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40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 4

Plan a garden party

Pack in additional configurations on a long table with a pair of rustic benches. Real estate properpty

Set it on fire

S’mores are a must.

Make floral arrangements

Groups of small extra-high arrangements (as long as they don’t block people’s faces while trying to hold a convo): any explosion of color really encourages a party.

Use business cards

If you choose the seating arrangement, you can check the dramatic factor.

Pile of pillows

Cover a sofa bed, sofa or hammock with patterned cushions to create a cozy corner perfect for an outdoor nap.

Whip Up Sangria

Is it also a party if there is no sangria involved?

Ramos accessories

Connect the fake butterflies in floral arrangements for an unexpected touch on the typical summer centerpiece.
Get the recipe from Delish.

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40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 3

It serves cocktails

Combine desserts and drinks in a frozen surprise with these adults-only popsicles. Real estate property

Go camping

Gather your friends and follow the beaten path for a weekend camping trip.

Go sailing

Organize a sailing party. Find out how to do it yourself or sign up for a lesson.

Take a photo shoot

A photo wall is fantastic and everything, but when you’re outdoors, the background is nice enough. Hang the frames on the trees and add a basket of accessories to make sure you organize the heaviest party of the summer.

Exchange stories

It houses an adult version of a bonfire. Invite your friends to learn stories and tell stories! Bonus points for exchanging scary stories.

Sweeten your wine

Put an ice lolly in your glass of white wine, but be careful: you should try all the flavors in the package before the summer is over.

Put citrus fruits in the location settings

With a handwritten name, they become summer place cards.

Freeze the rosé

For a summery touch, freeze the rosé in an ice cube tray and mix the next day.

Layered torches

Hanging them at different heights brings a dark atmosphere to your backyard.

Install a tent

Here is the super chic way to offer your guests a break from the sun.

Change your pillows

The easiest way to update your construction site for the summer without making your bank account cry? Swap outdoor seat cushions for something light and cool, like blue skies.

Prepare the home bar

Store simple flavored syrups for small batches, as well as state-of-the-art drinks, mixers and side dishes to get the best mix and match cocktails.

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21 Ideas for patriotic parties on July 4th to launch a starry banger Part 2 End

Hang Flag Wall Art

If you are tired of crowns and have some knitting or embroidery skills, this is for you. Make sure you stock up on red, white and blue yarn first. Find out how to do it in The House That Lars Built. Real estate property

Paint your grass with the stars

Turn your lawn into the best place to see fireworks painting with patriotic stars. You can even create the model yourself with large construction paper. Get the tutorial on Sugar & Charm.

Plan a pool party

July 4th is the perfect excuse for a pool party, especially the pool has a great view for watching the fireworks. To keep it patriotic, wear all the colors of the theme. Make things funnier with pool floats.

Opt for outdoor tableware

If you plan to celebrate your outdoor dinner on July 4th and plan to serve food, choose a durable dish. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for paper plates: there are many elegant melamine themes to choose from.

Serve summer drinks

Not everything must be openly patriotic in order to feel summery and festive. If that’s not your environment, prepare a special lemonade, like this recipe for Cheetah Is the New Black rosemary. You can also install a gourmet lemonade stand with the kids in the room (add strawberries to add an extra touch on July 4th).

Hang a garland of flags

Welcome guests by hanging an American flag garland at the entrance. You can also hang it on a pagoda in the courtyard if this is the heart of the party. Sugar & Charm did this with some bows, toothpicks and mini American flags.

Turn on the grill

Organize a barbecue for a simple and cheerful summer party. You can also turn it into a potluck and go to a park if you don’t have your backyard and grill. Or take the road and make it last all weekend with a camping trip.

Make Lady Crowns Freedom

You will need vegetation, baby’s breath, floral thread and a simple headband to channel the iconic crown of the United States protagonist. Get the tutorial in The House That Lars Built.

Hang the string lights

A summer summer evening is not complete without rope lights. To go a little further, light a bonfire and do some s’mores to enjoy the nostalgia of the summer camp. Be inspired by this space that Bon Traveler has captured, the courtyard in the Montreal Camellas-Lloret Maison d’Hôtes bed and breakfast.

Serve red, white and blue Margs

Now this is a patriotic daisy. Get the red, white, blue and drunk recipe from Delish. All you need is a little

Send invitations to festive parties

Since you’re organizing the best party in the block, start strong with a hanging banner invitation. The best part: while you can order paper versions, this shop also offers a printable version for $ 10.

