5 Tips for decorating a luxury application that you can try, let’s prepare it in advance!

Luxurious application decorations may have been a dream. This is of course a natural thing.

Just like getting married, a proposal is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime moment. So, choosing to do a luxurious proposal decoration is definitely a coveted thing. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

There are many kinds of luxurious application decorations. So, don’t make the wrong choice and finally it doesn’t suit your taste, here are the inspirations for decorating a luxurious application that can be your choice! Some are used by Indonesian celebrities too!

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Luxury Proposal Decoration Tips

From backdrops to decorations for guests, you need to think about creating a luxurious application decoration. Let’s follow the tips and choices! Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 Create a Romantic and Elegant Atmosphere

One of the requirements for decorating a luxurious proposal is to create an elegant romantic atmosphere. Creating an atmosphere like this is certainly not cheap.

We can use roses or other types of beautiful flowers that are red and pink in a series on the guests’ table. Or, if you have chosen a white theme, the flowers presented can be replaced with white shades. Giving a little feel of red roses in the middle of the guest table can also produce an elegant impression. House Furniture Solution

Luxurious proposal decorations will look even more beautiful with the addition of candles and elegant tableware.

2 Rustic Themes Can Be Fancy

A rustic theme that can be conjured up as a luxury proposal decoration, you know!

For example, Tiwi’s ex-T2 application, you know! With a unique backdrop made of wood and a series of plants that have been arranged in such a way, it adds to the beauty and serenity of this luxurious application decoration.

Do not forget that the selection of clothes must be adjusted to the theme so that it looks matching and beautiful. In this photo, even Tiwi’s hairdo looks beautiful with the flower decoration attached.

The batik worn by Arsyad Rahman is also very compatible with the decoration so that the impression of elegance and luxury is created perfectly.

3 Fancy Garden Parties

Luxurious application decorations can also be presented in the garden behind the house, you know! Property New

With neatly arranged wooden gates and flower decorations attached to each gate, it can make the engagement atmosphere luxurious and solemn at the same time.

Especially when the engagement party is held at night. This one luxurious proposal decoration will look more perfect.

Like Caesar Hito and Felicya Angelista’s engagement party, of course. Very beautiful, isn’t it?

Walking on the path along the gate after gate decorated with fireworks held by the invited guests.

This is a dream luxury application decoration!

4 Beautiful Cakes

One of the supporting decorations for a luxurious application, of course, is a cake that is no less beautiful!

Do not let the decoration of a luxurious application become less than perfect because of a cake that does not match the theme.

Still talking about Caesar Hito’s and Felicya Angelista’s proposals, their proposal cake was really pretty and fits the theme, you know!

The cake is decorated with wedding gowns and wedding suits that will be worn by both of them.

Not to forget, beautiful pink flowers that match the color of the dress worn by Felicya are scattered and beautifully arranged.

Slightly different from the previous gate which is more green, this engagement “main stage” is more dominated by pink and brown. However, both of them still carry a rustic theme that is still beautiful.

5 Luxurious Decorations with a Peranakan Theme

Model and artist Karina Nadila chose a peranakan theme for her proposal.

The slick decor makes this event look luxurious. Not only that, the decorations and flowers that have bright patterns seem to make this event look very festive.

This theme can be used as one of the inspirations for decorating a luxurious application! Don’t forget, the kebaya worn by Karina and the batik worn by her partner are also in the same color as the decorations displayed behind them.

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