Brilliant gifts your whole family will appreciate #2

7 Personalized family illustration

Submit your favorite family photo for a personalized illustration. The best part of these personalized portraits? The manufacturer can also draw pets. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

8 Personalized family portrait with African fabric art

If an illustration is not your style, create one of these beautiful digital collages with your favorite family photo.

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9 Ice cream kitchen set

Mix a little magic for the whole family with this ice cream filling mix kit, complete with a marble plate, two kneading knives, three ceramic plates and a bamboo base to rest everything. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

10 stuffed waffle maker

This is not your normal waffle maker – it is designed so you can easily fill them with any filling you want, from fruits to eggs and bacon. This is a breakfast that everyone in the family can agree on! House Furniture Solution

11 Total Nonsense Family Edition

If you want a game that makes the whole family laugh until they cry, choose the family edition of Utter Nonsense. The game challenges everyone to utter strange phrases with silly accents, so we guarantee you a fun time. Property New

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