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21 Ideas for patriotic parties on July 4th to launch a starry banger Part 1

America’s birthday is in a few days … Exactly, July 4th is this Thursday! This year celebrate with a summer cocktail, fireworks and an abundance of red, white and blue decorations. Your friends and family agree that the more festive the party is, the better it is and these fun 4th of July ideas will make you the best guest in the world. Whether you are meeting your loved ones or playing a banger full of stars, these ideas for the 4th of July party are sure to set the stage. From balloons full of confetti to the floral arrangements approved by Lady Liberty and to the most patriotic cocktails you’ve ever seen, you’ll be ready to make Independence Day unforgettable. Real estate property

Create a 7-level location configuration

Feel the festive vibes as you enjoy a July 4th brunch or smoky barbecue with a detailed setting of themed spots. Put a special touch with a tea towel between two dishes instead of a traditional napkin, as Jenny Reimold suggests to HomeGoods.

Install a drunk snow cone bar

Best wishes to ‘Merica with this DIY spiked snow cone bar. And always say yes for a more festive decoration, like these decorative fans made of red, white and blue paper. Get full instructions on Sugar & Charm.

Use the checkered napkins

While these classic checkered napkins are definitely suitable for Independence Day, they look so beautiful in your dining room all year round. And they also come in red, so you can alternately create a nice pattern on the table by alternating the colors.

Dress up the dessert

Funfetti is quite fun, so a themed version crowned with a diamond is more than pleasant for the crowd. This, dressed as Sugar & Charm, is a seasonal special of the Momofuko Milk Bar (here is the recipe).

Show confetti balloons

Skip the basic mix of red, white and blue balloons and opt for a dozen of these beauties full of confetti. They are undeniably photogenic.

Go on a picnic

A picnic in the park is a fun and inexpensive way to gather your friends in the room. Keep the parties going and make sure you enjoy the party with this outdoor hammock table cover. It’s summery, elegant and very effective for keeping those annoying parasites out of your 4th of July picnic masterpiece.

Turn it into a formal garden party

To elevate your celebrations on July 4th, check out this beautiful red, white and blue spread of Cheetah Is the New Black. With some fresh fruit, a cold cut platter, a floral cake and bottles of roses in a garden, they will set the stage for something a little more elegant.

Be creative with cocktails

These cubes look more like works of art than jelly photos on July 4th. Follow the Sugar & Cloth recipe to learn how to prepare them. What’s more American than jelly?

Create bouquets of red, white and blue flowers

Since flowers can cost a fortune, especially when you need a large table, choose to do something a little more discreet for your centerpieces. Take some stems of red, white and blue wildflowers and fill most of the galvanized pots with vegetables, as Sugar & Charm did here.

Take it to the beach

July 4th is the perfect time of year for a day at the beach. Keep it as a family or invite all your friends. Don’t forget to bring fresh watermelon, SPF, an umbrella and, of course, fun beach games, such as cob balls.


The best experts in organization share their advice for a wardrobe without clutter

Marie Kondo believes that reinvention begins with a purge. “Develop your skills here before addressing more demanding categories such as memories,” he says. “Imagine what an ideal life is like. It can be small, like “I want to wake up rested.” Once you have done so, the cleaning process will be much easier and you will be miles away from living in a quiet and peaceful home”. Real estate property

Think of your closet as your boutique. “Draw around your most beautiful objects: a wall of jewelry, shelves for floating shoes, cubicles for bags,” says decorator Amy Hirsch. With this mentality, you will know what is worth keeping and what is not. After reducing your favorite pieces, try these innovative ways to give them the attention they deserve (all while maximizing space, of course).

  • Use drawer dividers.

Keep your clothes folded in Kondo with the adjustable drawer dividers from OXO. Nazy Ferdows of Organize Stage Style suggests: “Start collecting all your objects of a specific type, such as socks, to get a real idea of ??what you have and plan your space. Then, products as if it were a retailer. “These dividers expand from 11 inches to 17 inches, fit perfectly in any drawer and are fixed in place.

  • Select thin hangers.

A closet of uniform hooks, the ultra-thin flocks, is a must, but also give yourself some special ones to exhibit. Lisa Adams, costume guru says: “These minimalist and elegant metal hangers are ideal for a rest area, a coat rack in a room or a dressing room. To show the clothes, they become a detail of their own design. “


Imagine putting on a lot of shirts and not letting everything fall apart. This magnetic stacking system keeps everything in place and visible.

