Anti-Complicated, This Decoration Makes The Kitchen Look More Beautiful

The kitchen has an important role in a house. Not only a place to serve food, the kitchen is also often a family gathering place. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Having a beautiful kitchen is certainly a dream for everyone. However, changing the appearance of the kitchen certainly requires a lot of money.

In fact, with small changes, the kitchen in your home can look beautiful. Even with a little decoration you can do on the weekend with the family.

Here’s how to easily change the look of your kitchen that you can do on the weekends with your family, quoted Hunker. House Furniture Solution

1 Update floor tiles

Nothing changes the look of a kitchen as quickly as installing a new floor. Replacing ceramic tile may take some time, but you can use vinyl.

Vinyl motifs sold in the market are very diverse, from wood floors, stone, to marble. Besides being faster, vinyl can also be a cheaper alternative to ceramic.

2 Change backsplash

Don’t underestimate the power of a good backsplash. Replace the contrasting backsplash with kitchen cabinets and walls to create a new kitchen look. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Add a fake stone wall

To give the kitchen a rustic feel, you can add natural stone wallpaper. In an easy way the appearance of the kitchen can be changed and according to your wishes.

4 Replace faucet

A good faucet or faucet certainly enhances the appearance of your kitchen. Replace the faucet in the kitchen sink with a beautiful model and color.

5 Bright colors

Choose bright colors for a fresh kitchen look. Use a combination of lightening colors such as green, yellow, pink, or blue. Property New

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