DIY Socks Ideas for Christmas Decorations, Let’s Make Together with the Kids!

Christmas is just a few days away . People are getting busy preparing for the Christmas celebrations. Starting from the food menu that will be eaten with the family, the clothes to be worn, and don’t forget to decorate the house to make it lively. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Christmas decorations are not just a Christmas tree, there are many others. Call it wreath, flowers arranged in circles that are usually hung in front of the door of the house, decorative lights that seem warm, and socks that are usually hung above the fireplace.

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Not all decorations have to be bought, you can make them with your little one, as well as to hone their creativity, you know. One of the ornaments that can be made Here are the ideas for making sock decorations for Christmas that you can try yourself. The socks are the socks. Here are ideas for making sock deco

rations for Christmas that you can try.

1 Cut according to your illustrated towel sock pattern. Match the socks with your Christmas theme

2 Your knitting skills can be put into practice for Christmas socks, you know. Choose a neutral colored wool thread for an aesthetic and minimalist look Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Your tribal jersey is no longer worn? Take advantage of it by making a sock pattern on it, then sewing it neatly and giving it a rope Property News

4 Socks can also be made of flannel. To make it look cute, add a flannel that has been shaped as a motif House Furniture Solution

5 Long sleeved socks that are no longer in use can be turned into Christmas socks. Add name embroidery stitch on it

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This Home Decorating Way Can Make You Healthier and Live Longer

In the world there is an area called the Blue Zone, where people can live longer and healthier lives. If you learn important lessons about their longevity, it doesn’t come from diet or regular exercise. According to longevity expert Dan Buettner, that’s because they live in an environment that subconsciously pushes them into healthier behaviors, such as moving more and eating plant-based foods. And that environment begins within the space of their home, which includes design and organizational elements that facilitate healthy habits. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Seemingly mundane interior design considerations like where you place your furniture can all be a factor in increasing longevity. Launching the Well and Good page, here are 8 home design tips to increase longevity, according to experts.

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1 Place the TV in a room away from the kitchen

Studies have found that people tend to eat past the point of fullness when they are also watching a show. If you have to walk a few steps (or even down stairs) to get to the kitchen from wherever you normally post TV time, not only are you less likely to snack mindlessly, but also, if you get up to grab a snack, you’re also taking a little walk. . “This is the kind of innate physical activity that is easy to maintain. Over time, it can have a more consistent effect than going to the gym,” says Buettner. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

2 Keep the shoe rack near the door

According to Buettner, this is one way to live a long life. With the shelf by the door, you’re more likely to take your shoes off when you get home, a common practice among people in Okinawa, Japan (one of the Blue Zone areas). “We’ve found that 28 percent of shoes carry fecal bacteria,” says Buettner. When we don’t want to bring disease into the house, we will take off our shoes when we get home.

3 Eat with family members as often as possible

Sharing food with others is an easy way to stimulate your appetite. Not to mention, the routine of eating together can strengthen relationships in a relaxed atmosphere. “It’s one of the best ways to bond with your family by sitting around the dinner table,” says Buettner. Property News

4 Gardening at home

If you have a large area of ​​land, use it to grow edible things, either in the ground or in containers or on the terrace. “Gardening is something we see in every Blue Zone, with people in their nineties continuing to care for plants and vegetables,” says Buettner. It has a triple-whammy effect encouraging you to spend more time in the fresh air, be active (weeding and watering requires bending over and standing back up, after all), and eating more fresh food.

And if you don’t have access to outdoor space? Set up an indoor herb garden. This way, you’ll at least be more likely to consume fresh herbs, which Buettner recommends for growing rosemary and oregano, in particular. “These are often found in the Blue Zone, and they are not only high in antioxidants but act as a mild diuretic, which can help reduce blood pressure,” he says. House Furniture Solution

5 Home decoration with ornamental plants

To emulate the beauty of nature, Frederick suggests decorating your home with houseplants, which naturally reduce stress. “If you can’t do that, even having pictures of natural landscapes or incorporating greens and natural soils into your home can help foster a positive environment and boost creativity,” he says, referring to the biophilic designs that characterize longevity hot spots. Singapore. That concept also extends to filling your home with natural light during the day by opening curtains and windows, if the weather is good enough to do so.


5 Home Decorations That Will Trend in 2022, Greek Style to All-Sultan

Not a few people are looking for fresh ideas at the end of the year to make changes in the following year. Starting from the style of dress, makeup, even home decoration.

Talking about home decor, recently the social media and image-sharing platform, Pinterest, released predictions of home decorating trends that will be in demand in 2022. The predictions for home decor trends released in a report titled Pinterest Predicts 2022 are reportedly compiled based on global search data, with an analysis period from October 2019 to September 2021. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Well, this trend prediction can be a reference or reference for those of you who want to create a new atmosphere at home while welcoming the new year. What are those? Check out the predictions for home decorating trends in 2022, as quoted from the following Pinterest press release. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 escape room

In 2022, Pinterest predicts that more and more people will start planning their own home escape to share their feelings; such as stress, happiness, to anger.

