How Studio Dearborn has reinvented a dark and narrow kitchen

Sarah Robertson, management consultant turned designer, always approaches her projects with a mindset of being able to do. Take this 1910 Queen Anne to her home in Westchester County in New York, for example: it originally housed a dark and narrow kitchen. The patio, on the other hand, was totally dreamy. The owners then contacted Robertson, whose firm, Studio Dearborn, has specialized in kitchens for more than a decade. Working with Stoll? & Stoll Architects, moved the kitchen to the back of the house, from where it overlooks the vegetation. Real estate property

To enlarge the room, they raised the ceiling line to create a coffered ceiling with wooden panels and added eight windows (whose black-painted frames look like iron for a fraction of the cost). Robertson assigned storage to lower cabinets, drawers and a wall. “We wanted that connection open to the yard,” he explains, “and I like to maximize storage space.” Here, everything has its place, everything hidden inside the cabinets designed by Robertson with Schrocks of Walnut Creek, the substructure painted in Rockport by Benjamin Moore Gray. “It’s a historic house, so this color seemed fairer than white,” says the designer, who opted for Foundryman’s modern hardware and DLV Design for “a cleaner and more transitory atmosphere.” In such a beautiful perspective, why go out?

Cover It Up

Chevron panels in the pantry and the combined Sub-Zero refrigerator and freezer create a symmetrical design.

Countertop Storage

“We wanted to make him feel cohesive,” says Robertson on the entire wall of the cabinet. The drop-down panels, complete with Foundryman brass fittings, hide small appliances.

Built-In Pantry

Sandwiches take up a lot of space, so Robertson has designed a pantry with shelves for trays (which are removed so that the objects on the back are easily accessible) to store all types of dry products.

Custom Drawers

Robertson designs all his cabinets with Schrock of Walnut Creek, an Amish company in Ohio. This removable kitchenware cart is located next to the stove.

Hidden Brilliance

Instead of taking another drawer, a drying rack and a cutting board are hidden between the lower cabinets: they slide easily thanks to the sturdy leather rods.

The cabinets in the deco kitchen are like nothing you’ve ever seen.

The first time designer Nina Farmer stepped on her clients’ English-style home in 1904, outside Boston, she was struck by the period features: finely carved frames, leaded windows, large mahogany shelves. Unfortunately, none of this extended to the kitchen. An earlier renovation had stripped him of all the original details, leaving a sea of cherry cabinets. “It didn’t look like the rest of the house, so we had to find a way to reinstate it,” says Farmer. The question was how. Real estate property

“With all this wood elsewhere, the stained furniture would look heavy, but not even a typical white kitchen would be adequate,” he says. So he split the difference by combining a stained Art and Craft-inspired frame with two-tone painted fronts. A small Art deco detail – most noticeable on the custom hood with brass accents – offers a touch of glamor. “It was definitely an experiment on our part, so the customers had to trust us!” Farmer says, laughing. “But part of it and part of it ended up feeling totally current.”



If you are looking for ideas for Pinterest kitchen rugs, trendy rugs with larger rings and textures may have caught your eye. In addition to their unexpected size, design and consistency, they are also ideal for a kitchen with tiled or wooden floors, especially in the colder and winter seasons. Real estate property
Larger lace rugs will surely enhance the look of your kitchen, adding instant warmth, texture and an infinitely comforting feel. They will also provide you and guests with extra comfort underfoot to avoid feeling tired and uncomfortable while cooking and serving guests.


Don’t forget safety while looking for the right rug for your kitchen as it is a commonly used workspace. This is extremely important if you have polished wood floors or tiles in your kitchen. To avoid frequent slipping and falling, buy a rug with a non-slip layer underneath that won’t slip or move when you step on a wet floor.
If you already have a kitchen rug that doesn’t include this feature, consider buying a rug, as you can easily find a cheap rug virtually anywhere. Placing a rug under a kitchen rug will prevent it from slipping even if liquid has been spilled on it. In addition, a rug will also help you keep the rug in place and minimize wear.


Foam kitchen rugs are a smart alternative to rugs for those who need serious comfort while working in the kitchen. If you find it hard to stay on hard floors for a long time, you can count on foam mats placed above or below a kitchen rug or directly on the floor.
That said, thick rugs are not ideal for kitchen rug under table ideas and work best in specific standing positions or where you are cooking in the kitchen.


