7 Tips for Home Decoration with White Color According to Feng Shui

Home decoration is one of the important things when designing a dream home. The right decoration can make the atmosphere of the house more comfortable and warm for its residents. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Some people often use Feng Shui to decorate their homes. Feng Shui is believed to be able to make the relationship between humans and nature more harmonious and have a positive impact on life. In addition, Feng Shui also brings positive energy inside and outside the house.

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In the science of Feng Shui, white color can be used as an alternative to decorate the house. White represents the metal element that shows the side of cleanliness, purity, beauty, and happiness. House Furniture Solution

Quoted from The Spruce, this time Popmama.com has summarized tips for decorating a house using white.

1 Door

The front door is the first path to bring positive energy into the house. According to Feng Shui, the front door of the house is called “mouth qi” which means the main pathway to receive positive energy and opportunities.

That is why, Mama needs to choose the right paint color to bring in that positive energy. One of the recommended paint colors, namely white.

In Feng Shui, white is a metal element that can display beauty and elegance. White can invite guests who support activities as well as provide family happiness as residents of the house. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

2 Kitchens

White color can also be applied in the kitchen. White represents the purity and beauty of the food served. Mama can apply white color to cabinets, tables, or floors.

White plates are also good according to Feng Shui. White plates will bring positive energy as well as show the clean side of the food served.

3 White wall paint

You can use white wall paint in rooms with limited lighting, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. White wall paint will give a bright effect and expand the room.

In Feng Shui, white creates positive energy and brings good opportunities. In addition to wall paint, Mama also chose white toiletries such as a bathtub, sink, and toilet.

4 white sheets

If you want to bring a clean and happy atmosphere in the bedroom? If so, then try to use white sheets. The white color will bring happiness in your life and make you sleep better.

The color of white sheets will bring positive energy, so you and your partner can be more excited to start activities every day.

If you have enough money, there’s nothing wrong with combining white sheets with white pillows or buying sheets made of organic materials. Property New

5 white flowers

Fresh flowers can be a way to decorate and beautify a room. According to Feng Shui, flowers can connect you to nature as well as bring happiness and release negative energies in your home.

Flowers also remind residents of the house to respect each other. Placing white flowers at home can also calm the hearts of its residents.

6 white candles

In addition to flowers, candles can also be an element of decoration at home. The smell of candles will make the atmosphere warmer and calmer.

In the science of Feng Shui, adding white candles as home decorations can bring positive energy in the house. Conversely, avoid lighting black candles because it will have a bad influence on the occupants of the house.

7 White photo frames

For mothers who like to display family photos in the living room or bedroom, try choosing a white photo frame. White photo frames will show a family filled with happiness and warmth.

You can combine white photo frames with nature paintings to represent metal and earth elements in the room. This combination teaches the residents of the house to be more concerned about the environment and closer to nature.

Parents, Pay Attention to These Three Things Before Decorating The Baby’s Room

Every parent would want to fulfill all kinds of things needed by their baby long before he was born.

All the baby needs that have been prepared by parents also vary, ranging from clothes, toys, to the bedroom.

If you want to decorate a baby’s bedroom, you must pay attention to three important things so that the baby is comfortable and calm.

Launching Decortips, here are the three most important things parents should consider before decorating your baby’s room. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Furniture selection

The first thing that parents need to pay attention to when they want to decorate a baby’s bedroom is the selection of safe furniture.

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Please note, do not choose furniture that is too big and has sharp edges because it will hurt them.

In addition, you can choose pastel colors for the selection of accessories such as curtains, rugs, and bed linen.

This pastel color is suitable to be combined with the neutral base color of the walls that you apply in the nursery.

2 Determination of the theme

As previously explained, neutral colors can be applied as the basis for the walls of the nursery. House Furniture Solution

However, you can still choose a variety of children’s themes ranging from animals, cartoons, flowers, and so on.

In addition, you can use animal-shaped stickers to provide a stimulus to the baby.

3 Extra storage

Over time, the baby will grow and more and more things will be piled up in the room. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Therefore, provide extra storage so that your baby’s room remains spacious and does not feel crowded.

Extra storage that can be selected is for example a bed that has a drawer to store things that are not or are not needed. Property New

Decorating hobby, these 6 Natalie Sarah furniture ideas can be an inspiration

Having a comfortable and beautiful home is certainly everyone’s dream. Various ways are done so that the residents feel comfortable at home. One of them is by decorating every corner of the space in it. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Apparently the fun activity was also experienced by the beautiful actress, Natalie Sarah. In fact, he admits decorating is now his new hobby. Especially during a pandemic his activities are often spent with the family at home.

