10 flower bed ideas that will make your garden look like paradise 6-10 End


Want to add some drama to your patio? Plant your flowers by height to increase the tilt effect of a small hill.


Plant flowerbeds in rows to create paths in your garden. Real estate property

In a tree

Use tree roots as a natural flowerbed: it will give your garden the total vibrations of Hobbiton.

Against the stone

If you have walls in your yard, use them as a border for your flower beds.


The easiest way to make a flagpole part of your landscape.

10 flower bed ideas that will make your garden look like paradise 1-5

Whether you have a green thumb or not, there is a lot of inspiration here for you to have fun in your landscaping. Real estate property

Two colors

This flower bed is glued with two colors for a clean but still vibrant effect.


Accent your trees by placing them in a ring of flowers.

Airport Runway

Line the walkway to your door with flower beds.


If you want to feel that your yard is a real flower field, plant taller flowers of different colors, such as tulips, wisteria and azaleas.

Play with height

Plant your tallest flowers in the middle for a more natural and less cared-for feel.

Garden party ideas to throw an unforgettable party 13-20 End

Mix with flowers

How are drinks shaken at a garden party? Flowers, obv. Real estate property

Establish a Statoion of floral arrangements

Set up a guest station to organize their own bouquets. This will give them something to take home and remember the party.

Set up a lemonade bar

When life gives you lemons, make a DIY lemonade bar. This is for adults only, but if there are kids out there, avoid the spirits.

Decorate your bar cart

If you don’t have a full outdoor bar, take out a bar cart. Once you have accumulated all the necessary ingredients, decorate with beautiful utensils and bar plants.

Immerse the grapes in Prosecco

Prosecco is always a good idea. Put a bowl of these and watch them disappear, almost instantly.

Turn it into a tea party

A garden is the ideal setting for a tea party. Serve mini cakes, buns and lots of snacks.

Turn on the grill

Which garden party is complete without a small barbecue? It is easy, fast and delicious. If you want to keep things casual (or just don’t want to set up a table), opt for the skewers.

Light a fire

If you want to keep the party going after the sun sets and the air starts to get cooler, switch to a fire pit. This hot hole in the conversation will keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet: there are many affordable portable options.

Garden party ideas to throw an unforgettable party 7-12

Make a wall installation for flowers

It looks complicated, but you can handle it. The end result will be Instagram gold for all your party guests. Real estate property

Put lavender in your cocktails

Make sure your drinks are as beautiful as your decor. This can smell sweeter than your real garden.

Create a sign out of the foliage

Steel wire, fake foliage and a glue gun will create this garden magic. Now nobody will have to ask where the drinks are.

Hanging string lights

If you organize an outdoor dinner in the garden at night, make it particularly magical by hanging the string lights. Add smooth flips and colorful table decorations for a strong finish.

Make great cocktails

This light southern-inspired sweet tea sangria is perfect for an evening out. Bonus: you can make a great game, because individual cocktail orders are the worst at parties.

Create a dress code

Tell all your guests to use their favorite flowers for a theme party in the garden.

Garden party ideas to throw an unforgettable party 1-6

Flower lovers, listen: if you want to organize a garden party that everyone will talk about during the summers, you need a garden decoration to the next level, extraordinary food and unique cocktails. We have tons of garden party ideas on this list to make your party one that even Jay Gatsby would be jealous of. Real estate property

Decorate with flowers

A garden party should be literally full of flowers. This simple DIY will teach you how to make a floating table for flowers.

Mix & Match Cocktail Bar

Enhance your cocktail game by creating a garden bar to mix and match. Add several citrus juices, prepare simple syrups with different herbs and you will have a variety of clear liqueurs. Garnish with citrus slices, other herbs and fresh flowers.

You saw your ice cube

Fill your ice cube with flowers and fruits. It will cool your bubbly and it will become a bright and colorful centerpiece.

Have a picnic

Take note of Alicia Lund of Cheetah is the New Black picnic created if you want to organize a relaxed but completely elegant garden party. Stack the blankets and pillows and don’t forget the rose.

Use mini bouquets of flowers

Put a bouquet of flowers together in a cup of tea. So, put your business cards inside the flowers.

Serve themed desserts

Amaze your guests by turning peaches and puff pastry into a gorg dessert. These edible flowers look as good as they seem.

