Kepoin Wedding Decoration Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar, Luxury Kebangetan!

Lesti Kejora will soon go up the aisle. She will legally become Rizky Billar’s wife on Thursday (19/08/2021).

The couple’s wedding decorations made the public curious. Finally, ahead of the wedding ceremony, portraits of Lesti and Billar’s wedding decorations were leaked. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The wedding, which was held at a luxury hotel, was seen to be quiet for guests. Meanwhile, Irfan Hakim and Indra Bekti were seen entering the hotel ballroom where the marriage ceremony was held. Before entering, guests are required to scan the barcode that has been sent to each guest via cellphone.

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The luxurious atmosphere is felt because it is dominated by golden brown when entering the ballroom. For the aisle itself is also dominated by the same color. Luxurious flowers and chandeliers look to beautify the decoration of Lesti’s wedding location. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Lesti and Billar’s wedding was broadcast live on television. The series of events before the wedding are also shown on television, such as recitation events, bacuik nights, Bainai nights, and siraman.

Not only using Minang traditional ceremonies, the series of events are also thick with Sundanese customs. Especially when Lesti did a series of recitations and showers.

The girl from Cianjur performed the Ngaras traditional ceremony accompanied by her parents, brother and sister. While the water used for splashing comes from 7 springs mixed with zam-zam water. House Furniture Solution

Lesti and Billar’s wedding is said to be one of the most awaited weddings this year. When the couple decided to get married, fans were happy. Property New

5 Luxury Wedding Decoration Ideas in the Building

One of the things to consider when planning a wedding is choosing luxurious wedding decorations in the building.

Usually in choosing and planning luxury wedding decorations in this building it will take a long time because after all the decorations at the wedding will also determine whether later the wedding can go well or not. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

If the luxurious wedding decorations in the building look good and satisfying, then the bride and groom will definitely feel happy to see it, but if the decorations displayed are not as desired, then we will definitely feel very disappointed.

Therefore, when choosing luxury wedding decorations in this building, it can be said to be quite tricky and requires more attention so that the results will be satisfactory.

In choosing luxury wedding decorations in the building, you need to know, starting from determining the theme, adjusting the theme to the bridal outfit, preparing and adjusting the theme with the budget, to choosing the preferred vendor.

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For ideas for luxury wedding decorations in the building, you can choose one of the decorations below! Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 Gold White Wedding Theme

The idea of ​​​​a luxury wedding decoration in the first building is gold and white, which combines two colors, namely gold and white.

The gold color is very synonymous with luxury, while the white color is a symbol of holiness and sacredness so that if the two are combined, it will be a color combination that is very suitable to be a color theme for luxury wedding decorations in the building. House Furniture Solution

So that there is no overlap, it is best if the proportions of these two colors are the same. For example, Moms make a white backdrop with gold furniture and decorations.

Don’t forget to use fresh flowers as decorations. The types of flowers that can be used are white roses, jasmine, white dahlias, camellias, to baby’s breath. That way, it will look luxurious and elegant.

2 Garden-style Wedding Themes

The garden-style wedding theme is also very popular because it looks like it has a combination of beautiful, elegant, and luxurious in it.

Garden-style wedding themes don’t have to be made outdoors, but can also be indoors or in a building by creating an artificial garden. Property New

The hallmark of the luxury wedding decorations in the alagarden building is definitely the decorative decorations which are dominated by leaves and green plants that can make the atmosphere more beautiful.

In addition, Moms can also add a variety of fresh or artificial flowers so that it looks more beautiful. For the types of flowers used can vary.

Moms can use any type of flower with any color choices such as pink, blue, yellow, red, white, to cream. Although you can use any type of color and flower, you should only use 2-3 color choices so that it doesn’t look too crowded.

3 Pink Garden Wedding Themes

For the theme of luxury wedding decorations in the next building is the pink garden theme. Actually this theme is a derived theme from the garden theme. It’s just that this theme only combines green with pink.

The choice of a pink garden theme in a luxurious wedding decoration in the building will make the wedding party feel beautiful but has a feminine touch.

For the basic color, you can use pink or green, but besides these two colors, you should add white so that it looks even more muted.

White can be used in floral decorations or curtains that will decorate the wedding aisle.