That said, searches on this are done by all age groups on the Pinterest platform. They look for a music-themed room, a crystal room, even a room for venting their anger. In addition, some people are also looking for inspiration from a small library room to a massage room in the house. Property News

2 Arch accents in various corners of the house

According to Pinterest predictions, in 2022, straight house designs will not be in demand. On the other hand, people prefer home decor with arch access; such as decorating his home with curved sofas, curved bar designs, and curved kitchen countertops. That said, this all-arched house trend is driven by Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials.

3 Biophilic design

Over the past few years, plants have become a very popular item for home decor. This trend will reportedly continue in 2022. It’s just that, these plants will blend with the design of the house.

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“Millennials are now designing homes by prioritizing plant elements to strengthen their relationship with nature and increase comfort,” Pinterest wrote in its official statement. House Furniture Solution

Pinterest predicts that plants on stairs, biophilic interiors, and flower ceilings will be booming in 2022. Interestingly, this decoration trend will not only be popular at home but also in offices.

4 Greek-themed decorations
The modern nuanced decoration is reportedly going to be abandoned in 2022. On the other hand, people tend to be nostalgic about the design or decoration of their homes.

They are said to have taken inspiration from Ancient Greek civilization and applied it to all corners of the house; from Corinthian home decor, Ancient Greek-inspired jewelery to aphrodite-inspired wallpapers. Pinterest says that this age-old trend will be very much liked by Generation Z in 2022.

5 Luxurious home decorations all sultan

This is even supported by data released by Pinterest. In the data, it is stated that the search for the words ‘luxury basement ideas’, ‘luxury game rooms’, to ‘luxury children’s bedrooms’ has doubled. Meanwhile, the keywords ‘luxury garage interiors’ rose fivefold, and ‘luxury laundry room ideas’ rose 11 times.


Madonna Shares Video Putting Up Christmas Decorations With Her Kids

Madonna and family seem to have entered the Christmas holiday celebration by doing some decorations at home and wearing interesting costumes. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The pop star also shared a behind-the-scenes video of himself and his four children, David Banda (16), Mercy James (15), and twins Estere and Stelle (9) dressed as elves while decorating their Christmas tree.

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David begins the exhilarating video with a brief introduction.

“Okay, let me tell you something about Christmas, it’s the best time of the year,” he said.

After George Michael’s “Last Christmas” plays, that’s when the fun mess really begins. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Madonna herself was seen focusing on placing the ornaments in the right places, while the children were jumping around the room happily.

The four children of the singer also showed off their talents by breaking dance and singing together.

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On the sidelines of the video, Madonna also shared a number of moments, including carelessness when decorating.

“But we had fun celebrating the last day of Hanukkah by decorating the Christmas tree,” he said. Property News

The joy of the family is quite evident in the video and fans are also delighted to see how much Madonna loves her role as a mother.

She even talked about how her parenting methods have changed from the birth of her oldest children, Lourdes Leon (25) and Rocco Ritchie (21) to raising the teens now.

“It reminds me how precious time is and how each child needs attention and alertness, and guidance in different ways,” she told the Today Show in 2019.

“We have to be ready for anything. The more children we have, the better we will be parents,” he added.

And apparently, Madonna has done an excellent job as a parent to many diverse children. House Furniture Solution


5 Ornamental Plants That Can Become a Christmas Tree, Perfect for Home Decorations

Ornamental plants that can become Christmas trees generally use fir trees, but there are several other types of trees that can be used for decoration on special days. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Towards the end of the year, Christians usually buy ornamental plants that can be used as Christmas trees, from very large to small to fit in the house.

Yes, Christmas is synonymous with fir trees. However, usually the tree is decorated with various decorations complete with colorful lights outside the house.

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Well, for those of you who don’t have a fir tree to celebrate Christmas, then you can take advantage of other plants.

There are several houseplants that can be used as an alternative to Christmas trees. Summarizing from Balcony Garden Web, Monday (6/12/2021), the following is the review. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 Norfolk Island Pine

This plant has the scientific name Araucaria heterophylla. This plant has the most perfect shape for a Christmas tree. Use decorations, lights, ornaments, and add a little garland to make it look even more beautiful.

2 Dwarf Alberta Spruce

The Latin name of this plant is picea glauca ‘conica’. This tree is triangular in shape with dense needle-like leaves. As a result this plant looks very much like a Christmas tree.

3 Weeping fig

This plant, named latin ficus benjamina ‘starlight’, has white and green leaves that look amazing when decorated with ornaments. Enough with a touch of ornaments and light decorations, this plant can already be a Christmas tree.