  • Designate a donation bag.

The mantra of professional organizer Ellen Delap is “You can do anything for 15 minutes!” Keep a bag of donations in your closet, he says. “When you prepare for the day and continue wearing the same dress, throw it away.”

  • Master the “Kondo Fold.”

Prosélitos of the best-selling author, the reorganization of the mega star and the new collaborator of California Closets Marie Kondo always mention a powerful tool when they refer to their “Kondo-ing”: its characteristic fold. The movement creates “packages” that are placed in the drawers for greater visibility. And without any swelling at the bottom of the shirt stack, you can count on lasting cleaning.


Enter the “cartoon cafes” in Seoul

Augmented reality video games, HDTV, virtual reality glasses: today it seems that you have to immerse yourself in a 3D world that hits you in the face. However, two cafes in Seoul are moving back towards customers and immersing them in two dimensions. Real estate property

YND 223-14 and YND 223-14 (named by their addresses) were created by the founder and owner Eun-Jin Lee. Everything in these cafes, from the walls and floors to the furniture and even the cups, is designed to make you feel like you have entered an old school, with a black and white drawing, like something outside the New Yorker.

Virtually from any angle, it looks like you’re looking at a photo, even if you’re inside it. Curtains, plants and other illustrated decorations add to the optical illusion. Honestly, restaurant photos can be quite difficult to wrap around your head: you have to see real humans sitting at the tables to also understand the concept and appreciate the illusion!

As in the original Mary Poppins movie when the characters jump to a chalk drawing on the sidewalk, everything around you looks and feels like a cartoon, as if you were the only real person in it. And just like in the movie, that’s exactly what makes it so magical.

Unlike virtual reality glasses or other augmented reality, where you enter an artificial world that seems real, these coffees make you enter a real world that seems artificial. Look at yourself!

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40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 2

Organize a “Game Day”

Put a deck of cards for all the guests who prefer to stay on the floor. You could also launch some less conventional card games, such as tarot cards and bring a fortune teller to entertain guests. Real estate property

Have a piano party

Your guests will feel at home.

Rent a boat

Cool off in the water with a group of friends renting a boat for the day. More beautiful (and less expensive).

Add unexpected pots

A sunken pineapple is the summer pot you never knew you needed.

Create a flower arrangement station

Establish a guest station to organize your own bouquets. This will give them something to take home and remember the party.

Create a beautiful centerpiece

Succulents add an unexpected contrast to the delicate flowers. (Even better if you can use a colored scarf to cover the table). Or, for an equally creative summer table panorama, place the flowers in small containers of different heights and styles.

Plan a pool party

Don’t you have a pool in your backyard? Get it all by renting a hotel or a local pool for the day. Or find out which hotels in your areas have swimming pools and see if any of them are hosts, then gather a group of friends to buy tickets and participate together.

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40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 1

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for: summer. And with it, longer days, warmer weather and more excuses to enjoy ice cream and drink a rosé outside. If this makes you want to organize a summer party, you are in the right place. Make sure yours is the kind of meeting that nobody wants to leave with these forty epic ideas of summer parties, whether you’re organizing in the pool, in the garden or on a roof. Real estate property

  • Organize a theme party

This colorful carnival is not the average dinner.

  • Make a bar of lemonade with spikes

A small update of your children’s lemonade stand.

  • Go to the wine tasting

Organize a wine tasting event in your backyard or gather your friends and rent a bus or a limousine to accompany you on a local wine tasting tour.

  • Make mini cheese boards

Perfect for an outdoor summer picnic.

  • Add a cocktail bar in the garden.

The best use for herbs yet.

  • Head to the beach

There is a picnic and there is a picnic on the beach. Gather some friends for a picnic overlooking the beach for an unforgettable summer on Saturday.


Benjamin Moore’s color of the year shows that the redness is not going anywhere

Although today it seems that each paint color has a very lively and designated Color of the Year (in this case, here, here and here), no company makes it a bigger show than Benjamin Moore. Last year, the brand took over the iconic Four Seasons billiard room to reveal the Metropolitan AF-690; The previous year was the Hot AF-290, presented with great applause for no less than the Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum. Tonight, the company went to Skylight Modern in New York to reveal the latest news: First Light. Real estate property

Do you think this tone is vaguely familiar? It makes sense: it falls within the group of generally soft pink tones that have gained notoriety in recent years because of their popularity between the ages of 25-35. Yes, millennial rose. As Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore’s color and design expert says, however, this tone is a bit cooler, which makes it more flexible.