4 Purple Wedding Themes

Do you like purple? In addition to pink, purple is one of the colors that many women like, so they want to make the theme of luxury wedding decorations in the building have a touch of purple.

The choice of purple color used should be light purple, not dark purple so that the atmosphere will be brighter. For other color combinations, Moms can choose gold, white, and a little touch of pink.

By combining one of these three colors, you can make the wedding party look more luxurious but still have shades of purple.

5 White Wedding Themes

This next luxury wedding decoration idea in the building is actually a very classic theme so many people use it.

The white wedding theme definitely uses only one color, which is white as the dominant one. Whether it’s the wedding aisle decorations to the flower arrangements using white.

In order not to be monotonous, add fresh leaf decorations so that there is a little green color that can make the atmosphere a little more beautiful.

Usually for a white wedding theme, the bride will use a matching bridal dress while the groom will use a black suit.

A viral Surabaya cafe that has cool decorations for photos

Surabaya is a big city located in the East Java area and has lots of hangout places, such as cafes. Not only does it offer a variety of delicious menus to try, but the cafe also has an interesting decoration. If you have the opportunity to come there, try to stop by some of the viral Surabaya cafes. Don’t miss the opportunity to come. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Izakaya Go Resto and Lounge

A hangout that has an atmosphere similar to the land of Japanese animation is Izakaya Go Resto and Lounge. The cafe has a decoration that is dominated by natural brown color. The décor is made and has a lot of ornate glass on the ceiling. In this place there is also a replica of the statue of Hachiko in Japan. At night, the venue broadcasts live music that can be enjoyed while eating food. Some of the menus they offer are Japanese specialties. Visitors can order from Yakiniku to Wagyu hot plate. As for the drinks they also provide cocktails. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Cafe Surabaya viral, Mama Noi

The next hangout place that elevates the Thai atmosphere is Mama Noi. The cafe also has a unique design where there are many windows with colorful frames. While the view in the interior of the room is dominated by white which makes the room look wider. The concept of the theme used is rustic and of course provides a variety of Thai food. Uniquely, we can try the Manggo sticky rice menu. There is also a typical Thai menu called Tom Yum. In addition to providing Thai specialties, visitors will also be able to taste Thai tea. Many visitors gave good value to Mama Noi. House Furniture Solution

One Pose Cafe

This cafe has the feel of being in a Teddy bear’s house. Almost in every corner there is a teddy bear that is always kept clean. The price of the decoration which has a lot of teddy bears, is very suitable when used to invite children or hang out for young women. There are so many spots that are suitable for taking selfies and uploading photos via Instagram. In addition to offering an interesting feel, the cafe also provides a menu that can be tried. The name of the menu in the cafe is also unique. An example of the menu’s unique name is Red Army Yellow Boat. For those of you who like healthy food, you can order Green Pasture which is a combination of fruit smoothies and broccoli vegetables. Property New

Make Your Sleep Comfortable, Check Out Tips for Designing & Decorating Your Room According to Feng Shui

To make your sleep comfortable, see how to design and decorate your room according to feng shui.

The bedroom is one of the places that is made as comfortable as possible, because it can affect the quality of sleep and the comfort of rest after carrying out routine daily activities.

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Reporting from Apartement Therapy, in addition to decorating the room, feng shui can also make the bedroom more comfortable. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The science of feng shui itself is a philosophy that is applied to support the energy of the mind and body.

During sleep, the body enters its most vulnerable state so that rest, recovery, and healing can take place. House Furniture Solution

Therefore, the bedroom directly affects the health and harmony of the person.

Here are some tips for decorating the bedroom according to feng shui to sleep better.

1 Place the headrest on a solid wall

If your bed is currently placed near a window, or even in the center of the room, turn the headboard against a solid wall. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Positioning the bed in this way allows the movement of Qi (energy) to ensure a good night’s sleep.

However, if you are in a small room and placing the bed near the window is the only option, use a high headboard or heavy curtains to protect yourself from the energy entering from the window.

2 Avoid positioning the bed parallel to the door

Placing the bed parallel to the door will create a flow of glass energy that affects the head, causing sleep disturbances.

If the only option is to place the bed parallel to the doorway, you could try placing something like a bedside table between the bed and the door as a support to break up the flow of energy. Property New

3 Mirror placement

As is known, mirrors can give a bright and spacious impression to the room, but placing them in the wrong place will make the energy in the bedroom not good.