4 Italian stone pine

Another name for this plant is pine pine. This plant comes from Spain and Portugal. It has needle-like leaves of blue-green color. With its low height and compact dimensions, this Christmas tree is perfect for small spaces. Property News

5 Leyland Cypress

This plant has the Latin name cupressus x leylandii. This is an excellent alternative plant for a Christmas tree. They have dark green hairy leaves that look even more adorable if you add some embellishments. House Furniture Solution


Wedding decorations for 9 celebrity sisters, Soimah chooses to decorate the house hall

Having a dream wedding is what every couple wants. It’s not wrong, if before the wedding, the bride and groom will be busy with various preparations. Starting from taking care of catering, souvenirs, to the wedding concept that will be realized. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

As a memory that will not be forgotten, this series of celebrity sisters also successfully held a wedding party according to their wishes. Starting from carrying a modern to traditional theme, their wedding decorations also stole the attention.

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As seen at the wedding moment of Soimah’s sister, Cicilia Sinta Fitriani. Escorting her sister to the aisle gate, this once-in-a-lifetime procession was held in Javanese custom at Soim ah’s pavilion, namely Pendopo Tulungo, Bantul, DI Yogyakarta. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

The decorations of the celeb sisters at the moment of their wedding were also highlighted. In order not to be curious, let’s look at the summary of brilio.net from various sources, Thursday (2/12), wedding decorations for celeb sister.

1 The wedding procession of her sister, Cicilia Sinta F, on Sunday (20/11) was held at Soimah’s pavilion. Thick Javanese custom, wedding decorations look beautiful with floral decorations without compromising the uniqueness of the pavilion architecture.

2 Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s wedding decorations at the reception were no less magnificent. Oki Setiana Dewi’s sister was made like an ancient European castle. At the top of the aisle, the reception date is 13.11.2021 written in Roman numerals XIII.XI.MMXXI. House Furniture Solution

3 Erica Putri’s sister, Citra Kirana, held her wedding reception procession with Rezky Aditya with the concept of an international wedding. Seen white flowers add to the elegant atmosphere of the wedding.

4 Unlike Raffi Ahmad’s sister, Syahnaz Sadiqah. Married to Jeje Govinda, he held an outdoor concept wedding with green trees which made the wedding atmosphere cooler.

5 Held outdoors on the island of Bali, the wedding decorations for Nadine’s twin sister, Marcel Chandrawinata, were no less charming. With yellow lights, the atmosphere looks romantic. Property News


Kitchen Utensil Magic Ideas Become Aesthetic Decorations, Don’t Throw It Out!

Not only cute room decorations, there are also many kitchen utensils with various kinds and shapes. Sometimes, without realizing it, you can make these utensils pile up and fill the kitchen area. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Well, you can turn those kitchen utensils into aesthetic decorations to decorate your home. Don’t throw it away, okay? Who knew you could be creative, right?

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1 Have a tray of rattan? Well, you can really hang it on the wall as a rustic-style home decoration

2 Or do you have a warung-style rattan plate? Put a nail on the wall near the door of the house and be a cute decoration especially for the foyer Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 For those of you who like farming, instead of buying a new hanger, try using an old spoon for a hanging planter like this

4 Cut a spoon and color it with spray dye. Prepare a small bowl and put a spoon around the bowl, more aesthetic, right? House Furniture Solution

5 Instead of being confused about storing spoons & spatulas, you can hang them on the wall. It can be taken at any time, but it’s also suitable for decoration Property News

Bahan Outdoor

Plants that make your home decor fresher!

aloe vera

For those of you who are a little forgetful and not used to taking care of plants, aloe vera or aloe vera plants are the right plants for you. This is because this plant does not require regular watering. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Can survive in an environment that is rarely exposed to the sun, we can place it next to the bed or work table. This plant also has good benefits for health and facial beauty.

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Rubber Plant

Being popular on Instagram, Rubber Plant is a plant that many people are interested in. The shiny leaves will give a beautiful impression to the corner of the room in your home. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Water this plant once a week to maintain the freshness of the plant. Place it in a corner of the room that can be exposed to indirect sunlight. Do not place this plant close to the reach of children or pets, the leaves of the plant have a dangerous poison.

Jade Plant

The Jade Plant is a plant that is hard to resist because of its beauty. The thick and shiny leaves will give a fresh impression to the corner of your house. This plant is also easy to care for. House Furniture Solution

To care for the Jade Plant, place it in a room that is exposed to sunlight every day. Water when the soil surface looks dry.

Golden Pothos

Devil’s Ivy or what we know as Golden Pothos is part of a beautiful plant that is easy to care for. As the name suggests ‘Devil’ this plant can survive with minimal care and watering.

This plant can grow as high as 10 feet with minimal watering. Place it in a room that is not directly exposed to sunlight so that the plant remains healthy throughout the year. Property News

Wax Plant

Wax Plant, also known as Hoya Plant, has leaves that have a waxy texture. Its texture makes this plant easy to care for.

Coming in various shapes and sizes, Wax Plants are the right plants for you to have in your home. This plant is also safe for those of you who have children or pets.