40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 4

Plan a garden party

Pack in additional configurations on a long table with a pair of rustic benches. Real estate properpty

Set it on fire

S’mores are a must.

Make floral arrangements

Groups of small extra-high arrangements (as long as they don’t block people’s faces while trying to hold a convo): any explosion of color really encourages a party.

Use business cards

If you choose the seating arrangement, you can check the dramatic factor.

Pile of pillows

Cover a sofa bed, sofa or hammock with patterned cushions to create a cozy corner perfect for an outdoor nap.

Whip Up Sangria

Is it also a party if there is no sangria involved?

Ramos accessories

Connect the fake butterflies in floral arrangements for an unexpected touch on the typical summer centerpiece.
Get the recipe from Delish.

40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 3

It serves cocktails

Combine desserts and drinks in a frozen surprise with these adults-only popsicles. Real estate property

Go camping

Gather your friends and follow the beaten path for a weekend camping trip.

Go sailing

Organize a sailing party. Find out how to do it yourself or sign up for a lesson.

Take a photo shoot

A photo wall is fantastic and everything, but when you’re outdoors, the background is nice enough. Hang the frames on the trees and add a basket of accessories to make sure you organize the heaviest party of the summer.

Exchange stories

It houses an adult version of a bonfire. Invite your friends to learn stories and tell stories! Bonus points for exchanging scary stories.

Sweeten your wine

Put an ice lolly in your glass of white wine, but be careful: you should try all the flavors in the package before the summer is over.

Put citrus fruits in the location settings

With a handwritten name, they become summer place cards.

Freeze the rosé

For a summery touch, freeze the rosé in an ice cube tray and mix the next day.

Layered torches

Hanging them at different heights brings a dark atmosphere to your backyard.

Install a tent

Here is the super chic way to offer your guests a break from the sun.

Change your pillows

The easiest way to update your construction site for the summer without making your bank account cry? Swap outdoor seat cushions for something light and cool, like blue skies.

Prepare the home bar

Store simple flavored syrups for small batches, as well as state-of-the-art drinks, mixers and side dishes to get the best mix and match cocktails.

21 Ideas for patriotic parties on July 4th to launch a starry banger Part 2 End

Hang Flag Wall Art

If you are tired of crowns and have some knitting or embroidery skills, this is for you. Make sure you stock up on red, white and blue yarn first. Find out how to do it in The House That Lars Built. Real estate property

Paint your grass with the stars

Turn your lawn into the best place to see fireworks painting with patriotic stars. You can even create the model yourself with large construction paper. Get the tutorial on Sugar & Charm.

Plan a pool party

July 4th is the perfect excuse for a pool party, especially the pool has a great view for watching the fireworks. To keep it patriotic, wear all the colors of the theme. Make things funnier with pool floats.

Opt for outdoor tableware

If you plan to celebrate your outdoor dinner on July 4th and plan to serve food, choose a durable dish. That doesn’t mean you have to settle for paper plates: there are many elegant melamine themes to choose from.

Serve summer drinks

Not everything must be openly patriotic in order to feel summery and festive. If that’s not your environment, prepare a special lemonade, like this recipe for Cheetah Is the New Black rosemary. You can also install a gourmet lemonade stand with the kids in the room (add strawberries to add an extra touch on July 4th).

Hang a garland of flags

Welcome guests by hanging an American flag garland at the entrance. You can also hang it on a pagoda in the courtyard if this is the heart of the party. Sugar & Charm did this with some bows, toothpicks and mini American flags.

Turn on the grill

Organize a barbecue for a simple and cheerful summer party. You can also turn it into a potluck and go to a park if you don’t have your backyard and grill. Or take the road and make it last all weekend with a camping trip.

Make Lady Crowns Freedom

You will need vegetation, baby’s breath, floral thread and a simple headband to channel the iconic crown of the United States protagonist. Get the tutorial in The House That Lars Built.

Hang the string lights

A summer summer evening is not complete without rope lights. To go a little further, light a bonfire and do some s’mores to enjoy the nostalgia of the summer camp. Be inspired by this space that Bon Traveler has captured, the courtyard in the Montreal Camellas-Lloret Maison d’Hôtes bed and breakfast.