Since the body is vulnerable at night and the mirror is an activating object, placing a mirror can disrupt sleep as if a person is working instead of resting.

Therefore, make sure the large mirror in the bedroom does not point directly at the bed.

4 Five-element color scheme

The Five Elements in classical Feng Shui are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

There are several colors that are considered good in feng shui, namely as follows.

Blue and green for Wood Red, orange, or pink for Earthy Fire and brown for Earth Black for Water White, silver, or light pastels for Metal

Whether it’s painting walls, changing sheets, hanging plants, or combining quirky things, there are lots of ways to play with color in a room.

Incorporating elements into a room can help generate energy that is conducive to prosperity as well as block out bad energy that can lead to misfortune.

Popular Property, Kelly Clarkson Luxury Homes to Minimalist Style Decor

Beberapa berita dari kanal real estate menarik perhatian pembaca. Ini termasuk rumah Kelly Clarkson yang memiliki lapangan tenis, hingga tips dekorasi rumah minimalis. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Berikut tiga berita real estate terpopuler dari pada Rabu, 14 Juli 2021:

1 Kelly Clarkson membeli rumah baru, ada lapangan tenis di wisma

Kelly Clarkson membeli rumah di kawasan Danau Toluca Los Angeles. Rumah tersebut dibeli dengan harga $5,4 juta atau Rp78 miliar (kurs Rp14.521).

Rumah bergaya kolonial itu dibeli oleh pengusaha teknologi keuangan terkemuka Douglas Merrill. Ia membelinya pada 2018 seharga $4,9 juta (Rp71 miliar). House Furniture Solution

Properti baru dibangun di atas lahan seluas 1 hektar. Dibangun pada tahun 1936, rumah utama seluas 459m2 terdiri dari enam kamar tidur dan tujuh kamar mandi.

Memperbaiki 200 rumah yang tidak layak di Sangihe

Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe, Sulawesi Utara, mendapat bantuan perbaikan 100 rumah layak huni (RTLH). Ada empat kecamatan yang mendapat bantuan perbaikan. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“Kami memiliki kuota 100 unit rumah layak huni untuk perumahan masyarakat,” kata Kepala Badan Perumahan dan Permukiman (Perkim) Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe Kabupaten Kepulauan Sangihe, Sulawesi, Kamis, 15 Juli 2021. Utara Mandiri Gagana.

Menurut dia, 100 unit rumah tersebut diperuntukkan bagi masyarakat yang belum memiliki rumah layak huni di empat kecamatan.

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3 5 tips dekorasi rumah minimalis

Memiliki rumah mungil bukan berarti tidak bisa menciptakan lingkungan yang nyaman. Dengan dekorasi yang tepat, Anda bisa membuat rumah Anda nyaman.

Bahkan dekorasi sederhana pun bisa membuat rumah menjadi indah dan estetis. Berikut beberapa tips mendekorasi rumah mungil dengan gaya minimalis. Property New

Tanaman membuat rumah Anda lebih sejuk. Selain itu, beberapa tanaman juga dapat menyerap racun dan menghasilkan udara bersih.

5 Cool Boys Room Decoration Ideas But Not Too Much

Not only a place to rest, a room can also function as a place to work and also a privacy space for someone, not to mention guys. Because of its function, decoration is indispensable. Of course, making aesthetic room decorations will make a boy’s room cooler and more comfortable to the eye. There are still many people who think that room decoration will cost a lot of money. Even though the design of a low budget boy’s room is very possible to do.

Well, for guys who are thinking about decorating or looking for inspiration for a room, here are some inspirational room designs for teenage and adult boys that are simple but still cool and of course comfortable too. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Always use neutral or dark colors to make your room look masculine. The combination of dark and light colors is also worth trying for a lively minimalist touch sentuhan

The most important thing in decorating a room is the color of the walls. For guys, make sure you use a simple and unobtrusive boy’s room color. The reason is, bright colors will spoil the minimalist impression.