Popular Property, Island and Houses for Sale for IDR 2.9 Trillion for Aesthetic Bathroom Decorations

Pulau pribadi di Palm Beach ini dijual beserta rumahnya. Foto: Realtor.com

Some of the news on the property channel Medcom.id attracted the attention of readers. Among them are islands and houses sold for Rp. 2.9 trillion to aesthetic bathroom decorations. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Here are the three most popular Medcom.id property news on Monday, November 22, 2021:

1 Wow! There is a private island for sale for IDR 2.9 trillion, free houses and renovations
A property on Tarpon Island, Palm Beach was sold for USD 210 million or Rp. 2.9 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,269). Tarpon Island is the only artificial island in the region.

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The property is one of the most expensive in Florida. However, there is an interesting offer from the owner, if the buyer pays in cash, the main house on the island will be renovated.

The main house on the island is British Colonial style built in the 1930s. Later the property owner will renovate which includes expanding the house with many additional rooms. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

2 eTPPAD Services Make it Easy for the Indonesian Army to Buy a House
Soldiers of the Indonesian Army (TNI AD) can now own a house through the Home Ownership Credit (KPR) facility owned by PT Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN). This facility is offered through the TNI AD Personnel Housing e-Savings application (eTPPAD).

Deputy President Director of Bank BTN Nixon LP Napitupulu said this facility is one of the facilities offered by the company in line with its commitment to support the fulfillment of housing needs for state soldiers.

“We are committed to supporting the TNI AD officials who care about the housing needs of Indonesian Army soldiers. Through eTPPAD, members of the Indonesian Army can not only own a house easily, but we also provide complete financial services that prioritize transparency,” he said in a written statement, Monday, November 22, 2021.

3 5 These Decorations Make a Minimalist and Aesthetic Bathroom
Having a small bathroom, doesn’t mean the decoration can’t be maximized. You can choose a minimalist design for a small bathroom at home. House Furniture Solution

Minimalist design is often used as inspiration because it gives a modern impression. The minimalist design is also suitable for small rooms because it minimizes the use of furniture. Property News

You just need to add some decorations that support the minimalist style. Here are some decorations in the bathroom for a minimalist, but aesthetic style.


The Right Paint Color for Small Living Room Decoration

Ilustrasi. Ada beberapa warna yang tepat untuk dekorasi cat ruang tamu yang sempit. (iStockphoto/KatarzynaBialasiewicz)

Decorating a narrow living room is easy and difficult. Wrong placement and choice can spoil the atmosphere.

Not only the placement of goods, the selection of wall paint colors also affects the harmony of the living room. There are several colors that are right for decorating a narrow living room. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Large living rooms often feel spacious and make certain paint colors look weird. However, dark or light paint colors seem to work more in a narrow living room.

Choose a paint color according to your goals. Are you looking for a comfortable look or to make a room seem bigger.

The Right Color for Living Room Paint Decoration
Interior designers believe that paint has the ability to completely change the look of a room. You can set the tone, express yourself, and make the room look bigger and more attractive with the right choices. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Here’s the right color choice for decorating a narrow living room paint, citing The Spruce.

1 dark blue

Many people think that a narrow room will look less fitting if you use dark colors. In fact, however, that is not the case.

In fact, the smaller the room, the more you can explore dark colors. The reason is, dark colors reflect less light which makes the room look better.

2 Gray

Gray is a bold color to combine with modern nuances in the living room. Pair gray with sleeker furniture.

Minimalist living room decor will look unique with this bold gray color. House Furniture Solution

3 Beige

Beige is always a neutral choice for rooms of all sizes. This color will make the room feel comfortable.

4 Off-white

This color is perfect for a small room that wants to give a neutral impression. This color can also provide warmth in a small room that seems intimate.

Keep in mind, this color will look darker in a small room, especially one that lacks natural light. Property News

5 Light and soft pink

This color reflects light in a small living room. Sweet, but not too much.

The soft light pink color is suitable for a living room with a limited size.

You can combine soft pink walls with various works of art or pasted photos.

Bahan Outdoor

Narrow land is not a problem, here are 5 decorating inspirations for a minimalist garden

Often being at home during this pandemic makes some of us have a hobby of gardening. When the plant collection continues to grow, of course you want all your favorite plants to be neatly and beautifully arranged. A minimalist garden in front or behind the house will certainly add to the charm of your home. Many decorative elements can be applied to decorate the minimalist garden. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Minimalist gardens have a characteristic appearance that is simple and does not use many variations of plants and other elements. Therefore, elements for minimalist garden decoration must also be able to compensate for the simple appearance of the garden. Here’s the inspiration for beautiful elements for minimalist garden decorations that you can choose.

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Vertical Garden

Vertical garden is very suitable as a minimalist garden element because it saves space but adds to the beauty of the garden. The vertical garden design can be adjusted to the available area on the home page. Vertical gardens as elements for decorating a minimalist garden in front of the house, for example, can be made not to cover the entire garden wall. You can clear some wall areas to create a unique vertical garden look. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga


Vines are a practical choice for decorating a minimalist garden in front of your house. The beauty of the vines will be in harmony with the charm of a minimalist garden in front of the house. To make the vines look neater, add irons arranged as a place for the plants to wrap their stems. The vines will provide shade in your minimalist garden.