Starting from a decorating hobby, Natalie finally also likes to create unique skills for her home furniture. From wall decorations, glass shelves, to bicycle racks he created himself.

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For those of you who are tired of that-that-only home furniture. This series of Natalie Sarah -style furniture ideas can be your inspiration. You don’t need a lot of capital, you can make it with used materials. House Furniture Solution

Well, what is Natalie Sarah’s inspirational home furniture idea?

1 Wall painting.

In the video, Natalie uses a used wall display to decorate her home. Again, he removed the sticker on the old display. Then he recycled by painting the flowers white. The decoration of the house looks more beautiful with this display.

2 Pot wall.

Natalie Sarah’s creative ideas seem endless. The wall frame he had was conjured into a wall pot for water medium plants. The material he uses comes from used prints. From glass bottles, burlap to photo frames. The result of this skill also reaped a lot of praise from netizens.

3 Rosary decoration.

To beautify the room, this time Natalie made a craft from macrame round wooden beads. It arranges the beads to form like a rosary. The idea of ​​furniture is very suitable to be used to decorate a house that carries an industrial concept.

4 Lanterns.

The idea for his lantern furniture began when he found the remains of a fiber fence in a warehouse. Then he immediately bought a piece of woven bamboo and macrame rope. The materials he arranged into a lantern. Looks simple and interesting yes. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

5 Resin wall decoration geode art.

For those who are bored with wall decoration in their house, you can try making Natalie Sarah -style geode art resin creations. It chooses to use the main materials of resins and dyes to make wall decorations. Resin itself is a clear -colored liquid that serves as a polymer former.

6 Set the glasses.

Well, next he created by making a glass tray from epoxy resin. Natalie’s hands seemed so skilled at processing the various ingredients she had prepared. The glass floor of his creation looks beautiful with shades of ash, in line with the concept of decoration in his house. Property New

7 Tips for Decorating a Workspace to Make WFH More Enthusiastic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new habits, including at work. Many companies ask their employees to work from home or Work From Home (WFH). Peralatan Rumah Tangga

To make work more comfortable at home, many create workspaces. There are also those who turn a room or area at home into a workspace.

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Creating a vibrant atmosphere requires help from the surrounding area. So, making the workspace as comfortable as possible is the key to passionate work.

There are several decorations that must be present if you create a workspace in the house. Here are some decorating tips during WFH.

1 Lighting

The workspace should have sufficient lighting so that you can work comfortably. To get around this you can make the workspace close to the window or add a desk lamp with sufficient lighting. House Furniture Solution

2 Air circulation

Air circulation is a factor that cannot be ignored. A stuffy workspace can make the work atmosphere uncomfortable and tired easily.

You can add a fan or air conditioner (AC). If you want some cool air, you can open the windows. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Plants

Add plants in your workspace to make it feel cooler. Also choose plants that are useful for purifying the air and counteracting radiation in electronic devices. Property New

4 Color touch

Don’t underestimate the paint color for the work area. Colors that are late can raise one’s enthusiasm or concentration for work. Paint colors that are suitable for use in the workspace are purple, blue, green, and white.

5 Minimalist

Choose a minimalist decor so that the room still looks clean and tidy. This helps you stay focused while working.

6 Add your favorite decorations

To make work more exciting, you can add decorations that you like. For example add some photos of you with friends and family.

7 Workbench

Arrange your desk as beautiful as possible so that you are more enthusiastic. Don’t forget about your comfort while working.

Make WFH More Comfortable, Follow These 10 Tips for Decorating the Workspace!

The COVID-19 pandemic that is still ongoing in the country has forced the government to take anticipatory steps in the form of PSBB. The policy also requires non-essential sector companies to implement WFH for their employees.

Are you guys still WFH, Bela? If yes, then the workspace in your home needs proper adjustments.

Creating an atmosphere that keeps your morale stable, just like in the office, is part of the adjustment. The adjustment is in the form of arranging the workspace at home with aesthetic decorations. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Well, here are Popbela’s chosen workspace decorating tips for those of you who are still WFH:

1 Add greenery decorations to purify the air around you, so that the atmosphere becomes more comfortable. Choose succulent indoor plants with colorful pots, so that the decoration is more aesthetic

2 Give it a touch of striking color to increase the energy in the house. Choose a striking color that makes you excited to work. For example, blue looks elegant and professional, thus increasing work motivation House Furniture Solution

3 Give a minimalist but comfortable touch, such as tables and walls in neutral colors. Also add fabric decorations such as pillows or blankets, as well as minimalist carpets on the floor

Another 4 tips for decorating the workspace is decorating according to your personality. If Bela is fashionable, go all out with a touch of colorful colors, whether on the wall color, artwork as a display, or furniture. You can also add colored modern rugs, or metallic accessories

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5 Make your desk look artsy. For example, posting photos, illustrations, or artwork that channel positive energy when you work. Hanging shelves, posters or beautiful paintings that can be hung on the wall can also be an option, so that this decoration seems like your personal gallery.

