7 Decorations to Make a Narrow Bedroom Look Comfortable

Currently, land for housing is quite limited in big cities. This leaves homeowners with no choice but to have a place to live with a small space.

Including the bedroom, although it is limited but must remain comfortable for the welfare of the occupants. However, designing a small bedroom to be comfortable is not easy. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

In order for a small bedroom to be comfortable, it needs the right arrangement. Attention to detail is key. Here are seven do’s and don’ts for designing a small bedroom, diktuipArchify.

1 Space-saving furniture

If you want to include some furniture, make sure there is enough room to move around easily. Choosing space-saving furniture is the key to designing a small bedroom. House Furniture Solution

You can create storage under the bed, such as a built-in wardrobe, recliner with storage compartment, and many types of furniture as long as it saves space.

2 Add wall pattern

Who says a small bedroom can’t have a focal point? It is possible. One way is to create a feature wall behind the bed.

You can add more color and pattern in the room without placing more decorative items that can narrow the space. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

To set this wall feature, you might consider using wallpaper, or simply applying some paint colors.

However, make sure the other walls are painted in a neutral color so that your bedroom doesn’t seem overwhelming.

3 hanging designs

Apart from arranging wall features, you can also take advantage of the vertical space to create style and functionality in your small bedroom.

The term ‘vertical space’ here refers to a design concept that utilizes walls to hang bedroom decorations, such as wall lamps and hanging shelves. You can also install a floating nightstand to work around the limited space.

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4 Don’t use multiple patterns

Don’t use too many different patterns as they can make your small bedroom feel cramped.

If you want to have a specific theme, set one point as the focal point and one area as a place to display the pattern, perhaps on your pillowcase or curtains. Property New

As for the other rooms, apply plain colors, softer and more muted.

5 Five star design

There are many boutique hotels with small bedrooms that manage to make the rooms look attractive and elegant. That’s because they apply a mature interior design.

Start with a monotone color palette, then add a soft headboard, a soft bedroom rug/rug, or lighting in several places.

Hotels also always place bedside tables, even if only with small drawers, which can increase the functionality of the bedroom.

6 Add mirror

Adding a mirror is commonplace to create a spacious impression in a small bedroom.

This helps reflect light and makes the room appear brighter and more alive. You can mount a mirror on the wall behind your bed or hang a wall mirror.

7 Do not use non-functional furniture

The ‘less is more’ concept is suitable for small bedrooms because reducing non-functional elements and leaving only the essential ones can save a lot of space.

Tidy up your bedroom and get rid of unnecessary furniture and decorative items.

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