Add elements of small rocks or coral in your minimalist home garden. These coral stones not only function as decorative elements, but also to prevent the garden from being flooded when it rains. Choose black coral for a natural look or white coral for a modern minimalist garden look. House Furniture Solution

stepping stone

In addition to coral, also add elements of stepping stones or stepping stones as your foothold when crossing the garden. With this stepping stone you don’t have to worry about the grass dying or being damaged by being stepped on. This minimalist garden decoration with stepping stones is also very functional because it plays an important role in avoiding the risk of slipping when the garden is wet when it rains.

Plant rack or hanging pot

If your yard is not too wide, you can use plant racks or hanging pots and other ornamental plant vases. There are many kinds of plant shelves and hanging pots that can be applied to a minimalist garden. Several types of hanging pots are made of wire, macrame rope, or made of iron. Plant racks and hanging pots are also practical because their placement can be adjusted to the type of plant. You can also easily move shelves or hanging pots from time to time to give your plants the sun they need or protect them in the shade. Property News


6 Dekorasi kamar bayi yang bagus , lucu dan menyenangkan

Some of the inspiration for baby room decoration ideas below you can really imitate. Designing a room for the baby does require thoroughness and careful consideration. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Being a parent means being responsible for educating. Introduce the shape of the alphabet to your little one through the cute-designed alphabet illustration

Reading is a window to the world. Introduce your little one to books by arranging a tiny library in the corner of the room Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Hang the baby hanging mobile on the bed. Buy a cloth-based one, so that if it falls, it won’t hurt your little one

Babies have sensitive skin. Place the fabric pillow decorations on the sofa, playing corner, or changing table. It could be a safety tool, you know!

Give an aesthetic touch with macrame decoration. This decoration gives the impression of a Nordic style, so the room becomes more homey and chic House Furniture Solution

Help hone your little one’s motor system by installing a soft and thick carpet. Make sure you clean it regularly, so it looks comfortable Property News

Meja kursi

7th birthday decoration of swordsmen, Zaskia Gotik carries a mermaid theme

Every parent will do anything to make their child happy. Including celebrating a child’s birthday very lively. This is also what the country’s celebrities do. Not wanting to miss the moment of their baby’s age change, these celebrities made a special celebration using various themes. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Celebrities, especially Indonesian dancers, make decorations according to the chosen theme at the child’s birthday event. Not infrequently they will also wear unique costumes and according to the theme that is carried.

So, are you curious about what kind of portrait of a swordsman’s birthday decoration? Here, brilio.net summarizes his portraits compiled from various sources, Wednesday (10/11).

1 Uut Permatasari’s son Rafif Athallah’s 5th birthday had to be done online. Because at that time she was accompanying her husband on duty in Gowa, South Sulawesi. Nevertheless, the birthday celebrations still look lively.

Even though it was through a video call, Uut still decorated one part of his room with simple decorations. On the wall there are decorations and colorful balloons. There is also the inscription ‘Mas Rafif 5’. And on the table there are some birthday cakes. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

2 Every year Ayu Ting Ting always celebrates the birthday of her son, Bilqis very lively. On Bilqis’s 5th birthday, Ayu brought up the LOL theme as a birthday decoration for her son. To further enliven the event, the mother and daughter were also wearing matching outfits.

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3 Without lavish celebrations, the birthday of Inul Daratista and Adam Suseno’s son, Yusuf Ivanders Damares, was held simply at his home. There are not many decorations on the only child’s birthday decoration. It only reads ‘Happy 10th Birthday Yusuf Ivanders Damares’ on the wall. However, the living room with a gold theme at Inul’s house has given the impression of luxury on the child’s birthday. House Furniture Solution

4 Siti KDI’s child’s birthday celebration also looks luxurious. On her daughter’s birthday, Siti brought up the all-pink concept with the Hello Kitty theme.

The first 5 birthdays of Selvi Kitty’s children were simply held at her home by inviting her closest family and friends. His son’s birthday decorations were seen using shades of blue and white. There are balloon decorations that give a festive impression. Property News


Don’t choose the wrong decoration, do it this way so that a narrow room looks spacious

Having a narrow or small room can be a comfortable room. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

To bring that sense of comfort, friends can do the decoration or arrangement properly.

Even a narrow room can look spacious and comfortable with the right arrangement.

Friends can also continue to provide wall decorations or plants to make the room aesthetic and comfortable.

Come on! Follow these tips to make your room more comfortable.

Narrow Room Decorating Tricks

1 Large Mirror

Installing a mirror in the room will be useful for reflecting.

In addition to getting these benefits, friends can also use mirrors as decorations that make the room wider.

Choose a large mirror, so it gives an illusionary effect. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

With a large mirror, friends can make the room look spacious and spacious.

However, make sure to choose a mirror that is not framed and placed in a vertical shape.

