmed flags to put in containers, and all other red and white creations.

2 Puppets

The exoticism, beauty, and background story of each wayang character is one form of Indonesia’s cultural wealth. Wayang itself is a traditional Javanese and Balinese art which also consists of various types. House Furniture Solution

Several types of puppets include the most popular wayang kulit, wayang golek, wayang beber, and wayang orang. Everything is made with a high level of skill and has a high aesthetic and artistic value. It is not surprising that wayang can become valuable collectibles, both in price and value.

Puppets can be wall mounted in a frame, displayed on a table, and are available in various sizes. Installing puppets can also be done throughout the year, after the celebration of independence has passed.

3 Traditional Indonesian Fabrics

Indonesian traditional cloth is also one of the priceless cultural treasures. Like wayang, every region in Indonesia has its own traditional cloth. One of the most famous is batik. However, other traditional fabrics such as ulos, weaving, and songket can also be decorations for independence. Property New

These fabrics can be applied to furniture and furnishings. Batik patterned sofa cushions, batik bed linen, tablecloths, coasters, and much more. You can also display these traditional fabrics by framing them and hanging them on the wall like paintings.

4 Indonesian Miniatures and Ornaments

Not only traditional objects, many things are associated with Indonesian culture after 76 years of independence. This is what is then immortalized into ornaments and miniatures that become interesting and unique displays at home.

Miniature rickshaws, minibuses, metromini, selling carts, cans of crackers, and typical Indonesian objects that can be found everyday. These miniatures are usually sold in tourist attractions or Indonesian souvenir shops.

Miniatures and decorative ornaments like this can be displayed on tables, bookshelves, and other surfaces as unique and different Indonesian decorations to give the meaning of independence.

5 Bowls of Spices

For those of you who are familiar with the history of Indonesian colonialism, spices are one of Indonesia’s natural wealth which invited Europeans to occupy Indonesia at that time.

Spices even became a very valuable commodity and formed the economy and political system of Indonesia at that time called the Dutch East Indies.

Spices such as nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, saffron, and cardamom are usually used to add flavor to dishes. However, why not make it a decoration or display to celebrate Indonesia’s independence day?

Pour the spices into a wooden or clay bowl and place them in the kitchen or dining area. Displaying spices like this is often seen in luxurious Indonesian restaurants or five-star hotel restaurants.

As previously said, red and white is indeed a symbol of the state which is meaningful and meaningful in commemorating Indonesia’s independence day every 17 August. However, there are many Indonesian cultural objects that are suitable to enliven the feel of independence in the form of decorations.

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