Wedding decorations for 9 celebrity sisters, Soimah chooses to decorate the house hall

Having a dream wedding is what every couple wants. It’s not wrong, if before the wedding, the bride and groom will be busy with various preparations. Starting from taking care of catering, souvenirs, to the wedding concept that will be realized. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

As a memory that will not be forgotten, this series of celebrity sisters also successfully held a wedding party according to their wishes. Starting from carrying a modern to traditional theme, their wedding decorations also stole the attention.

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As seen at the wedding moment of Soimah’s sister, Cicilia Sinta Fitriani. Escorting her sister to the aisle gate, this once-in-a-lifetime procession was held in Javanese custom at Soim ah’s pavilion, namely Pendopo Tulungo, Bantul, DI Yogyakarta. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

The decorations of the celeb sisters at the moment of their wedding were also highlighted. In order not to be curious, let’s look at the summary of from various sources, Thursday (2/12), wedding decorations for celeb sister.

1 The wedding procession of her sister, Cicilia Sinta F, on Sunday (20/11) was held at Soimah’s pavilion. Thick Javanese custom, wedding decorations look beautiful with floral decorations without compromising the uniqueness of the pavilion architecture.

2 Ria Ricis and Teuku Ryan’s wedding decorations at the reception were no less magnificent. Oki Setiana Dewi’s sister was made like an ancient European castle. At the top of the aisle, the reception date is 13.11.2021 written in Roman numerals XIII.XI.MMXXI. House Furniture Solution

3 Erica Putri’s sister, Citra Kirana, held her wedding reception procession with Rezky Aditya with the concept of an international wedding. Seen white flowers add to the elegant atmosphere of the wedding.

4 Unlike Raffi Ahmad’s sister, Syahnaz Sadiqah. Married to Jeje Govinda, he held an outdoor concept wedding with green trees which made the wedding atmosphere cooler.

5 Held outdoors on the island of Bali, the wedding decorations for Nadine’s twin sister, Marcel Chandrawinata, were no less charming. With yellow lights, the atmosphere looks romantic. Property News

portrait of Jeon Somi on Comeback Stage Ikigayo, Have Fun with Stage Decorations According to MV!

After releasing a single and album titled XOXO, Jeon Somi performed a Comeback Stage at Ikigayo on October 31, 2021. This caught the attention of netizens because the stage setting used was exactly the same as the original MV. The total backstage crew received a lot of praise from netizens for treating Jeon Somi well. With a luxurious stage, Jeon Somi seemed to enjoy her performance and had fun with the property. Let’s have a look at the fun!

In this comeback stage, Jeon Somi looked beautiful and gave a rock feel by wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, silver tassel mini skirt, and black high boots.  Peralatan Rumah Tangga

There is a small house made of pink and green wood decorated with doodles. Apparently this little house is a garage for a pretty pink car like in the MV.

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Uniquely, this small house has a photo frame on the left. This photo is a photo of the Dumb Dumb MV where Jeon Somi and the figure of her lover first met in high school.  Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

At the beginning of the performance, Jeon Somi even acted to destroy the frame of this photo as if to vent her anger after being betrayed.

Jeon Somi seemed to be having fun with existing props such as baseball bats, dolls, and cars that had the same color as her outfit.

Unmitigated, heavy equipment excavators or yellow dredging machines were included as property in the background of Jeon Somi’s comeback stage.  House Furniture Solution

Not only a garage for cars and heavy equipment, Jeon Somi’s stage is also equipped with a large white house property with pink light which is similar to the MV as her ex-boyfriend’s house.

This white house is decorated with colorful paints and graffiti on the walls. There is also a neon light that says XOXO. This mansion was used as the main backdrop when Jeon Somi performed.  Property News

5 Types of Beautiful Plants That Can Improve Sleep Quality at Night

One of the hobbies loved by many people during the pandemic is maintaining beautiful plants at home. Besides being able to beautify the decor of the room, putting plants in the bedroom has many benefits. Starting from the refreshing aroma, increasing the humidity of the air to the power of absorbing toxins. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Plants placed in the bedroom can help a person to improve the quality of sleep better such as making sleep more sound, which of course brings a series of health benefits for the body.