2 Arrangement of Furniture near the Wall

When you have a narrow room, friends can change the position of the furniture by bringing it closer to the wall.

So, the middle of the room will be empty and give a wide impression. House Furniture Solution

That way, friends also have more space to move.

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3 Paint Walls in Light Colors

Paint color can also affect the condition of the room, lo.

Choose paint with light colors to give the room a spacious impression. Apply one color of paint on the entire surface of the wall.

Friends can choose white paint or pastel colors, such as navy or salmon.

4 Use Small Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants can make the room look natural and have fresh air. Property News

Even though you have a small room, friends can still put decorative plant decorations, lo.

However, choose plants that are small, so they don’t take up a lot of space.

Friends can put the mother-in-law’s tongue plant, suplir, or sri fortune to decorate the room.

5 Choose Plain Sheets

Choosing bed sheets has an important role in making room decorations look spacious.

Patterned sheets will make the room look full and cramped.

Therefore, choose light colored sheets and without motifs.


portrait of Jeon Somi on Comeback Stage Ikigayo, Have Fun with Stage Decorations According to MV!

After releasing a single and album titled XOXO, Jeon Somi performed a Comeback Stage at Ikigayo on October 31, 2021. This caught the attention of netizens because the stage setting used was exactly the same as the original MV. The total backstage crew received a lot of praise from netizens for treating Jeon Somi well. With a luxurious stage, Jeon Somi seemed to enjoy her performance and had fun with the property. Let’s have a look at the fun!

In this comeback stage, Jeon Somi looked beautiful and gave a rock feel by wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, silver tassel mini skirt, and black high boots.  Peralatan Rumah Tangga

There is a small house made of pink and green wood decorated with doodles. Apparently this little house is a garage for a pretty pink car like in the MV.

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Uniquely, this small house has a photo frame on the left. This photo is a photo of the Dumb Dumb MV where Jeon Somi and the figure of her lover first met in high school.  Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

At the beginning of the performance, Jeon Somi even acted to destroy the frame of this photo as if to vent her anger after being betrayed.

Jeon Somi seemed to be having fun with existing props such as baseball bats, dolls, and cars that had the same color as her outfit.

Unmitigated, heavy equipment excavators or yellow dredging machines were included as property in the background of Jeon Somi’s comeback stage.  House Furniture Solution

Not only a garage for cars and heavy equipment, Jeon Somi’s stage is also equipped with a large white house property with pink light which is similar to the MV as her ex-boyfriend’s house.

This white house is decorated with colorful paints and graffiti on the walls. There is also a neon light that says XOXO. This mansion was used as the main backdrop when Jeon Somi performed.  Property News

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This is the luxurious decoration of Ria Ricis-Teuku Ryan’s wedding recitation, let’s take a peek!

Apparently on Friday, November 5, 2021, a young couple Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan held a recitation program before heading to the wedding ceremony. This recitation program is a series of marriages between Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan, after the two of them previously held an application procession. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The recitation program entitled ‘Halaqal Cinta Ricis-Ryan’ today was held in luxury at the Intercontinental Hotel Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. From the monitoring of MNC Portal Indonesia, Friday (11/5/2021) Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s recitation event was held with a glamorous themed decoration.

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The ballroom and main stage are beautifully decorated with gold, white, and blue themed colors. Glamorous accent details can be seen with the use of chandeliers (chandeliers) and the many crystal chandeliers along the hallway leading to the stage. The room decoration looks more beautiful with the application of floral accents in a bouquet of white roses. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga
In the recitation program which was broadcast live on MNCTV at 13.30 WIB, it was not only attended by the families of each prospective bride and groom. But it was also seen that several of Ria Ricis’s friends were present, such as Eddies Adelia, Irish Bella, DR. Aisah Dahlan and Zee Zee Shihab. House Furniture Solution

Apart from being a form of prayer request so that the wedding procession can be carried out smoothly, the recitation procession was also held by Ricis and Ryan as a moment of apology to the family and asking for permission as well as the blessing of family and friends before they enter a new chapter in their lives.
Meanwhile, for tausiyah and marriage advice, several ustadzah are ready to give advice to Ricis and Ryan starting from Dr. Aisah Dahlan, Ustadzah Lulung to Mamah Dedeh. Property News


5 Japanese-style decorations, a mix of Eastern and Western cultures

This interior design has been around since 2017. Japandi carries the Wabi-Sabi concept which values ​​beauty in imperfection. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Japandi also creates the impression of being close to nature as well as a space that has artistic value. No wonder if natural elements are displayed through ornamental plants and furniture made of wood or rattan.

Not only natural elements, the influence of Scandinavian and Japanese designs can be seen from the choice of color schemes that are dominated by white and natural colors.

For those of you who want to apply Japanese decor at home, interior designers Lita Lee from Crave Interiors and Rhiannon Lee from Oleander and Finch Interiors show you how, quoted by The Spruce. House Furniture Solution

1 Simplicity

The best way to create a Japanese design is to use furniture that fits the purpose of the space. This style prioritizes simplicity, so use minimal but functional items.

