Alocasia, The Most Wanted Beautiful Leaf Plants

The broad leaves of Alocasia are increasingly popular with plant lovers. Plants with varying leaf shapes are predicted to increase in leaves in the future. Especially after a new species was discovered in the middle of the Sulawesi forest Peralatan Rumah Tangga

“WE usually know they come from the Kalimantan forests, so three months ago we just met the one in Sulawesi,” said Rendy Rizki Apriyadi, an alocasia collector in Surabaya. Indeed, Alocasia sp Sulawesi has its own characteristics. The shape of the leaves is not as wide as other types, but has branches. “Hence, local residents know it as deer antlers,” said Rendy. Jacklyn’s name is pinned on the type.

The price is also quite different from other types. Rendy stated that one jacklyn leaf can cost up to Rp. 600 thousand. “Meanwhile, other types, usually in the range of Rp. 250 thousand to Rp. 500 thousand. That is for a pot with three parent-sized leaves, ”explained the owner of the Babeeplantz Sub. If you look closely, jacklyn leaves do have fine hairs. Almost similar to the black velvet type. Soft fur like velvet fabric. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

KEEPING MOISTURE: Rendy Rizki Apriyadi uses a small spray to provide a cooler temperature and humidity that is just right for his collection of Alocasia Jacklyn.

The alocasia plant is not really a fussy plant. Indeed, there needs to be an adaptation process if it is the first to have. Alocasia grows in forests, so it needs a special level of humidity that is rarely found in hot cities like Surabaya. “In Malang, the planting medium is fertile enough because the humidity is suitable,” continued the man born in 1993. If you want to plant it in Surabaya, the planting medium needs to be modified to make it more comfortable for alocasia. House Furniture Solution

Rendy mixes his own planting media. He uses a mixture of fertile soil and bamboo humus. For the jacklyn type, Rendy added chopped fern roots as an addition so that the growing medium became more spindle. “Indeed, during the adaptation, there was a process of withering leaves first,” he replied.

The planting medium is also added with a layer of forest moss. The topping layer keeps the planting medium moist. During propagation, Rendy usually uses peat moss or sphagnum moss. Property New

BECOME BACK: Alocasia silver dragon and alocasia black velvet.

To keep alocasia moist, laying and watering techniques also need attention. Alocasia should be placed outdoors in order to get adequate sunlight. “But the shading is not direct sunlight,” he added. Rendy himself put it near the window of the house and made regular rotations so that the entire collection gets sunshine.

Watering is carried out directly on the planting medium until thoroughly wet. Usually watering is repeated every 3 days. “Sometimes we just check, the soil is still a little wet or dry by dipping our fingers,” explained the man from Surabaya. During the rainy season, maintenance becomes even easier because humidity is better preserved.

Watering should not be done directly to the leaves. To keep humidity, Rendy has a habit every morning to turn on a small spray for his alocasia. It’s similar to the sprinkler in a large greenhouse. The benefit is that it provides a cooler temperature and the right humidity for alocasia.

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