“It’s a very soft type of blusher,” Magno told House Beautiful in the official revelation. “It has a small blue hue, so it is not a peach pink, which means it can work in any type of room, hot or cold.”

In fact, Magno encourages owners not to think of First Light as pink, but a new type of neutral. “It’s one of those colors that is the perfect backdrop for anything,” he explains.

And, as it seems to be most of the world, Magno and his Benjamin Moore team ended up bored. “We have been in the neutral zone for a long time and we love neutrals, but we believe that people are ready to give color to the home.”

This prediction is in line with our own predictions about the emergence of a more colorful, eclectic and even bold style at home, whether it takes the form of maximum maximalism, Victorian awakening or the very excited Grandmillennial style.

After all, says Magno, a pale blush like First Light is the perfect way to bring color to the house in a subtle way. “It’s a good first step,” he says. “It’s a safe color for people who aren’t sure and it’s surprisingly adaptable.” See you later, beige, it seems that pink is here to stay.


11 curtains suitable for a modern Marie Antoinette End

An elegant passage

The fabric can make the spaces uncomfortable and / or the transition is much more special, even if you install it yourself. Here, Aldous Bertram has transformed this narrow passage of the apartment into a magical portal in a few simple steps. First, he held one end of his convenient Etsy cloth on the wall and cut it, then threw additional cloth at the end, loosened it to replace it and fixed it with a hammer and nails. Finally, he used the hem tape to cover the rough edges with ornaments for a more elegant edge. Taking an extra mile, he created an impromptu door using cloth and curtain rods in the frame. The wide and draped effect gives dimension to flat roofs. Real estate property

A Victorian home office

When Miles Redd (or, as is known here, the crowned King of the Tempted Ceilings) first entered this Brooklyn office, he felt “like an insect trapped in a glass jar.” It is a glass solarium of the 80s, in addition to an 1820 city house, so that they feel coherent, and to transform a last-minute idea into the main event, he tried. Extending from the padded walls to the curved and curved canopy, the blue batik fabric cools and softens the space (from the point of view of temperature and visually).

A rustic escape

Although curtain ceilings tend to look elegant and decadent, they can actually adapt to any environment, it just depends on the fabric. This meeting space in the attic of a house renovated by two brothers has a softer atmosphere with a padded but padded roof, but in general, the tent is not so fast, but it is very effective and integrates rustic materials such as exposed wood and brick .

A capricious dining room

“The dining room was our biggest challenge, but in the end it became the most exciting room in the house,” says designer Sarah Gilbane of this fun space. The theme was the ancient Everglades, so decorative artist Brian Leaver painted palms and flamingos on a canvas wallpaper and then created a trompe l’oeil ceiling. Painting on textured materials instead of directly on the wall can add even more depth, as shown here.

A box of bohemian jewelry.

Californian interior designer Peter Dunham has transformed a small room into an elevated Bohemian paradise with a floor-to-ceiling canopy that occupies almost all of the space, demonstrating that embracing smallness by getting big with the fabric can work for you. please. In addition, extravagant awnings are an excellent way to get that volume and drama that reach the ceilings with curtains and upholstery, but with much less lift both at the time of installation and removal.

A timeless bedroom

Given its fun circus roots, curtain ceilings are perfect for children’s rooms. In this room by Amanda Lindroth, the playful drum pendant combines well with the red finish and the blue and white stripes while awakening the imagination (perfect for a small child), but it is classic enough to age gracefully while inhabitant it grows.


11 curtains suitable for a modern Marie Antoinette

VIP booths, circus tents, canopy beds in torrent towers: there is something dramatic in the bold fabric that embraces the walls and is covered above. Curtains have not been so popular since Napoleon’s time, but today’s designers are reinventing them with a lot of contemporary style. The trick of the ceiling wrapped in fabric, simply glued or completely padded, also offers a practical value: it can help isolate a space with drafts, hide architectural defects and even mask soffits and pipes. Read on to see eleven fabulous exaggerated closets for a design lesson on how to raise the roof. Real estate property

reA bold dining room

Going through the doors of this blue zigzag-wrapped Miles Redd dining room is like entering Alice’s Wonderland. The molding of the teeth has an additional layer of texture and pattern set for a surprising surprise factor. But keep in mind that rooms like this aren’t cheap. A professionally installed awning can be a great investment (don’t worry, with a few clicks you’ll find detailed DIY instructions at a much friendlier price). Depending on the work and labor involved in pattern making, sewing and installation, it can cost between $ 5,000 and $ 50,0o0, according to Redd.