6 Give a touch of light to your desk by placing your desk in front of the window, Bela. Natural light from outside makes the work atmosphere more spacious, especially if you work in your room. That way, sunlight will also not reflect on the laptop screen. Just add a curtain if the light starts to get dazzling! Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

7 Take advantage of free space by cooking shelves on the wall as a place to put things, such as printers, files, or books. Avoid putting it on the table because it only makes your workspace narrower. Leave important items that are often used, such as laptops, stationery, or notes, lying on the table

8 Tips for decorating the next workspace is to use a diffuser or aromatherapy of your choice to calm the work atmosphere. That way, you become more relaxed and not easily pressured by the intensity of work. For example, if you want to increase concentration, citrus aromatherapy is usually an option, accompanied by classical songs that relax the mind while working. Property New

9 Choosing a work desk with drawers underneath is also an important point, because there are only a few important items that you need to take with you when you work. Items that are important, but not needed at that time can be placed under the desk drawer so they don’t interfere with your work activities

10 When your workspace is not supported by adequate natural light, use a desk lamp to increase lighting. However, avoid lamps with strong light intensity. The tip is to choose a lamp that is specifically designed for the table, so that it provides light, soft lighting and doesn’t damage the eyes

Those are 10 tips for decorating a workspace or home office at home that you can try, to increase your productivity during WFH.

About Beds to Paint, 5 Common Mistakes When Decorating Your Little One’s Room

Of course, parents want to give the best to their children. Moreover, providing a children’s room with an interior decorated with adorable knick-knacks.

Unfortunately, many of them forget to pay attention to important details that affect the safety of their little ones or damage the furniture. For this reason, it is better for parents to know what are the important points before decorating a child’s room. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

In addition, parents must plan whether the items placed in the room have a role or only fill the child’s room.

The selection of a comfortable child’s mattress to the type of wall paint that is recommended for a child’s room must also be considered.

Here are 5 common mistakes when decorating a child’s room, quoted from Bright Side on Saturday (28/8/2021):

*** To find out the truth of the information circulating, please WhatsApp to the number 0811 9787 670 just by typing the desired keyword. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 Bed Selection

For many parents, the first and best thing they should do is provide a convertible crib. Initially it can be used as a crib, then it can turn into a toddler bed, which is why parents believe that they will be able to save money.

However, you should consider that this option is actually more expensive and takes up more space. Also, your little one will eventually need a new bed quickly because they grow so fast, so you’ll have to invest twice.

Sometimes a high baby bed/crib also makes parents more anxious.

Although there is a bulkhead, your little one doesn’t seem comfortable because they can’t move freely. As an alternative solution, you can switch to a bed with removable sides so that your little one can be more active without fear of falling. House Furniture Solution

Of course, you must take the necessary precautions to prevent your baby from falling.

Or maybe you could move to a mattress laid on the floor?

2 Too Much Furniture

Children need more than adults.

Children need beds, cupboards, tables, rugs, toy boxes and other furniture. But keep in mind, especially in a narrower room. Mix and match children’s room furniture by considering its function so that children can play more spaciously.

3 Lack of attention to safety

Not just placed without a function let alone dangerous. The selected goods must ensure whether it is dangerous or not? You have to think about the smallest details to make sure it is as safe as possible.

Remember that children still don’t understand things around them and can be dangerous for them.

For example, loose ropes and curtains. When children accidentally pull it. The danger is not only to your child but also to yourself. Then the presence of furniture and carpets without non-slip handles can cause them to fall and cause bumps. Property New

In addition, window and door locks need special attention so that children are not injured or accidentally locked.

4 Choosing the Right Carpet

Today, carpets come in a wide variety of types, colors, shapes and materials that make them versatile and ideal elements for any room. However, it’s not just aesthetics, think about functionality.

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So don’t forget to keep in mind the size of the bedroom and the type of carpet that is easy to clean or wash.

5 Protection Against Wall Paint

When decorating a room, keep in mind that the choice of wall paint is not just a matter of a good color but also quite durable and easy to clean. Especially if the baby is happy to explore in his creativity which sometimes scribbles on the wall.

