Arranging a New Home, Avoid 5 Mistakes in Decorating This Home

Once the dream home is successfully owned, there is the next step that you need to think about, which is about home decoration. No need to hire an interior designer to make the house look modern. There is no need to buy furniture or fancy furniture. Just avoid the following 5 home decorating mistakes, as reported from Bright Side.

1 Poor lighting

Forget light bulbs that emit dim yellowish rays. Multiply light sources, either by using floor lamps or by installing table lamps in several corners. The main purpose is to highlight certain areas of the room where you want to attract people’s attention. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

2 Dark colored bookshelves

For those of you who like to read, bookshelves are definitely a must -have furniture at home. Most people will choose a dark wood bookshelf. The problem is, dark wood for bookshelves will only make them look like old furniture.

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Taking a tip from Marie Kondo’s method, try to slightly reduce your book collection and organize it according to priority. Select only your favorite books you put on the bookshelf, as well as new books you haven’t read. Other books, which you may not read again, can be kept in a sealed box or given to others. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Knitted decoration

Some people may have grandma’s hand -knitted decorations in their living room, either in the form of pillowcases, or wall hangings. Despite storing a lot of memory, knitted decorations look ancient and will collect dust that has an unhealthy impact on air quality in the home.

4 Wear short curtains

If you want to give a modern feel to your home, choose long curtains. Long curtains, even to sweep the floor, are better than short curtains. Curtains short only suitable to be applied in the bedrooms of children.

And don’t hesitate to use white or other neutral colors. In addition to allowing sunlight to ‘enter’ and brighten the room, white can also give a modern touch to your interior decor. House Furniture Solution

5 Disproportionate rugs

Although it looks luxurious, avoid heavy rugs with patterns of old colors. Rugs should be chosen according to the area where you want to place them. Look for inspiration on the basic types and colors of rugs that are suitable for a particular room. Property New

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