Reported by, Thursday (10/28/2021), there are several types of ornamental plants that are beautiful and do not need to require a lot of light from the outside so that they are suitable to be kept in the room and can help improve a person’s sleep quality. House Furniture Solution

1 Lavender

It is common knowledge that the lavender plant is known to have a relaxing effect. In addition, lavender is useful for lowering heart rate, blood pressure and stress. No wonder this type of flower is the target of many people and is used for health and beauty products to expel stress and provide a relaxing effect.

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Lavender can be used naturally by keeping it indoors. Put lavender in your room to help you get a better night’s sleep. It is recommended to put lavender near the bedroom window, because this one plant really likes the warmth of the sun. Don’t forget to keep it away from damp places.

2 Aloes

This plant is very popular with its benefits for beauty. Of course, keeping aloe vera at home can be used as a practical step to make DIY skincare. However, the benefits of aloe vera are not only that, because aloe vera turns out to have benefits in maintaining air quality at night. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Aloe vera or known by the Latin name aloe vera is able to produce oxygen at night. That way, it is highly recommended to put the culture tongue in the room at night to maintain air quality when you want to just rest or sleep. Meanwhile, make sure that aloe vera gets enough sunlight during the day to stay healthy.

3 Snake Plants

Snake plant is one of the most widely planted plants during the pandemic. This plant is known for its ability as a natural air purifier, because it can produce oxygen at night so that it helps a person sleep better at night. Besides being able to produce oxygen, snake plants are also known to be able to filter out harmful components in the air and have a bad impact on the respiratory tract.

4 Peace Lily

Having a white color makes this peace lily plant very beautiful. Besides being beautiful, this plant has extraordinary benefits. Peace lily is known for its benefits for cleaning the air so it is suitable to be kept in hot and dry environments because it can increase the humidity of the room by up to 5%.

These benefits will also be very suitable if the peacy lily is placed in the bedroom at night. High room humidity at night is very good for helping the respiratory system. Not only that, low humidity levels can cause dry skin and hair. If this happens, there is a great risk for exposure to the flu and other respiratory diseases. Property News

5 Valerian

Who would have thought that valerian could not only be used as a home decorator. In fact, one of these beautiful herbs has been used for centuries to treat sleep problems and insomnia. Inhaling the sweet aroma of valerian has been proven to improve sleep quality at night.

For someone who has trouble falling asleep at night, try adding a few valerian petals to the water when taking a shower or inhaling the aroma before bed. Be sure to put this plant in the room at night. However, don’t forget to place the valerian near the window during the day so that it is exposed to the sun to keep this plant healthy.

The pandemic period is still not over, so the immune system needs to be maintained to avoid various viruses, especially the Covid-19 virus. Well, some of the types of plants above can help you sleep. Fimela’s friends have good quality sleep so that the body’s immune system can increase and can help maintain health.

6 Simple Teen Girls Room Decorations

Teenage bedrooms are not only a place to rest, but also a place to pamper themselves.

Even though it is not too wide, the comfortable condition of the bedroom is definitely not a problem. Moreover, there are many multifunctional furniture that can be used. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Decorating a simple bedroom is not as difficult as you think.

A simple bedroom design actually has a goal to create a space that looks spacious and beautiful.

For that, summarizes some simple teenage girl room decorations that are needed so that the room can be transformed into a resting place that is not only comfortable, but also beautiful. Come on, see Mom!

1 Installing the wallpaper

Walls are an integral part of the room. In order not to be boring, Mama can put a patterned wallpaper or add wall decorations such as stickers and washi tape. House Furniture Solution

Wall display with patterned wallpaper can build a graceful and aesthetic atmosphere.

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2 Choose pastel colors

If your child doesn’t want to use wallpaper, you can choose pastel colored wall paint as an alternative.

Pastel colors are very appropriate because they create a calm, calm, and mature atmosphere.

The dominance of cream or gray on the walls can also make the bedroom look simple, but elegant.

3 Beds that are not too big

Avoid buying a king-sized bed or mattress. It’s good to be adjusted to the size of the room.

For a narrow teenage bedroom, avoid placing the bed in the middle of the room.

