5 Types of Beautiful Plants That Can Improve Sleep Quality at Night

One of the hobbies loved by many people during the pandemic is maintaining beautiful plants at home. Besides being able to beautify the decor of the room, putting plants in the bedroom has many benefits. Starting from the refreshing aroma, increasing the humidity of the air to the power of absorbing toxins. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Plants placed in the bedroom can help a person to improve the quality of sleep better such as making sleep more sound, which of course brings a series of health benefits for the body.

Reported by merdeka.com, Thursday (10/28/2021), there are several types of ornamental plants that are beautiful and do not need to require a lot of light from the outside so that they are suitable to be kept in the room and can help improve a person’s sleep quality. House Furniture Solution

1 Lavender

It is common knowledge that the lavender plant is known to have a relaxing effect. In addition, lavender is useful for lowering heart rate, blood pressure and stress. No wonder this type of flower is the target of many people and is used for health and beauty products to expel stress and provide a relaxing effect.

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Lavender can be used naturally by keeping it indoors. Put lavender in your room to help you get a better night’s sleep. It is recommended to put lavender near the bedroom window, because this one plant really likes the warmth of the sun. Don’t forget to keep it away from damp places.

2 Aloes

This plant is very popular with its benefits for beauty. Of course, keeping aloe vera at home can be used as a practical step to make DIY skincare. However, the benefits of aloe vera are not only that, because aloe vera turns out to have benefits in maintaining air quality at night. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Aloe vera or known by the Latin name aloe vera is able to produce oxygen at night. That way, it is highly recommended to put the culture tongue in the room at night to maintain air quality when you want to just rest or sleep. Meanwhile, make sure that aloe vera gets enough sunlight during the day to stay healthy.

3 Snake Plants

Snake plant is one of the most widely planted plants during the pandemic. This plant is known for its ability as a natural air purifier, because it can produce oxygen at night so that it helps a person sleep better at night. Besides being able to produce oxygen, snake plants are also known to be able to filter out harmful components in the air and have a bad impact on the respiratory tract.

4 Peace Lily

Having a white color makes this peace lily plant very beautiful. Besides being beautiful, this plant has extraordinary benefits. Peace lily is known for its benefits for cleaning the air so it is suitable to be kept in hot and dry environments because it can increase the humidity of the room by up to 5%.

These benefits will also be very suitable if the peacy lily is placed in the bedroom at night. High room humidity at night is very good for helping the respiratory system. Not only that, low humidity levels can cause dry skin and hair. If this happens, there is a great risk for exposure to the flu and other respiratory diseases. Property New

5 Valerian

Who would have thought that valerian could not only be used as a home decorator. In fact, one of these beautiful herbs has been used for centuries to treat sleep problems and insomnia. Inhaling the sweet aroma of valerian has been proven to improve sleep quality at night.

For someone who has trouble falling asleep at night, try adding a few valerian petals to the water when taking a shower or inhaling the aroma before bed. Be sure to put this plant in the room at night. However, don’t forget to place the valerian near the window during the day so that it is exposed to the sun to keep this plant healthy.

The pandemic period is still not over, so the immune system needs to be maintained to avoid various viruses, especially the Covid-19 virus. Well, some of the types of plants above can help you sleep. Fimela’s friends have good quality sleep so that the body’s immune system can increase and can help maintain health.

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