In addition to using neutral colors and avoiding bright colors, you can also use paints with darker colors. For example, you can use a blue boy room design. The dark color will give the owner a masculine impression. You can give a touch of light color with ornaments or other accessories. In essence, this will make your room more balanced in terms of color composition. House Furniture Solution

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2 Use long chandeliers or wall-mounted fluorescent lamps. The dim color can make you comfortable and sleepy fast

An accessory that you can use to rest comfortably is a night light. It would be better if you have lots of lights with various colors in your room. For example, you have lights to read books, to dim colorful lights to give the impression of an aesthetic boy’s room but also provide comfort and quality sleep.

You can also use long colorful decorative lights or neon lights, aka aquarium lights, that you stick at some point you want.

3 Choose key items such as open wardrobes, tables, rugs, clothes, jackets, and computers as decorations. Those things of yours can serve as ornaments for the sake of eliminating

Simple boys room decorations are not entirely good to look at. If you use a design that is too simple, a sense of monotony and boredom will quickly come to you. You have to be able to get around the monotony of the wall color with a variety of decorations or items in your room. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

For example, you can choose a tall table that has a more striking color. You can also buy a computer with a design that looks more ‘sharp’ with a colorful keyboard. Although it looks trivial, these items will make the room feel more alive. In addition, the wardrobe is indeed the main item that must be in the room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the wardrobe look good. Opt for a smaller wardrobe and if you have a lot of free space, use an open wardrobe or hangers to show off your colorful clothes. Guaranteed cool but simple boy room decorations you will get! Property New

4 If your room is narrow, use green ornamental plants to help make the room cool, spacious, and comfortable to live in

The position of the rooms in a house is important. The bedroom should be a place that has at least good air circulation and is exposed to direct sunlight. Even so, usually the boys’ rooms don’t have all of that. The lack of air circulation and no sunlight makes the room feel stuffy and hot at night especially during the day.

You can give a touch of nature in your room by using green ornamental plants such as Pathos which are useful for purifying the air, mother-in-law’s tongue plant, peace lily, cactus, and so on. How to care for these plants is not difficult, you just need to water them regularly and occasionally take them outside to get sunlight.

5 The most important thing in decorating a room is to bring out creativity through your personal obsessions and hobbies. Room is a personal identity that should reflect your life!

Before starting decorating, the thing you should think about first is the shape and area of ​​the room. Is your room square or rectangular? How wide is it? Where are the doors, mattresses and cupboards located? All of these things must be considered. Later you will be able to determine the decoration of a spacious room or room decoration for a narrow boy.

Make sure the items you make accessories match your obsessions or hobbies. For example, if you like certain music or bands, you can use posters of your favorite band. Do you like movies or anime? You can order a large poster to hang on the wall. Do you like art? You can also use a painting for decoration. In essence, the room is your identity and your place of expression. Nothing can hinder your creativity in decorating a room.


Every girl must have had a dream or at least a curiosity about becoming a royal princess. Not infrequently, they can spend hours playing and pretending to be princesses of fantasy lands with matching dresses and knick-knacks. Therefore, it is not surprising that many parents like to choose a royal princess theme as a girl’s roommate in their home. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Girls room in the style of a Royal Princess

The first inspiration for this first girl’s room looks adorable with a cool soft pink color. It is also seen that the decoration of the girls’ room is dominated by a classic and girly feminine theme. Starting from a soft mattress that is low to match the child’s height, to the corner of the room with a child’s drawer as a place to put the daughter’s favorite toy.

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The first thing that definitely comes to mind when you want to design a child’s bedroom is choosing a theme for the bedroom. House Furniture Solution

2 Wall and ceiling decorations for girls’ room Bak Princess

This girl’s room inspiration shifts the focus from the size of a room that is not too big in very smart ways. The addition of chandeliers and wall decorations from various directions is a good way to show the advantages of a girl’s room to the fullest. In addition to placing the furniture correctly in the form of a simple pair of beds, there is a large cabinet that looks luxurious and functions as an effective storage shelf. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Custom Furniture for the Little Princess

The inspiration for the royal themed girl’s room seen in the picture is not half-hearted in setting up a typical palace decoration, complete with a pair of small luxurious stairs. Interested in decorating this girls room? To be sure, the little princess is guaranteed to feel at home and enjoy playing in this private palace.