Attach the headboard to the wall, if possible right under or next to the window. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

A low bed with a small side table can also be an option to create a simple and inexpensive bedroom that is not crowded.

Don’t forget to use sheets that match the wallpaper or wall color to make it more beautiful.

4 small tables

Use a small table with drawers and place it on the side of the bed. Because the table on the side of the bed has many functions, starting from placing objects, such as cell phones, books, glasses, glasses, make-up tools, and sleeping lights.

The bedside table can also be part of a bedroom decoration that doesn’t take up too much space.

If you don’t want to use a table, you can use a drawer attached to the wall.

5 ornamental plants

By placing ornamental plants in certain room spots, the bedroom will feel fresher and more alive.

In addition, ornamental plants can also purify the air, repel mosquitoes, and relieve stress. Property News

According to research by the United States Space Agency (NASA), English ivy, chrysanthemum, peace lily, and various other ornamental plant species have been shown to be effective in removing pollutant particles from the air.

Ornamental plants fit perfectly into various room themes and make room decorations seem simple, but not boring.

However, if you or your child don’t have time to take care of your plants, artificial plants can be an option.

6 Furniture that sticks to the wall

Furniture is much needed for a teenager’s bedroom.

However, to create a simple bedroom, it is necessary to have functional furniture attached to the wall, such as wall shelves.

This can make the room have a more spacious room.

If necessary, use a wardrobe embedded in the wall with a large mirror that can make the room feel wider.

6 Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment to Make it Look Spacious

Apartments are identical with vertical residences with small sizes. Studio apartments generally have an area of ​​about 40 m2 and a ceiling height of only 2.5 – 3 meters. Therefore, Mama needs to be creative in choosing furniture and designing the room. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Mama needs to deal with the arrangement of the room so that the apartment looks more spacious. The furniture used should be small in order to save space.

This time, summarizes some tips for decorating a small apartment to make it look wider.

1 Furniture concept “expands”

Large furniture will make the apartment feel cramped. If you still want to use large-sized furniture, then choose furniture with the concept of “expanding”. House Furniture Solution

That is, large furniture such as sofas with small support legs, cabinets without legs, and hanging sinks that can rest on the wall. Furniture variations with the concept of “expanding” can create an apartment atmosphere that is more spacious and comfortable to live in.

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2 Use dual function furniture

Mama needs to choose furniture that can play a double role. Because the narrow apartment space demands that you place less furniture. Dual-function furniture can save a lot of space in your little apartment.

One of the dual-function furniture to choose from is a bed that can be used as a sofa. In addition, you can choose a minimalist cabinet with hidden storage or storage without legs to make the room look wider. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 vertical storage furniture

When choosing storage, make sure to choose vertical storage, aka extending upwards. Vertical storage furniture can save space, so it can be a solution for small apartments that lack space.

Maximize the use of vertical storage to store items or books. To beautify the room, Mama can store things in wicker baskets, then place them in vertical storage.

4 Open space and clear room transitions

For a studio type apartment, Mama can divide it into several areas such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom. The limited size of the studio type apartment does not hinder Mama’s creativity to create an open space.

Mama should not use a divider closet to delimit each area. Just let it all show and blend. The most important thing to remember is that you need to arrange the room so that it looks neat and pleasing to the eye.

To limit each room, you can use curtains, glass, or easy-to-slide wood panels. Room boundaries aim to create a transition, so that each room has a clear specific role. Property News

5 Paint the walls a neutral or light color

To make the apartment look more spacious and airy, you should choose neutral or light wall paint. Light colors such as white, beige, and gray can add lighting in the room so that the apartment looks more spacious.

If you like dark colors, then you can just apply it in the corner of the room. Keep using neutral colored furniture with a dominance of light or neutral wall paint.

6 Place ornamental plants

The last tip that can be done is to add ornamental plants as decorations for the room. Mama can adjust the type of ornamental plants according to taste. For example, ornamental plants with white flowers can beautify the room and add a minimalist impression to the apartment.

Ornamental plants can be placed on the table in the family room or in the corners of the room. To beautify the room, Mama can choose furniture with wood elements, then combined with ornamental plants.