Japan in more than just a trendy style, it’s also a lifestyle. With a minimalist style, you can apply simplicity, functionality and breathing room.

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2 Open

An open space allowing natural light to enter and flow into the home is a must in the Japanese style. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism in the open area gives an overall feeling of spaciousness and serenity,” explains Rhiannon.

One way to get this look doesn’t have to knock down the walls, you can just use shorter furniture.

Use shorter benches, armchairs, coffee tables, and feel free to mix and match different pieces of furniture for added texture and contrast.

3 Quality over quantity

When choosing accessories and furniture, choose those that are multifunctional and also durable. When buying furniture think that this will be a long term investment. Property News

4 Choose a neutral color

Colors with a natural palette are best suited for Japandi designs. You can use colors like beige, beige, or light brown.

“Use neutral colors like Scandinavian style combined with darker Japanese-style wood and raw materials,” says Rhiannon.

A neutral palette doesn’t have to be boring. The key to making it really stand out is by contrasting colors that reflect traditional Japanese style.

“Think blues, dark grays, earth tones to counter the Scandinavian neutrals,” says Rhiannon.

5 Keep it natural

Natural materials are another element in the Japanese style, especially marble, leather, wood, bamboo, rattan, feathers, rugs, terracotta pots, to wool.


4 Inspirations for Japanese-style Decorations That Can Be Created Inside Your Home, It’s Time For Holiday-Style Photos

Already getting bored after more than a year at home? The boredom of working from home and school from home is usually synonymous with missing the atmosphere of a vacation abroad, one of which is Japan.

Even though you still have to work hard at home and it’s not yet possible to go on vacation abroad, you can create Japanese-style decorations at your home! Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The atmosphere of the house is guaranteed to be fresher, and all family members become more harmonious. Not to forget, you can also take vacation-style photos in Japan armed with this aesthetic decoration. Like what?

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Tropical Wooden Style Japanese Style

The Land of the Rising Sun is synonymous with the creativity of its artists. Not only music and painting, various visual arts can also come from home decoration. House Furniture Solution

Armed with wooden furniture, you can create a Japanese-style atmosphere, especially traditional authentic. Such as wooden shelves, table lamps, and brown wall fan ornaments.

Can Still Exist on the Dining Table

Have you ever watched a Japanese anime or film set in an apartment? If you have, surely you will find a scene located in a minimalist apartment.

You can replicate this atmosphere on your own dining table, Fimela Friends! With white wall shelves and a wooden dining table, the Japanese style atmosphere will be thick. Just serve ramen or sushi! Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Checkered Sliding Door

It is common knowledge that Japan is synonymous with sliding doors or doors that are opened by sliding. If your house has a large enough space, providing a partition in the form of a sliding door will make the atmosphere similar to Harajuku. To be used as a photo background is also aesthetic. Don’t forget to wear a kimono so that the Japanese atmosphere is thicker.

Not Lesehan, But a Japanese Restaurant-style Table Room

Sitting with your legs stretched out on a soft mat is really annoying. This style is also very popular in Japan, including the food stalls! Property News

Add a sweetener in the form of a wooden table with short legs and a colorful floor mat as a seat. A perfect ambience to enjoy a warm cup of Ocha tea.

Not only decoration, other elements that need to be considered are the cleanliness of the floor and the soothing Japanese aroma. Now, you can present the sensation of this Japanese-style fragrance by using SoKlin Floor Fine Fragrance Sakura Blossom.

SoKlin Floor Fine Fragrance Sakura Blossom offers a luxurious sensation of cherry blossom fragrance that can last up to 8 hours. In addition, the support of an anti-bacterial formula and fast dry technology makes the floor of the house shiny, clean, and #One StepMore Luxurious.

Still have a holiday vibe to Japan even though you have to stay at home? rely on SoKlin Floor Fine Fragrance Sakura Blossom which can now be obtained at Alfamidi or Wings Official Store in E-commerce!


5 Types of Beautiful Plants That Can Improve Sleep Quality at Night

One of the hobbies loved by many people during the pandemic is maintaining beautiful plants at home. Besides being able to beautify the decor of the room, putting plants in the bedroom has many benefits. Starting from the refreshing aroma, increasing the humidity of the air to the power of absorbing toxins. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Plants placed in the bedroom can help a person to improve the quality of sleep better such as making sleep more sound, which of course brings a series of health benefits for the body.

Reported by merdeka.com, Thursday (10/28/2021), there are several types of ornamental plants that are beautiful and do not need to require a lot of light from the outside so that they are suitable to be kept in the room and can help improve a person’s sleep quality. House Furniture Solution

1 Lavender

It is common knowledge that the lavender plant is known to have a relaxing effect. In addition, lavender is useful for lowering heart rate, blood pressure and stress. No wonder this type of flower is the target of many people and is used for health and beauty products to expel stress and provide a relaxing effect.