A kitchen rug is also great for keeping your feet warm and comfortable under the coffee table. Whether you have an open floor plan with a kitchen diner or if you have a small breakfast banquet to work with, this under-table kitchen mat will surely work like magic.
You can also use an under-table rug to transform an open-plan kitchen into individual spaces for a more intimate atmosphere. However, keep in mind that the kitchen rug must be large enough to ensure that it stays in place as guests gather and move chairs to sit. Doing so will save you from an unpleasant appearance that will age faster than it should.


Oriental rugs are a perfect design choice for homeowners looking for classic kitchen rugs that perfectly match any decorating style, from traditional to country-inspired. So if you’re looking for a proven, true-to-life atmosphere for your kitchen floor, consider a rich oriental or Persian red kitchen rug with striking symmetrical patterns. You can also add a more eclectic personality to all types of ethnic and tribal inspired rugs that will give your kitchen an intoxicating and decadent atmosphere that will be memorable long after the guests leave. Or you can opt for a cowhide or synthetic leather kitchen rug for a different approach to the ideas of standard kitchen rugs that no one else will have in their homes.


Your kitchen is more than likely one of those places that require two lines of thought when decorating; Practical durability and an attractive addition to your home – and none of them should go unnoticed. After all, your kitchen is one of the most used and viewed rooms in your home. But how do you find the right ideas for the kitchen mat for your needs? And what makes them workable? Real estate property

Just like in your living room, your kitchen is probably considered the heart of your home and receives the same traffic. Of course, you might think that a kitchen rug will receive a lot of wear and tear every day without giving your home the feeling of a luxurious kitchen design. But in reality, this is far from reality as there are so many ideas of kitchen rugs that you can combine with the kitchen floor to turn that dear part of your home into the comfortable and attractive destination you’ve always imagined.


Since most kitchen cabinets have a relaxing clean white palette or neutral color finish, they can make your kitchen a little lighter and quieter. Therefore, the need to introduce bolder colors and patterns through the kitchen rug to provide extra visual depth.

This way, you can bring a vibrant kitchen rug with colors and patterns that can help you redefine your kitchen instantly with ease. Even better is the fact that the color and pattern are perfect for hiding everyday spots and splashes, and since the kitchen rug can be small and inexpensive, it’s easy to change when seasons and trends change. to change.


Have you ever worked hard and cleaned your kitchen all day to get sore feet in the end? Well, if so, it looks like a padded or padded kitchen mat might call your name. Filling is also extremely important if there are elderly family members or small children in your home who freely reign in the kitchen.

A padded kitchen rug will prevent falls as it has internal resistance and increases working comfort. A padded kitchen mat also helps reduce back pressure while standing while cooking. For ideas of mutually beneficial kitchen rugs, be sure to place them around the sink and stove area or anywhere else where water is generally spilled and where you work to prevent it from slipping.


Regardless of the type of floor in your kitchen, if you are looking for a new kitchen rug, consider a style that blends well with the existing floor and cabinets for a perfect feeling. This is a great way to bring decoration ideas for kitchen rugs that don’t collide with the existing kitchen floor or kitchen cabinets. If you have bright colors and details in your kitchen, making sure your kitchen rug has a neutral tone will keep the distraction of appearance and conflict-free, combined with the feel of your kitchen.

That said, if your kitchen is made in neutral shades, placing a bold colored rug in front of the sink can help illuminate the kitchen and transform the look and feel into a warm but energetic and well-valued space. You can also use a multi-colored carpet as it will allow you to switch from one design style to another without much effort.


After considering these kitchen rug ideas, it may be time to start thinking about what type of carpet material best suits your needs and lifestyle. Note that this is only necessary when you want to make sure everything runs smoothly. Otherwise, you can focus on choosing the best colors and textures and forget if it is woven or synchronized with the look of the rest of your kitchen.

For the best carpet materials, choose one that is durable and water resistant. And keep in mind that you can’t avoid pouring water on the floor all the time or a pot that comes out of the kitchen refrigerator. But you can simplify cleaning a mess on a carpet by choosing one that is highly resistant to water and stains.


Is your kitchen always busy every minute of the day (most home kitchens can be occupied as a restaurant)? So consider placing a minimalist flat rug on the kitchen floor. These rugs are generally made from cotton and other fibers, which makes regular cleaning easy.

Even if your pet nests, just throw it in the washing machine and you’re done. If your pet likes to chew rugs and rugs with their teeth or pull them out, they may not be so interested in flat-weave rugs because they are braided with small rings and it will be difficult to gnaw their claws or teeth inside.

