5 Mosquito repellent plants that match become indoor decorations, beautiful!

In addition to unique leafy ornamental plants, you can also make a mosquito repellent plant as a home sweetener decoration. The functions are double, the aesthetic value is high, but it can also avoid us from mosquito bites.

Here’s IDN Times Give some information about the mosquito repellent plants that are suitable to be decorations in the living room or bedroom. Check it out! Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Lavender plant

Plants named Scientific Lavandula, are one of the popular plants. Apart from the good color, this plant also has many health benefits. A strong aroma makes this plant be able to drive mosquitoes. House Furniture Solution

This plant can use pot media so it is suitable to beautify the room. You only need to prepare a dry pot with the ground. Place it in the corner of the house that has a lot of light because lavender plants need enough light intensity.

Or, you can also plant lavender on the home page. As a decoration, take the plant and place it in a vase containing water.

2 Mint plants

Mint plants spread across these continents, can survive in a wet or damp environment. That’s why, you can put this plant in the kitchen area. Besides being aromatherapy, Mint is often used as a spice or complementary material in a drink.

Herbal plants named Latin Mentha L, also have a strong aroma to dispel insects. Try you to provide a small white pot. Can be plain pot or unique pot with decoration to plant mint plants. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 catnip plants

Reported by the Indonesian Entomology Association, catnip plants are the most effective plants to expel mosquitoes. As the name implies, this plant is also liked by a cat because it has a scent and chemicals that increase the appeal of cats.

Well, you can put the catnip plant in a hanging pot like the picture above. The choice of a unique pot with a golden iron chain adds aesthetic impression as a decoration in the corner of your house. Property New

4 rose geranium plants

Rose Geranium is also a mosquito repellent plant because it contains geranol and sitronelol that is not liked by mosquitoes. In terms of beauty, Rose Geranium has flowers with beautiful colors.

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For the concept of a chic or nuanced pastel, this plant will be a charming decoration for the living room or sleep. The selection of pots can you customize with the theme and color palette at home. For example, your house with Scandinavian themed, Japandi, or Rustic, you can use a rattan pot.

5 Lemon Balm Plants

Ever heard Lemon Balm plants? Plants that are believed to reduce insomnia are similar to mint plants. It’s just that the scent of this heart leafy plant is like lemon.

This aroma is what aims to expel insects. You can put it in open house areas such as terraces, living room, outgoing room, or kitchen. Choose an interesting pot so that the atmosphere of the house seems more alive.

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