4 Jungle Rooms for Adorable Princess

Don’t like the mainstream royal princess girl room theme? Create your own girl’s room according to your taste with a unique touch. This girls room is full of creativity and personal touch that is definitely different from most girls’ rooms. Coupled with a raft tent and a wall full of DIY-style decorations, it’s no wonder the little princess can grow more creative and imaginative. Property New

5 Classic Themes like European Royal Princess

Teen girls’ rooms can also be decorated with a touch of a royal princess but more modern. Choose a wall decoration that looks luxurious with a bed that looks comfortable, making it suitable for a royal princess from a fantasy land to live in.

Minimalism isn’t your style? Just choose a classic luxury theme with a European royal style complete with chandelier lighting, luxurious furniture, to a bed that truly reflects the royal princess-style decor.

7 Decorations to Make a Narrow Bedroom Look Comfortable

Currently, land for housing is quite limited in big cities. This leaves homeowners with no choice but to have a place to live with a small space.

Including the bedroom, although it is limited but must remain comfortable for the welfare of the occupants. However, designing a small bedroom to be comfortable is not easy. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

In order for a small bedroom to be comfortable, it needs the right arrangement. Attention to detail is key. Here are seven do’s and don’ts for designing a small bedroom, diktuipArchify.

1 Space-saving furniture

If you want to include some furniture, make sure there is enough room to move around easily. Choosing space-saving furniture is the key to designing a small bedroom. House Furniture Solution

You can create storage under the bed, such as a built-in wardrobe, recliner with storage compartment, and many types of furniture as long as it saves space.

2 Add wall pattern

Who says a small bedroom can’t have a focal point? It is possible. One way is to create a feature wall behind the bed.

You can add more color and pattern in the room without placing more decorative items that can narrow the space. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

To set this wall feature, you might consider using wallpaper, or simply applying some paint colors.

However, make sure the other walls are painted in a neutral color so that your bedroom doesn’t seem overwhelming.

3 hanging designs

Apart from arranging wall features, you can also take advantage of the vertical space to create style and functionality in your small bedroom.

The term ‘vertical space’ here refers to a design concept that utilizes walls to hang bedroom decorations, such as wall lamps and hanging shelves. You can also install a floating nightstand to work around the limited space.

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4 Don’t use multiple patterns

Don’t use too many different patterns as they can make your small bedroom feel cramped.

If you want to have a specific theme, set one point as the focal point and one area as a place to display the pattern, perhaps on your pillowcase or curtains. Property New

As for the other rooms, apply plain colors, softer and more muted.

5 Five star design

There are many boutique hotels with small bedrooms that manage to make the rooms look attractive and elegant. That’s because they apply a mature interior design.

Start with a monotone color palette, then add a soft headboard, a soft bedroom rug/rug, or lighting in several places.

Hotels also always place bedside tables, even if only with small drawers, which can increase the functionality of the bedroom.

6 Add mirror

Adding a mirror is commonplace to create a spacious impression in a small bedroom.

This helps reflect light and makes the room appear brighter and more alive. You can mount a mirror on the wall behind your bed or hang a wall mirror.

7 Do not use non-functional furniture

The ‘less is more’ concept is suitable for small bedrooms because reducing non-functional elements and leaving only the essential ones can save a lot of space.

Tidy up your bedroom and get rid of unnecessary furniture and decorative items.

Nightclubs paste money into wall decorations, the value reaches billions of rupiah

Sebuah klub malam baru-baru ini menarik perhatian publik karena dekorasinya yang unik. Pasalnya, ketika dekorasi klasik atau vintage biasanya digunakan, klub malam ini justru menggunakan uang kertas miliaran rupiah untuk ditempel di dinding.

Mengutip Oddity Central, klub malam tersebut terletak di Florida, AS, dan disebut sebagai McGuire’s Irish. Desain ruangan yang tidak biasa membuat klub malam ini ramai pengunjung. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Pub Irlandia McGuire pertama kali dibuka pada tahun 1977, sebagian besar oleh William McGuire dan istrinya Molly. Benar-benar pelopor bisnisnya, tidak lama kemudian klub malam itu akhirnya mulai menarik pengunjung.

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Kebiasaan menempelkan uang kertas ke dinding dikatakan telah dimulai ketika mereka menerima tip $ 1. Untuk merayakannya, pasangan itu menulis tanggal dan menempelkannya di dinding sebagai jimat keberuntungan.