Rather than forbid it is better to let it with double security. You can choose vinyl paint, washable wallpaper, or wainscot to support whatever experiment your little one is doing.

Arranging a New Home, Avoid 5 Mistakes in Decorating This Home

Once the dream home is successfully owned, there is the next step that you need to think about, which is about home decoration. No need to hire an interior designer to make the house look modern. There is no need to buy furniture or fancy furniture. Just avoid the following 5 home decorating mistakes, as reported from Bright Side.

1 Poor lighting

Forget light bulbs that emit dim yellowish rays. Multiply light sources, either by using floor lamps or by installing table lamps in several corners. The main purpose is to highlight certain areas of the room where you want to attract people’s attention. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

2 Dark colored bookshelves

For those of you who like to read, bookshelves are definitely a must -have furniture at home. Most people will choose a dark wood bookshelf. The problem is, dark wood for bookshelves will only make them look like old furniture.

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Taking a tip from Marie Kondo’s method, try to slightly reduce your book collection and organize it according to priority. Select only your favorite books you put on the bookshelf, as well as new books you haven’t read. Other books, which you may not read again, can be kept in a sealed box or given to others. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Knitted decoration

Some people may have grandma’s hand -knitted decorations in their living room, either in the form of pillowcases, or wall hangings. Despite storing a lot of memory, knitted decorations look ancient and will collect dust that has an unhealthy impact on air quality in the home.

4 Wear short curtains

If you want to give a modern feel to your home, choose long curtains. Long curtains, even to sweep the floor, are better than short curtains. Curtains short only suitable to be applied in the bedrooms of children.

And don’t hesitate to use white or other neutral colors. In addition to allowing sunlight to ‘enter’ and brighten the room, white can also give a modern touch to your interior decor. House Furniture Solution

5 Disproportionate rugs

Although it looks luxurious, avoid heavy rugs with patterns of old colors. Rugs should be chosen according to the area where you want to place them. Look for inspiration on the basic types and colors of rugs that are suitable for a particular room. Property New

5 Unique to Elegant Wedding Car Decoration Ideas, Can Be Inspired!

Wedding cars are not commonly used at weddings in Indonesia. However, a wedding car with good decorations can lift the mood and become an attraction at the wedding, you know.

Marriage is one of the most important and sacred moments. Therefore, Moms need a lot of attention and consideration when preparing for a wedding.

Moms have to think about the wedding dress, location, catering, to decoration in the wedding car. Although the replacement car is used only when leaving for the wedding location until returning home, the wedding car has exciting memories on a happy day. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

For moms who want to use a wedding car on their wedding day, but are confused about choosing the decorations, let’s look at the references below.

Bridal Car Decoration Ideas

Driving on the wedding day is incomplete if the car that the bride and groom rides is not decorated. Car decorations can enliven the atmosphere while making you look different on the streets. House Furniture Solution

Moms, there are many ways to beautify a wedding car, from bouquets on the bumper, to the hood, to using ribbons.

Every bride needs a car that is decorated in such a way, so that it presents an elegant and charming design.

Here are wedding car decoration ideas that can be used as a reference:

1 Classic Wedding Car

Moms, is the wedding theme a modern classic? If so, using a classic wedding car decorated with a bouquet of flowers in front of the car window and arranged parallel can be an inspiration. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Even though it’s an old car, its distinctive charm is not easily lost. The addition of flowers will also give a vintage and elegant impression, right?

2 Luxury Wedding Cars

The concept of a luxurious wedding is not to be missed with ordinary car decorations. To complete it, the wedding car must have the same luxury.

Moms, you can choose a car brand that has a standard line of luxury, such as a modified sports sedan.

Moms, you can also add ribbon decorations plus a bunch of big fresh flowers to give a classy impression.

3 Unique Wedding Cars

Wedding car decorations don’t just use flowers, you can use can hangers. Apparently, the use of cans in this car is not without reason. Property New

In the past, people believed that loud noises could keep people away from evil spirits. Therefore, the use of cans in the wedding car has the hope that the bridal household cannot be disturbed by evil things.

A set of cans that are allowed to extend all the way to the street will give a unique impression and enliven the atmosphere.

To use this decoration, you can recycle used cans. So that it looks more beautiful, you should clean the can and can also be decorated with paint first, yes.

4 Doll Wedding Cars

Dolls can also be used as wedding car decorations, you know. Generally, the chosen doll is in the form of an animal, such as a pair of bears because it looks cute and gives a romantic impression.

Moms decorate this doll combined with flower arrangements and ribbons, then attach it to the hood of the car in an upright position. If you want to install it, consider the size of the doll.