Home Decorating SMEs Ready, Government Will Open Market Access

The government will open market access for small and medium industries (IKM) in the home decoration sector.

This was conveyed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry Dody Widodo in a press release, Monday (11/10/2021), after 6 institutions signed the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) regarding the I’m Ready to Export program.

“The collaboration of these 6 institutions is in order to provide capacity building in the form of training and mentoring, as well as opening market access to SMEs/IKM players engaged in the home decoration sector, with a curated number of participants as many as 114 IKM,” said Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry, Dody Widodo in a broadcast. officially quoted by, Monday (11/10/2021) Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The six institutions are the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economists, the National Crafts Council (Dekranas), the Indonesian Furniture and Handicraft Industry Association (HIMKI), and the Business & Export Development Organization Foundation.

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Dody said the Ministry of Industry appreciated the efforts of all parties involved in the cooperation. The Ministry of Industry hopes that this cooperation can increase the exports of SMEs to support efforts to recover the national economy. House Furniture Solution

“Because many of our IKM players have been able to produce products that are competitive in the global arena. This is what we need to continue to drive,” said Dody.

Dody explained, the I’m Ready to Export program includes workshops, webinars, mentoring, discussions, and exhibitions that will last until December 31, 2022.

Meanwhile, Plt. The Director General of Small, Medium and Multifarious Industries (IKMA) of the Ministry of Industry, Reni Yanita, said the trainers and mentors came from various stakeholders. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

“The I’m Ready to Export Program is covered by a Cooperation Agreement, the substance of which has been discussed and agreed upon by all parties,” said Reni Yanita. Property News

Decorations for 15 celebs’ proposals, the latest from Ria Ricis is studded with flowers

Before holding a wedding, a couple will generally hold a series of events from proposals, siraman, recitations, and other traditions. Well, the proposal is one of the historic moments for every couple. Because at this moment, a man asks permission to marry the woman he loves in front of both families. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Not only bringing dozens of offerings, expensive rings, and delicious food, the application procession is also more complete with a special stage. Uniquely, these celebrities made the stage decorations for their proposals so grand.

Like this line of celebrities. On the day of the proposal, they conjured up a very beautiful atmosphere with beautiful decorations. The latest Ria Yunita or who is familiarly called Ria Ricis also carries the concept of a magnificent flower for her wedding.

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So, what does the portrait look like? The following is compiled by from various sources, Sunday (26/9).

1 YouTuber Ria Ricis has just made a proposal with her boyfriend, Teuku Ryan. This is what the decoration looks like. There are also artificial tree decorations that make the atmosphere like a flower garden. House Furniture Solution

2 If this is a portrait of Atta Halilintar’s proposal decoration – Aurel. Like a magnificent aisle, the hotel’s ballroom is decorated with purple flowers with a background like a palace building.

3 This is what Caesar Hito and Felicya Angelista’s proposal looks like. This couple chose an outdoor concept with rustic decor. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

4 Choosing the outdoor concept, Lesty and Billar ensured that the venue decorations were truly impressive. White and gold dominate the decoration of Leslar’s proposal.

5 Nikita Willy – Indra Priawan chose a brown proposal decoration. Elegant and luxurious right! Property News

Kepoin Wedding Decoration Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billar, Luxury Kebangetan!

Lesti Kejora will soon go up the aisle. She will legally become Rizky Billar’s wife on Thursday (19/08/2021).

The couple’s wedding decorations made the public curious. Finally, ahead of the wedding ceremony, portraits of Lesti and Billar’s wedding decorations were leaked. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The wedding, which was held at a luxury hotel, was seen to be quiet for guests. Meanwhile, Irfan Hakim and Indra Bekti were seen entering the hotel ballroom where the marriage ceremony was held. Before entering, guests are required to scan the barcode that has been sent to each guest via cellphone.

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The luxurious atmosphere is felt because it is dominated by golden brown when entering the ballroom. For the aisle itself is also dominated by the same color. Luxurious flowers and chandeliers look to beautify the decoration of Lesti’s wedding location. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Lesti and Billar’s wedding was broadcast live on television. The series of events before the wedding are also shown on television, such as recitation events, bacuik nights, Bainai nights, and siraman.

