Every girl must have had a dream or at least a curiosity about becoming a royal princess. Not infrequently, they can spend hours playing and pretending to be princesses of fantasy lands with matching dresses and knick-knacks. Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents like to choose a royal princess theme as a girl’s roommate in their home. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Girls room in the style of a Royal Princess

The first inspiration for this first girl’s room looks adorable with a cool soft pink color. It is also seen that the decoration of the girls’ room is dominated by a classic and girly feminine theme. Starting from a soft mattress that is low to match the child’s height, to the corner of the room with a child’s drawer as a place to put the daughter’s favorite toy.

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The first thing that definitely comes to mind when you want to design a child’s bedroom is choosing a theme for the bedroom. House Furniture Solution

2 Wall and ceiling decorations for girls’ room Bak Princess

This girl’s room inspiration shifts the focus from the size of a room that is not too big in very smart ways. The addition of chandeliers and wall decorations from various directions is a good way to show the advantages of a girl’s room to the fullest. In addition to placing the furniture correctly in the form of a simple pair of beds, there is a large cabinet that looks luxurious and functions as an effective storage shelf. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Custom Furniture for the Little Princess

The inspiration for the royal themed girl’s room seen in the picture is not half-hearted in setting up a typical palace decoration, complete with a pair of small luxurious stairs. Interested in decorating this girls room? To be sure, the little princess is guaranteed to feel at home and enjoy playing in this private palace.

4 Jungle Rooms for Adorable Princess

Don’t like the mainstream royal princess girl room theme? Create your own girl’s room according to your taste with a unique touch. This girls room is full of creativity and personal touch that is definitely different from most girls’ rooms. Coupled with a raft tent and a wall full of DIY-style decorations, it’s no wonder the little princess can grow more creative and imaginative. Property New

5 Classic Themes like European Royal Princess

Teen girls’ rooms can also be decorated with a touch of a royal princess but more modern. Choose a wall decoration that looks luxurious with a bed that looks comfortable, making it suitable for a royal princess from a fantasy land to live in.

Minimalism isn’t your style? Just choose a classic luxury theme with a European royal style complete with chandelier lighting, luxurious furniture, to a bed that truly reflects the royal princess-style decor.

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