7 Easy DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

October is synonymous with Halloween which is celebrated every October 31 every year. Halloween is a celebration to ward off evil spirits and misfortune. So far, Halloween is known as a celebration that originated in the United States and began to be celebrated in various other parts of the world, including Indonesia. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Monster eye from a ping pong ball

Halloween is synonymous with monsters or ghosts that bleed. Mama can make home decorations in the form of images of monster or ghost eyes from ping pong balls.

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Mama just needs to paint the ping pong ball like a bloody eye. Then, place the monster’s eye on a table near a pumpkin decoration or attach it to a hanging rope. For larger sizes, you can use a volleyball and lay it on the floor.

2 Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween celebrations are certainly not valid without pumpkin decorations. Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween celebrations and must be displayed as home decorations. Mama doesn’t have to bother looking for pumpkins because there are many sold in the market. House Furniture Solution

Mama just needs to choose an orange pumpkin, then carve it into the face of a ghost or monster. Don’t forget to make an engraving in the form of a smile to add to the impression of horror. Mama also filled the lamp on the pumpkin that had been emptied of its contents.

Pumpkin decorations can be used as room decorations or as a tool for games during Halloween celebrations. The favorite game during Halloween celebrations is trick or treat, so Mama only needs to fill the pumpkin with Halloween-themed writings. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Animal-shaped pattern cutouts

Another must-have decoration for Halloween is a bat or a crow. Bats and crows are synonymous with the impression of horror and death.

To make it, Mama can use black cardboard, then shape it like a bat. Next, stick bats in the corners of the room or make them as table decorations.

4 Door decoration

The most important point of the Halloween celebration is the decoration of the door to welcome guests. Mama does not need to be confused about preparing materials to decorate the door. Property News

Mama just needs to stick fake leaves, monster eyes or bats on the door to add to the horror impression. Also, cover the door with fake blood and bandages to make the Halloween atmosphere even more pronounced.

5 Lights from a glass jar

On Halloween, Mama needs to turn off the lights to make the atmosphere even more spooky. Lighting only comes from lamps or candles. To make a special Halloween lamp, Mama can use a jar at home.

The jars need to be painted first with Halloween shades or you can add scary paintings using markers. Then, put the lamp in a jar and place it in the corners of the room.

6 Paper ghost decorations

To display ghost decorations at home, you can make them out of white or black cardboard. The trick is to cut paper like a bell to form a ghost body.

Then, fold the bottom of the paper into a spiral to make a replica of the ghost’s leg. You can also let the ghost body float without legs to add a spooky impression.

7 Plates halloween

When celebrating Halloween, Mama, of course, needs to prepare food for guests. You can serve a Halloween-themed plate with a spider pattern or an orange color resembling a pumpkin.

To decorate the dining table, Mama can add a pumpkin-shaped candle to make the atmosphere even more scary. Skull or ghost accessories made of paper can also be placed on the dining table.

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