A spectacular corner to sit on

While roofs with curtains can bring a spirit of fun to any room, we recommend making sure that the ceilings are high enough to accommodate the additional fullness and depth that the fabric will bring. The high and round vaulted ceilings in this seated enclave designed by Leandra Fremont-Smith are perfect. The designer used contrasting buttons to mark 40 meters of quilted fabrics.

A sunny hall

In this cheerful hall designed by Lilse McKenna, the walls and ceilings are covered on a flat surface, but the blue edges and geometric lines that lead from the corners to the suspended light create the illusion of a carp shape. Therefore, while vaulted ceilings are ideal for curtains, don’t allow a straight ceiling to limit you!

A guest room with floral pattern

This eclectic house designed by Sean Scherer is a treasure trove of antiques, whimsical fabrics and a cheeky decoration that perfectly shows the ingenuous ingenuity of the Grandmillennial style. In this guest room, vintage curtains stretched and hung on wooden rods, then joined the walls and ceiling to create a fantastic space. “You really feel like you’re in a floral curtain,” says Scherer.

A children’s room for children

In this bedroom, interior designer Emily Henderson lets the child’s favorite place and activity guide the theme: the canopy on the bed hangs on a pole, evoking the type of tent you would throw in a field, then the room it really feels like a camping experience.


These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 5 End

Blue ocean

Designer Sara Story has varnished these walls in a custom navy color. The bright walls help to reflect the light through the space, giving a bright and open feeling. Real estate property


This study by Sara Bengur has a personality of its own. The warm coral walls perfectly highlight the neutral and colorful decor.


From the silver roof to the cheek-patterned benches, a Hampton McLadden Hamptons home lives up to its glamorous location. Purple paint covers the high-gloss walls and the sofa is covered with velvet.


In a colorful Park Avenue apartment by Mark D. Sikes, the walls of Benjamin Moore’s Misty Lilac help to implement the living standards used everywhere. With so much pattern and color, the soft purple tone almost acts as neutral.

Navy blue

Painting a small dark-colored room can be helpful. It camouflages the fact that it is small and raises cozy vibrations. Cousin? Navy blue is totally timeless.


If your style is more traditional, olive green may be the right move. It is also ideal for carpentry and frames.

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11 flowers that will make your home so summer Part 2 End


No matter what your favorite color, there is an orchid for you. Orchids love humid weather and cool at night, but make sure you are out of the air conditioner or fan. Real estate property


White soccer moms can better withstand the heat, but we won’t blame you if you choose one of the most colorful flowers.


If your hydrangea begins to fall prematurely, remove it from the arrangement, soak it in cold water for 10 minutes, make a new cut, put it back in its pot and see how it comes back to life.

Garden roses

You will not believe the fragrance of this hybrid rose. This flower needs about 5 to 6 hours of sunlight a day, but more and can dry. Keep it in a semi-shaded area for it to thrive.


These beauties with several petals are even better when you give a moisturizing “bath” before combining. Remove any foliage and soak the stems in cold water overnight.


Before placing them in a vase, place the cut end of the stem in boiling water for 20 seconds to help contain the nutrient-rich sap in the flower and make it last longer.


These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 4

Dark brown

In a Connecticut home designed by Philip Gorrivan, the living room walls painted in Brown by Tanner by Farrow & Ball, with ornaments in White Dove by Benjamin Moore, unleashed a collection of eclectic art and a classic Bridgewater sofa, covered with windows from Josef Frank. Real estate property

Black blue

Blue walls give this elegant cabin-style living room, in a room designed by Heidi Caillier, a wave of mystery. Floor-standing materials and classic prints guarantee a welcoming cocoon atmosphere. The lesson? The dark walls will make any space more cozy and intimate.


Avoid super bright reds and your house will not look like the fire station. A richer shade of red warms this Katie Ridder space, while the contrast of pink and blue furniture helps to break the bold tone.

Bold yellow

Does the thought of painting your living room yellow scare you? Just choose an accent, like a door or a wall.