Inilah yang terus dilakukan pasangan McGuire. Saat klub malam menjadi lebih ramai dengan pelanggan, dinding dipenuhi dengan lebih banyak tiket. Tidak seperti biasanya, pelanggan juga tertarik untuk menambah koleksi di sana. House Furniture Solution

“Klub ini berukuran 15.000 kaki persegi dan ada uang kertas dolar di setiap sudut langit-langit dan beberapa di dinding. Kami menghitung setiap tahun dan membayar pajak atas pertumbuhan tempat ini. Kami melihatnya sebagai keuntungan,” kata William McGuire.

Saat pertama kali saya coba hitung, total tagihannya sama dengan US$175.000 atau setara dengan Rs 2,5 miliar. Hanya saja, jumlah uang yang tersangkut di setiap sudut ruang klub malam kini diperkirakan hampir mencapai Rp 2 juta atau setara dengan Rp 28,9 miliar. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Sejumlah uang yang ditempel di dinding tentu tak lepas dari upaya perampokan. Bahkan, seorang karyawan tergoda dan mencuri uang yang sedang mendekorasi klub malam.

Namun, uang itu terbukti sulit atau bahkan tidak mungkin untuk dibelanjakan. Hal ini karena setiap sen yang ditaruh sudah ditulis dengan spidol, ada juga yang berlubang karena dicap. Karena diketahui, semua bank Amerika bisa datang langsung dari mana asal uangnya.

“Teller dengan cepat menyadari uang itu dari McGuire dan segera melaporkannya ke polisi, tersangka panik dan segera meninggalkan gedung,” kata seorang petugas polisi tentang upaya pencuri untuk menukar uang dari klub malam bank.

Keberhasilannya membuat McGuire’s Irish Pub membuka cabang di Destin, Florida, di Amerika Serikat. Disko ini juga viral, seperti yang pertama, dengan uang sekarang setara dengan 1,7 juta dolar AS atau setara dengan 24 miliar rp. Property New

Having a Sultan, a Restaurant in Florida Hangs IDR 28 Billion for Wall Decorations

The restaurant is a place that must be visited by tourists who visit a place. In addition to food as the main character when visiting a restaurant, it turns out that the concept of a restaurant can also increase the interest of visiting tourists.

A unique appearance or decoration is also considered to be able to leave a deep impression on visitors, so they will always remember it and will come back. One of them is served by the manager of the McGuire restaurant in Pensacola, Florida, United States. The hotel is famous for decorating its restaurant by hanging millions of dollars in cash from the ceiling. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

According to My Joyo Online, McGuire’s Irish Pub’s unique decorating ideas began in 1977, when Martin McGuire and his wife Molly started the business. In managing their business, the two couples divide the tasks. Martin served the bar patrons, while Molly brought orders to the table. House Furniture Solution

Then, he got his first tip of 1 dollar, equivalent to Rp. 14 thousand. Overjoyed, Molly wrote the date on the note and stuck it on the back of the bar as a good luck charm. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Unbeknownst to him, the money turned out to be the beginning of a tradition carried out by pub visitors. The next day, visitors always stick their money around the walls of the bar.

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This 1,500 square meter room is filled with banknotes on the ceiling and walls. Martin said that he and his wife always count the money every year and pay taxes on tips they receive. Property New

“We treat it as an asset,” he said.

Based on the latest calculations, the money stuck to the bar has reached US$2 million or around Rp. 28.55 billion. So, with so much money hanging on the walls of the bar, is there no one who intends to steal it?

Sure enough, the bar often reported a number of incidents of theft. One of them was an incident where an employee was arrested for allegedly taking about 5 thousand dollars.

But since every note taped to the McGuire Pub was signed with black marker and had staple holes, the money was hard to spend. So famous, all banks in the US will not accept exchange of money taken from the bar.

“Tellers know right away if the money is from McGuire’s and they usually report it right away, so suspects are very easy to catch.” a police officer told WEAR-TV, when asked about thieves exchanging stolen money from McGuire’s at a local store or bank.

Currently McGuire’s Irish Pub has a branch in Destin, Florida, United States. According to a 2017 report, the pub also has 1.7 million in cash hanging from its rafters.