20 kitchen design ideas end (13-20)

Inject a touch of heat

While white dominates this modern kitchen designed by Robson Rak, warm wood surfaces and matt green stools inject the perfect balance of warmth and color. Real estate property

Play with asymmetry

Designed by Arent & Pyke, this kitchen looks like an affordable, family-friendly space that is modern and airy. The careful asymmetrical balance immediately catches our eye, with the hood resting to the right of the room. This creates a stark contrast to the rest of the symmetrical, linear and symmetrical placements, from the floating shelf lined with the hood to the lamp, the island counter and the sofa.

Use a tiled backsplash

To soften an industrial kitchen, opt for a backsplash of subway tiles. This ETC.etera-designed kitchen features angled concrete floors, a red retro stool, classic black-stained wood furniture, an ultra-stylish island and simple subway tiles. All together they create an eclectic but cohesive whole.

Keep It Simple

To add depth and size to an all-white kitchen, opt for textured plaster walls, modern wood and light cabinets, as seen in this space designed by Leanne Ford Interiors.

Install the inner glass

When you can’t decide between an open and closed plant, find a compromise with the inside glass. Here, Hecker Guthrie frames the kitchen with partial internal walls to diffuse light between the two rooms, and promotes the transition from the kitchen to the rest of the space.

Show all

Opt for exposed floating shelves if you have a collection of beautiful enough glassware, crockery or ceramic kitchen items to display. Place some small-scale framed artwork on the top shelf to create a real (and unexpected) aesthetic for the gallery.

Anchor with classic

If you’re attracted to a more timeless and traditional design, but also want to give your kitchen a modern feel, look no further. This Studio DB example finds the perfect balance. It is also creating a strong case for gray, which is cool and smooth compared to the dark and dingy.

Mixing Styles

Dries Otten combines extravagant style with industrial features in this unique kitchen. The stainless steel hood and exposed tubing open against the marina walls, while the blue striped fabric brightens the atmosphere.

20 Kitchen design ideas (7-13)

Take advantage
Concrete floors offer a fair advantage to this kitchen designed by Studio DB. While classic wood panels or fun colored tiles also work well in this family, the softness of polished concrete is a welcome surprise. This sculptural lamp also gets some style points in this modern kitchen. Real estate property

Choose a strategic layout
When you have a small kitchen, it must be strategic. In this kitchen designed by Hecker Guthrie, the layout is perfect for cooking, there is a lot of space for the story, as the furniture reaches the ceiling and the discreet bar stools do a good job of moving from the kitchen to the room space since dinner. The modern circular hood and the surface of the worktop that extends to the wall add a perfect intrigue.

Add a splash of color
Know the exercise: whiter = brighter. Keep everything white and add splashes of color serving dishes, vases and flowers. The crackles of red break enough in this Leanne Ford Interiors kitchen, and we also love recycled soup cans for a cheap decorating solution that channels pop art.

Hide the hood
If a classic stainless steel exhaust fan looks too commercial or rigid in your space, you do not necessarily need to replace it completely. In this kitchen, Hecker Guthrie found a clever solution: to hide it behind a beautiful glass envelope. This adds graphic fun and also makes things better.

Take risks
Modern design is simplified, of course, but that does not mean that there is no room for experimentation and bold choices. In modern kitchens, in particular, lighting offers the perfect opportunity to play with design and size. Arent & Pyke has assembled a pair of long, narrow cylindrical pendants to compensate for the formality of this kitchen, rather than using a classic island pendant lamp.

Work with peculiarities
If you live in a space with extravagant interior windows (interesting fact: many old condominiums have them because they were built to increase air circulation as a preventive measure against tuberculosis), here’s how to make them intentional and incredibly elegant. In his Brooklyn apartment, Harry Nuriev, designer of Crosby Studios, looks out of a pink window every day. He used plexiglass the size of a shop on Canal Street, according to Architectural Digest. It is like a stained glass window, but with a turn of the 21st century.

20 Kitchen Design Ideas (1-6)

Although often called cold and cold, modern design is about creating clean, open, functional and relaxing spaces with plenty of room for character and personal style. And this also happens with the recipe for perfect cooking. Real estate property This is why in what follows, we illuminate twenty modern kitchens that illustrate the slim and innovative aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for something bright and quirky or monochrome and sophisticated, these modern kitchens will inspire you to think outside the farm.

1. Go for gold
Stainless steel is a modern kitchen item, but we also love the avant-garde and shiny look of mirrored islands. In this kitchen designed by Dries Otten, the golden mirror surface brings glamor to the playful elements, such as the unique pendant lamp, the pink marble whirlpool and the cobalt blue loft balustrade above. Oh, and this integrated planter is awesome.