The walls and ceiling of this room by Agie Hranowsky are painted in amethyst. The brighter purple explosions on the sofa and Christopher Spitzmiller’s lamp add a little contrast, so it doesn’t look too tedious.


A new home in Lake Martin, Alabama, takes on the appearance of an old cabin with soft, worn colors and ebony wood walls. Designer Susan Ferrier chose a chandelier from Phillips Metal Works to make the elevated living room more intimate.

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11 flowers that will make your home so summer Part 1

You only stay in the summer for a few months a year, so you can also turn your home and garden into a complete flower craze while you can. These are the best summer flowers you want to plant and display in your home, as well as some tips to keep them as fresh and vibrant for as long as possible. Real estate property

After choosing your favorites, you will need a location to display them; Look at these vases to complete the look.


You will get your money’s worth with these pink flowers: they can last up to three weeks, once cut and thrived in sunlight and rich soil. These lesser-known flowers are also quite affordable!


Professional advice: these flowers are very delicate; therefore, to prolong its useful life, seal the cut end of the stem by quickly burning it with an open flame.


Prepare your vases and cameras: peonies are at their best in June. However, they may not bloom the first spring they were planted, and you may have to wait a year to see their beautiful pink color.

Cala Lilies

To ensure that they last as long as possible, cut the stems in a hot water bath and place them in a bowl of cold water in the refrigerator for up to two hours.


If you want a plant that summer heat won’t kill, this will be your savior. You can also store succulents all year round indoors!


These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 3

Light grey

In this lovely family home, interior designer Heidi Caillier chose a shade of light gray paint in the living room to reproduce the color scheme of eclectic furniture and decoration everywhere. It is more complex and less severe than a classic white, but remains neutral enough not to steal attention. Real estate property

Military Green

A dark shade of military green paint complements the mahogany wood accents throughout the room, while the sunny yellow sofa and pink carpets illuminate the space.

Pale blue

Looking at a blue room can slow down and calm you down. A monochromatic palette allows us to focus on the incredible interior architecture and dramatic pieces in this living room designed by Robson Rak. The relaxing tones and bulbous shapes everywhere, from the marble side table to the light hanging from the bubble and the round sofa, make the piece discreet and bold.

Hot Pink

Intense, bold and adventurous, the neon pink walls in this Greenwich Village room designed by Katie Ridder (she used C2 Paints “Mulberry”) are a bold option that paid off. The contrasting tones of sky blue and traditional furniture make it more transitory and timeless. Use it in a lobby for a warm, cozy and unforgettable entrance.


Designer Kristin Kong hid a basement door behind a painted wood factory in Sherwin-Williams Black Fox in her home near Atlanta. The trick “makes the room less irregular,” she says, since the dark color helps everything mix. And never underestimate the power of a beautiful floral arrangement on the coffee table!


This room is friendly and welcoming, adult and sophisticated. And although it is definitely bolder and brighter than ordinary cream walls, it also has a good depth of absorption. The upholstered armchair in burnt orange and chocolate brown speaks of the living personality of the room, while the golden metal tables and marble fireplace cool things.

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These’re Best Outdoor Lighting Options for Both Style and Safety Part 3 End

Famous ceiling lights

This balcony designed by Amanda Lindroth is a tropical dream. It inspires us to choose our favorite color when and use it. In addition, installing a ceiling fan (or several, depending on the size) will keep the air circulating on these pleasant nights: choose one that works as a light to earn bonus points. Real estate property

Candle lanterns

Thin trees shade the walled shelter of a 1960s house. Elizabeth Kennedy and Ray Booth carried elegant style from the inside out, adding chairs for any climate and rows of lanterns.

Garden lights

This Regan Baker Design back porch is the perfect private place to relax. To make it more fun, include seats on the floor with large outdoor cushions and keep it bright with bollard lights, which are shaped like light-covered posts, so that the surrounding area shines in all directions.


These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 2

Sage green

Go back to nature and take beautiful sage tones inside the house. The gray infused with green will look like a breath of fresh air and add the right touch of intrigue as a backdrop to the gallery wall in this living room designed by Tamsin Johnson. Real estate property


Interior designer Janie Molster says there isn’t too much pink, and we agree, especially when red and white striped furniture cheer her up. But if you just want to play with the bright color, start painting a smaller area in your home, like in the beautiful corner of the window. Gives a romantic glow without looking like you painted the walls with bubble gum.