Do not choose a doll size that is too large so that it obscures the driver’s view and gives the impression of being excessive.

5 Balloon Wedding Cars

Balloons can also be a festive choice of wedding car decorations at affordable prices.

If you want to use a balloon, pay attention to the durability, size, and color of the balloon. Choose a size that does not interfere with the vision and visibility of other drivers on the road.

In addition, match the color of the balloon with the color of the car you want to use.

Unique Decoration Recommendations for Aesthetic Children’s Rooms

The room becomes a room that can be used to play, study, or rest for the children. WHO also recommends that children have been taught to sleep alone since the age of 4 years. Therefore, Moms need to prepare a comfortable room so that your little one feels at home in his own room. To help you, M&B has some unique and aesthetic decorating recommendations for the following children’s rooms. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Bedding set

A child’s bed that is already available, of course, needs to be given a bed sheet so that it is comfortable when the little one sleeps. You can find pillowcases and bolsters, sheets, and bumpers to protect your child from hitting the bed at Marronnier. There are also blankets in a bedding set for children with cute motifs that your little one will definitely like.

2 bookshelves

Children can be taught about language literacy as early as possible. So, Moms don’t need to hesitate to buy her a book that talks about many things for your little one to read. And to store the book, the bookshelf from the @rakmontessoridepok account can be the right choice for this type of Arka, Moms. House Furniture Solution

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3 study desks

The existence of a desk in the room is also important to support the little one’s learning process. However, you can also have a mini sofa that turns into a table and stool, like the one made by Kayukuniya. Besides being more compact, this multifunctional mini sofa is also flexible to be placed in various areas of the room easily. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

4 Storage area

Various toys and objects in a child’s room certainly need to be stored to keep it neat. This storage area from Uwitan can certainly be your choice. The size that is not too high will make it easier for you to teach your little one to tidy up their own toys. Besides being enough to store toys, the shape also adds to the aesthetic impression in a child’s room.

5 Sleeping lights

Many children and maybe including the little one are afraid of dark rooms. Having a night light is also important so that children can sleep well. The following cute cloud-shaped lamp from @mylight.id is certainly one of the decorations needed to complete your little one’s bedroom, Moms.

6 Room decoration

One detail that should not be missed from the Little One’s room is a unique decoration that can add to the impression of comfort. Knitted dolls from Happy Gurumi can be a sweetener in your child’s room. There are many favorite characters of your little one that are right for you to display in the corner of the room so that your little one’s room will look more fun. Property New

7 wall stickers

If all the furniture in the child’s room is ready, adding wall stickers can be a decoration to make your little one feel more at home in it. Tetuka provides a variety of cute stickers that may suit your child’s character, such as a sunflower shape sticker, which shows your little one’s cheerful and sociable side.

Carpets to Pillows, Here are 7 Tiny Home Decoration Mistakes

Decorating a small house will certainly be different from a large dwelling. There are several tricks that you can apply when decorating your home to keep it comfortable but beautiful to look at. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

When decorating a house, the first thing you should prioritize is the comfort of the occupants. For that it is important to decorate the right tiny house.

Quoted by Homify, here are some things that should not be done in decorating a small house.

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1 small rug

You might think adding a small rug to a small room can sweeten the room. But you know, that step is completely wrong. House Furniture Solution

If the rug is not placed under the furniture or in the middle of the room, then the rug will only make your tiny room seem cramped.

It’s best if a small room doesn’t need carpet at all, or you can add a large rug that covers the entire room as well as large furniture in the house.

2 Furniture is too big

You should buy furniture not only because of aesthetics, but most importantly comfort and the right proportions are the keys. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Lots of pillows

Like a small rug, too many pillows make the appearance of a small house feel very cramped. Minimalist homes need to adhere to the principle of “less is more.”

4 Low lighting

Poor lighting is a problem, especially in small homes. You need to maximize every space, poor lighting makes a small room feel cramped.

With good and bright lighting in every corner will help the interior space feel much larger. Property New

5 Curtains

It may be tempting to match the curtains to the size of the window, but this can result in a very old and small look. Instead of choosing curtains with a dramatic fullness, you can try to install them as high as possible on the wall, to create the illusion of ceiling height.

6 Dark walls

Contrasting walls are a great idea, but in a tiny house, dark walls will take up all the life, energy and space.

If you want a bit of dark color on the sides of your house, it’s a good idea to stick paintings or other artwork on the walls to add a splash of controlled contrast.

7 Lots of stuff

The sworn enemy of small houses is too much stuff. Buy items or furniture that you really need. If you can fulfill the minimalist aesthetic elements, the tiny house will look much bigger