Serve red, white and blue Margs

Now this is a patriotic daisy. Get the red, white, blue and drunk recipe from Delish. All you need is a little

Send invitations to festive parties

Since you’re organizing the best party in the block, start strong with a hanging banner invitation. The best part: while you can order paper versions, this shop also offers a printable version for $ 10.

21 Ideas for patriotic parties on July 4th to launch a starry banger Part 1

America’s birthday is in a few days … Exactly, July 4th is this Thursday! This year celebrate with a summer cocktail, fireworks and an abundance of red, white and blue decorations. Your friends and family agree that the more festive the party is, the better it is and these fun 4th of July ideas will make you the best guest in the world. Whether you are meeting your loved ones or playing a banger full of stars, these ideas for the 4th of July party are sure to set the stage. From balloons full of confetti to the floral arrangements approved by Lady Liberty and to the most patriotic cocktails you’ve ever seen, you’ll be ready to make Independence Day unforgettable. Real estate property

Create a 7-level location configuration

Feel the festive vibes as you enjoy a July 4th brunch or smoky barbecue with a detailed setting of themed spots. Put a special touch with a tea towel between two dishes instead of a traditional napkin, as Jenny Reimold suggests to HomeGoods.

Install a drunk snow cone bar

Best wishes to ‘Merica with this DIY spiked snow cone bar. And always say yes for a more festive decoration, like these decorative fans made of red, white and blue paper. Get full instructions on Sugar & Charm.

Use the checkered napkins

While these classic checkered napkins are definitely suitable for Independence Day, they look so beautiful in your dining room all year round. And they also come in red, so you can alternately create a nice pattern on the table by alternating the colors.

Dress up the dessert

Funfetti is quite fun, so a themed version crowned with a diamond is more than pleasant for the crowd. This, dressed as Sugar & Charm, is a seasonal special of the Momofuko Milk Bar (here is the recipe).

Show confetti balloons

Skip the basic mix of red, white and blue balloons and opt for a dozen of these beauties full of confetti. They are undeniably photogenic.

Go on a picnic

A picnic in the park is a fun and inexpensive way to gather your friends in the room. Keep the parties going and make sure you enjoy the party with this outdoor hammock table cover. It’s summery, elegant and very effective for keeping those annoying parasites out of your 4th of July picnic masterpiece.

Turn it into a formal garden party

To elevate your celebrations on July 4th, check out this beautiful red, white and blue spread of Cheetah Is the New Black. With some fresh fruit, a cold cut platter, a floral cake and bottles of roses in a garden, they will set the stage for something a little more elegant.

Be creative with cocktails

These cubes look more like works of art than jelly photos on July 4th. Follow the Sugar & Cloth recipe to learn how to prepare them. What’s more American than jelly?

Create bouquets of red, white and blue flowers

Since flowers can cost a fortune, especially when you need a large table, choose to do something a little more discreet for your centerpieces. Take some stems of red, white and blue wildflowers and fill most of the galvanized pots with vegetables, as Sugar & Charm did here.

Take it to the beach

July 4th is the perfect time of year for a day at the beach. Keep it as a family or invite all your friends. Don’t forget to bring fresh watermelon, SPF, an umbrella and, of course, fun beach games, such as cob balls.

40 fantastic ideas for the best summer party part 2

Organize a “Game Day”

Put a deck of cards for all the guests who prefer to stay on the floor. You could also launch some less conventional card games, such as tarot cards and bring a fortune teller to entertain guests. Real estate property

Have a piano party

Your guests will feel at home.

Rent a boat

Cool off in the water with a group of friends renting a boat for the day. More beautiful (and less expensive).

Add unexpected pots

A sunken pineapple is the summer pot you never knew you needed.

Create a flower arrangement station

Establish a guest station to organize your own bouquets. This will give them something to take home and remember the party.

Create a beautiful centerpiece

Succulents add an unexpected contrast to the delicate flowers. (Even better if you can use a colored scarf to cover the table). Or, for an equally creative summer table panorama, place the flowers in small containers of different heights and styles.

Plan a pool party

Don’t you have a pool in your backyard? Get it all by renting a hotel or a local pool for the day. Or find out which hotels in your areas have swimming pools and see if any of them are hosts, then gather a group of friends to buy tickets and participate together.