5 Ornamental Plants That Can Become a Christmas Tree, Perfect for Home Decorations

Ornamental plants that can become Christmas trees generally use fir trees, but there are several other types of trees that can be used for decoration on special days. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Towards the end of the year, Christians usually buy ornamental plants that can be used as Christmas trees, from very large to small to fit in the house.

Yes, Christmas is synonymous with fir trees. However, usually the tree is decorated with various decorations complete with colorful lights outside the house.

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Well, for those of you who don’t have a fir tree to celebrate Christmas, then you can take advantage of other plants.

There are several houseplants that can be used as an alternative to Christmas trees. Summarizing from Balcony Garden Web, Monday (6/12/2021), the following is the review. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 Norfolk Island Pine

This plant has the scientific name Araucaria heterophylla. This plant has the most perfect shape for a Christmas tree. Use decorations, lights, ornaments, and add a little garland to make it look even more beautiful.

2 Dwarf Alberta Spruce

The Latin name of this plant is picea glauca ‘conica’. This tree is triangular in shape with dense needle-like leaves. As a result this plant looks very much like a Christmas tree.

3 Weeping fig

This plant, named latin ficus benjamina ‘starlight’, has white and green leaves that look amazing when decorated with ornaments. Enough with a touch of ornaments and light decorations, this plant can already be a Christmas tree.

4 Italian stone pine

Another name for this plant is pine pine. This plant comes from Spain and Portugal. It has needle-like leaves of blue-green color. With its low height and compact dimensions, this Christmas tree is perfect for small spaces. Property News

5 Leyland Cypress

This plant has the Latin name cupressus x leylandii. This is an excellent alternative plant for a Christmas tree. They have dark green hairy leaves that look even more adorable if you add some embellishments. House Furniture Solution

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