2. Let the light flow
Clear lines, graphic elements, a simple color palette and lots of natural light … This room designed by Arent & Pyke offers all the characteristics of a striking and modern kitchen.

3. Warm It
Warm chocolate stone surfaces predominate in this kitchen designed by Hecker Guthrie. The smooth and transparent transition from one surface to another creates a soothing visual flow. This monochrome and atmospheric interior is perfect for a kitchen with little natural light, because it encloses the available space and creates an easy and intimate speaking effect.

4. Enjoy
Since you have to spend most of your time at home, make it an entertaining place. The dynamic, playful and geometric kitchen designed by Dries Otten is a good starting point for taking notes. It’s a bold and contemporary interpretation of classic art deco staples.

5. Make It Disappear
Since this kitchen is exposed in the dining room and living room, Hecker Guthrie opted for cupboards without hardware and a thin white color so that it blends in the background. In this way, the pretty baby pink rattan chairs and the pearly marble table shine in the spotlight.

8 Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets (5 – 8)

8 Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets (5 – 8)

5. Distressed
Looking for old or antique style kitchen? If so, distressed cabinets and drawers are probably one of the best choices available. Available in most manufacturers, distressed-looking cabinets can come in any door style with corners rubbed off and other distressing techniques done to create the feel or sense of an antique art. There is usually an increase of 15 to 20 percent in price for a trader to carry out distressing techniques in thenew cabinets.

6. Beadboard
Made of rows of vertical planks indented or ridges, known as “beads” between each blank, these cabinets offer a more dynamic look than some other styles, such as flat kitchen cabinets . The appearance of the beads gives this style of cabinet door texture and makes for a perfect lodge or cottage style kitchen. If the cabinets in a completely white color seem to complete the perfect cottage style kitchen, just need to note that the cracks and crevices in this style can be difficult to clean and maintain.

7. Thermofoil
These cabinets are molded out of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The door is then wrapped in an exceedingly kind of plastic coating and baked below intense heat seal. The process will eventually lead to a durable and profitable kind of kitchen furniture. Usually mass-produced, Thermofoil cabinets only come in solid colors and are imitation of wood. However, these cabinets are also inexpensive. While Thermofoil kitchen furniture are not difficult to look out for, low maintenance and resistant to moisture, they also have low resistance to heat, SF Gate notes. This means that the cabinets shouldn’t be installed too close to a heat source such as a furnace. If it does, the laminate may come loose from the cover plate.

This is the alternative for those who can’t find a kitchen cabinet door style in stores that will suit and work well with their kitchen. Currently, there are a lot of local designers or craftspersons to be contacted to create the custom or personalized kitchen cabinet.

8 Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets (1 – 4)

8 Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets (1 – 4)

1. Shaker
The most common style used as style kitchen furniture today. The Shaker consists of five pieces of flat panel, creating a frame with four parts and with a single flat central panel as the fifth piece. This is a popular trend because of the simple and classic look that offer either a traditional or contemporary design.Shaker cabinets have several brand features, including flat panel doors with rail frames, sturdy wood construction quality and utilitarian designs. When it comes to the materials used for kitchen cabinets in Shaker style, most often they found in American wood coming in high quality. Some wood used for cabinets shaker is maple, cherry, maple, walnut and quartersawn oak.

2. Louvered
Louvered kitchen cabinets come with horizontal wood slats and also a hefty price tag. With a design typically seen in the windows, pieces of furniture and interior doors, these cabinets add a unique style of kitchen furniture. These cabinets are ideal for spaces requiring ventilation because most louvered doors have spaces between each slat.

3. Flat-Panel or Slab
Also known as “slab” cabinet doors, doors of the flat-panel kitchen cabinets are simple but also stylish. This style offers hard lines and minimalist form and lacks any expensive detail. The appearance of the simple flat panel cabinet makes it a great fit for both modern and contemporary kitchens. These cabinets can be built in many different ways. According to The Spruce, a constant characteristic of this style is the fact that the slab doors have no frame. Rather, they are simply solid slabs, reflecting its name.

4. Inset
As its name implies, inset-style cabinets consist of a door assembled within the framework of the closet rather than outside the frame as typical cabinet doors. Each door is designed and built using very accurate measurements to ensure that the timber is inside the frame and opens and closes properly. Insert kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers are some of the most expensive on the market, but their classic look can last for years. Inset cabinets are easy to customize to create custom furniture with beaded insets or non-beaded insets. Beaded inset construction is mounted on the door of the cabinet itself. This provides a detail of the edges with fine craftsmanship.