Warmer than white, but still neutral, cream is the perfect setting for a cozy living room. In this living room designed by Heidi Caillier, jute carpet, wood finishes and brass details are reflected in the color of the painting, while marble veins and blue bursts contrast very well with her.

Pale blue

The pale blue walls give this living room designed by Heather Hilliard a relaxing environment, while the white ceilings help to break the blue and make the room more bright and airy. Meanwhile, Lucita’s green coffee table injects a youthful and vivid energy that animates the sky blue stage and the floral sofa without colliding with the traditional elements of the surroundings.


Why choose a fun ink color when you can choose two? We love the romantic but surprisingly cool color scheme of the red and violet fire truck in this space of Katie Brown. Bohemian embroidered pillows tie everything very well. This is another excellent way to address the design process of the living room: start with a couple of fun pillows, then remove your two favorite colors to highlight on the walls and ceiling.


Designed by Fiona Lynch Studio, this modern living room is a master class on how to use bold and unusual colors with restrictions. The screen of pistachios washed with lime and the painted fireplace add enough lightness and texture to leave the room outside the room, but they still look minimalist.


These orange walls provide a dynamic backdrop for works of art and an emerald green lamp in a room by Matthew Bees. It is unexpected, but it makes the room look so sunny.


These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 1

Your living room is probably the most popular room in the house, so decorate it to make sure it’s a place you can’t wait to spend time on a must see. And this brings us to color, since inventing a palette will probably guide the design process and create the atmosphere for years to come. Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral or changing, we have tons of colorful ideas for living room painting to inspire you in the future. All you have to do is put on your suit and take a roller. Real estate property


This fresh color makes a room look like a tropical oasis. In this room of Thomas Jayne and William Cullum, where the painting extends to the highlights of this living room, the tone changes according to the way the light hits it, going from the intense mint green to the soft green of the foam of the sea.

Crisp white

A crisp and opaque white is absolutely timeless. Sherwin Williams Pure White is there for you when you can no longer keep up with the trends (see you again, millennial rose).

Blue ocean

This deep blue paint is not only a charming and bold color for the living room, but the bright finish in this room by Kate Reid also adds an extra touch. It is basically the color of the passion for travel to your home. It will make you feel like you’re on vacation, even if the closest to a vacation on the island is your laptop’s screen saver.

Dark gray

The mixture of warm and cold tones in this room Elizabeth Cooper creates a perfect balance. Although subtle, the additional texture obtained from linen helps mitigate the refined sophistication of the gray wall. And in a bold shade of colored coral, it also makes things happy.


These’re Best Outdoor Lighting Options for Both Style and Safety Part 2

String lights

Designer Jill Sharp Weeks used string lights to make her garden look like an extension of her home. The space also includes an outdoor toilet, the only bathroom on the ground floor. Real estate property

Floor lamps

To make a patio look like an outdoor living room, opt for traditional interior lighting, like a floor lamp but in a more resistant and nature-inspired material, just make sure that your outdoor area is electrically equipped for one. Contractor Tim Givens built the swing hammock on the back porch of Liza Pulitzer Calhoun’s home in Palm Beach, and simply covered his place with a favorite tablecloth.

Pool lights

This minimalist and modern courtyard is full of lighting ideas. The pool lights change the rules of the game for swimming at night and if you look to the far left, you will notice the garage skylight which allows you to see the cars below and allows the shared light.


Now that’s how you make a voice. In this Spanish-style Beverly Hills home designed by Commune Design, the veranda is cozy, comfortable, elaborate and decorated, all at once. The warm terracotta tiles, the exposed beams and the wooden stool are the basis of the complex wrought iron lighting and the fuchsia-colored bursts.


There is nothing more elegant than this courtyard designed by Night Palm Studio. The atmosphere is undoubtedly sensual, from the curved shape and the soft swirls of marble and white to the wavy sofa, while the avant-garde concrete foundations and the low-brightness LED lighting incorporate the bench.

Garden lights

See that little fire located in the landscape of rocks behind the shore? In the shape of spotlights or small torches, the garden lights are perfect for anyone who wants to illuminate their gardening skills even after sunset.


If the rest area of ??your backyard doesn’t have a roof or top structure, make sure a bright wall lamp is connected to your home. Interior designer Jenn Feldman opted for a large lantern-style wall lamp here.