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Lavender can be used naturally by keeping it indoors. Put lavender in your room to help you get a better night’s sleep. It is recommended to put lavender near the bedroom window, because this one plant really likes the warmth of the sun. Don’t forget to keep it away from damp places.

2 Aloes

This plant is very popular with its benefits for beauty. Of course, keeping aloe vera at home can be used as a practical step to make DIY skincare. However, the benefits of aloe vera are not only that, because aloe vera turns out to have benefits in maintaining air quality at night. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Aloe vera or known by the Latin name aloe vera is able to produce oxygen at night. That way, it is highly recommended to put the culture tongue in the room at night to maintain air quality when you want to just rest or sleep. Meanwhile, make sure that aloe vera gets enough sunlight during the day to stay healthy.

3 Snake Plants

Snake plant is one of the most widely planted plants during the pandemic. This plant is known for its ability as a natural air purifier, because it can produce oxygen at night so that it helps a person sleep better at night. Besides being able to produce oxygen, snake plants are also known to be able to filter out harmful components in the air and have a bad impact on the respiratory tract.

4 Peace Lily

Having a white color makes this peace lily plant very beautiful. Besides being beautiful, this plant has extraordinary benefits. Peace lily is known for its benefits for cleaning the air so it is suitable to be kept in hot and dry environments because it can increase the humidity of the room by up to 5%.

These benefits will also be very suitable if the peacy lily is placed in the bedroom at night. High room humidity at night is very good for helping the respiratory system. Not only that, low humidity levels can cause dry skin and hair. If this happens, there is a great risk for exposure to the flu and other respiratory diseases. Property News

5 Valerian

Who would have thought that valerian could not only be used as a home decorator. In fact, one of these beautiful herbs has been used for centuries to treat sleep problems and insomnia. Inhaling the sweet aroma of valerian has been proven to improve sleep quality at night.

For someone who has trouble falling asleep at night, try adding a few valerian petals to the water when taking a shower or inhaling the aroma before bed. Be sure to put this plant in the room at night. However, don’t forget to place the valerian near the window during the day so that it is exposed to the sun to keep this plant healthy.

The pandemic period is still not over, so the immune system needs to be maintained to avoid various viruses, especially the Covid-19 virus. Well, some of the types of plants above can help you sleep. Fimela’s friends have good quality sleep so that the body’s immune system can increase and can help maintain health.


6 Simple Teen Girls Room Decorations

Teenage bedrooms are not only a place to rest, but also a place to pamper themselves.

Even though it is not too wide, the comfortable condition of the bedroom is definitely not a problem. Moreover, there are many multifunctional furniture that can be used. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Decorating a simple bedroom is not as difficult as you think.

A simple bedroom design actually has a goal to create a space that looks spacious and beautiful.

For that, Popmama.com summarizes some simple teenage girl room decorations that are needed so that the room can be transformed into a resting place that is not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Come on, see Mom!

1 Installing the wallpaper

Walls are an integral part of the room. In order not to be boring, Mama can put a patterned wallpaper or add wall decorations such as stickers and washi tape. House Furniture Solution

Wall display with patterned wallpaper can build a graceful and aesthetic atmosphere.

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2 Choose pastel colors

If your child doesn’t want to use wallpaper, you can choose pastel colored wall paint as an alternative.

Pastel colors are very appropriate because they create a calm, calm, and mature atmosphere.

The dominance of cream or gray on the walls can also make the bedroom look simple, but elegant.

3 Beds that are not too big

Avoid buying a king-sized bed or mattress. It’s good to be adjusted to the size of the room.

For a narrow teenage bedroom, avoid placing the bed in the middle of the room.

Attach the headboard to the wall, if possible right under or next to the window. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

A low bed with a small side table can also be an option to create a simple and inexpensive bedroom that is not crowded.

Don’t forget to use sheets that match the wallpaper or wall color to make it more beautiful.

4 small tables

Use a small table with drawers and place it on the side of the bed. Because the table on the side of the bed has many functions, starting from placing objects, such as cell phones, books, glasses, glasses, make-up tools, and sleeping lights.

The bedside table can also be part of a bedroom decoration that doesn’t take up too much space.

If you don’t want to use a table, you can use a drawer attached to the wall.

5 ornamental plants

By placing ornamental plants in certain room spots, the bedroom will feel fresher and more alive.

In addition, ornamental plants can also purify the air, repel mosquitoes, and relieve stress. Property News

According to research by the United States Space Agency (NASA), English ivy, chrysanthemum, peace lily, and various other ornamental plant species have been shown to be effective in removing pollutant particles from the air.

Ornamental plants fit perfectly into various room themes and make room decorations seem simple, but not boring.

However, if you or your child don’t have time to take care of your plants, artificial plants can be an option.

6 Furniture that sticks to the wall

Furniture is much needed for a teenager’s bedroom.

However, to create a simple bedroom, it is necessary to have functional furniture attached to the wall, such as wall shelves.

This can make the room have a more spacious room.

If necessary, use a wardrobe embedded in the wall with a large mirror that can make the room feel wider.