6 Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment to Make it Look Spacious

Apartments are identical with vertical residences with small sizes. Studio apartments generally have an area of ​​about 40 m2 and a ceiling height of only 2.5 – 3 meters. Therefore, Mama needs to be creative in choosing furniture and designing the room. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Mama needs to deal with the arrangement of the room so that the apartment looks more spacious. The furniture used should be small in order to save space.

This time, Popmama.com summarizes some tips for decorating a small apartment to make it look wider.

1 Furniture concept “expands”

Large furniture will make the apartment feel cramped. If you still want to use large-sized furniture, then choose furniture with the concept of “expanding”. House Furniture Solution

That is, large furniture such as sofas with small support legs, cabinets without legs, and hanging sinks that can rest on the wall. Furniture variations with the concept of “expanding” can create an apartment atmosphere that is more spacious and comfortable to live in.

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2 Use dual function furniture

Mama needs to choose furniture that can play a double role. Because the narrow apartment space demands that you place less furniture. Dual-function furniture can save a lot of space in your little apartment.

One of the dual-function furniture to choose from is a bed that can be used as a sofa. In addition, you can choose a minimalist cabinet with hidden storage or storage without legs to make the room look wider. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 vertical storage furniture

When choosing storage, make sure to choose vertical storage, aka extending upwards. Vertical storage furniture can save space, so it can be a solution for small apartments that lack space.

Maximize the use of vertical storage to store items or books. To beautify the room, Mama can store things in wicker baskets, then place them in vertical storage.

4 Open space and clear room transitions

For a studio type apartment, Mama can divide it into several areas such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom. The limited size of the studio type apartment does not hinder Mama’s creativity to create an open space.

Mama should not use a divider closet to delimit each area. Just let it all show and blend. The most important thing to remember is that you need to arrange the room so that it looks neat and pleasing to the eye.

To limit each room, you can use curtains, glass, or easy-to-slide wood panels. Room boundaries aim to create a transition, so that each room has a clear specific role. Property New

5 Paint the walls a neutral or light color

To make the apartment look more spacious and airy, you should choose neutral or light wall paint. Light colors such as white, beige, and gray can add lighting in the room so that the apartment looks more spacious.

If you like dark colors, then you can just apply it in the corner of the room. Keep using neutral colored furniture with a dominance of light or neutral wall paint.

6 Place ornamental plants

The last tip that can be done is to add ornamental plants as decorations for the room. Mama can adjust the type of ornamental plants according to taste. For example, ornamental plants with white flowers can beautify the room and add a minimalist impression to the apartment.

Ornamental plants can be placed on the table in the family room or in the corners of the room. To beautify the room, Mama can choose furniture with wood elements, then combined with ornamental plants.

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