Not only using Minang traditional ceremonies, the series of events are also thick with Sundanese customs. Especially when Lesti did a series of recitations and showers.

The girl from Cianjur performed the Ngaras traditional ceremony accompanied by her parents, brother and sister. While the water used for splashing comes from 7 springs mixed with zam-zam water. House Furniture Solution

Lesti and Billar’s wedding is said to be one of the most awaited weddings this year. When the couple decided to get married, fans were happy. Property News

5 Luxury Wedding Decoration Ideas in the Building

One of the things to consider when planning a wedding is choosing luxurious wedding decorations in the building.

Usually in choosing and planning luxury wedding decorations in this building it will take a long time because after all the decorations at the wedding will also determine whether later the wedding can go well or not. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

If the luxurious wedding decorations in the building look good and satisfying, then the bride and groom will definitely feel happy to see it, but if the decorations displayed are not as desired, then we will definitely feel very disappointed.

Therefore, when choosing luxury wedding decorations in this building, it can be said to be quite tricky and requires more attention so that the results will be satisfactory.

In choosing luxury wedding decorations in the building, you need to know, starting from determining the theme, adjusting the theme to the bridal outfit, preparing and adjusting the theme with the budget, to choosing the preferred vendor.

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For ideas for luxury wedding decorations in the building, you can choose one of the decorations below! Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

1 Gold White Wedding Theme

The idea of ​​​​a luxury wedding decoration in the first building is gold and white, which combines two colors, namely gold and white.

The gold color is very synonymous with luxury, while the white color is a symbol of holiness and sacredness so that if the two are combined, it will be a color combination that is very suitable to be a color theme for luxury wedding decorations in the building. House Furniture Solution

So that there is no overlap, it is best if the proportions of these two colors are the same. For example, Moms make a white backdrop with gold furniture and decorations.

Don’t forget to use fresh flowers as decorations. The types of flowers that can be used are white roses, jasmine, white dahlias, camellias, to baby’s breath. That way, it will look luxurious and elegant.

2 Garden-style Wedding Themes

The garden-style wedding theme is also very popular because it looks like it has a combination of beautiful, elegant, and luxurious in it.

Garden-style wedding themes don’t have to be made outdoors, but can also be indoors or in a building by creating an artificial garden. Property News

The hallmark of the luxury wedding decorations in the alagarden building is definitely the decorative decorations which are dominated by leaves and green plants that can make the atmosphere more beautiful.

In addition, Moms can also add a variety of fresh or artificial flowers so that it looks more beautiful. For the types of flowers used can vary.

Moms can use any type of flower with any color choices such as pink, blue, yellow, red, white, to cream. Although you can use any type of color and flower, you should only use 2-3 color choices so that it doesn’t look too crowded.

3 Pink Garden Wedding Themes

For the theme of luxury wedding decorations in the next building is the pink garden theme. Actually this theme is a derived theme from the garden theme. It’s just that this theme only combines green with pink.

The choice of a pink garden theme in a luxurious wedding decoration in the building will make the wedding party feel beautiful but has a feminine touch.

For the basic color, you can use pink or green, but besides these two colors, you should add white so that it looks even more muted.

White can be used in floral decorations or curtains that will decorate the wedding aisle.

4 Purple Wedding Themes

Do you like purple? In addition to pink, purple is one of the colors that many women like, so they want to make the theme of luxury wedding decorations in the building have a touch of purple.

The choice of purple color used should be light purple, not dark purple so that the atmosphere will be brighter. For other color combinations, Moms can choose gold, white, and a little touch of pink.

By combining one of these three colors, you can make the wedding party look more luxurious but still have shades of purple.

5 White Wedding Themes

This next luxury wedding decoration idea in the building is actually a very classic theme so many people use it.

The white wedding theme definitely uses only one color, which is white as the dominant one. Whether it’s the wedding aisle decorations to the flower arrangements using white.

In order not to be monotonous, add fresh leaf decorations so that there is a little green color that can make the atmosphere a little more beautiful.

Usually for a white wedding theme, the bride will use a matching bridal dress while the groom will use a black suit.

A viral Surabaya cafe that has cool decorations for photos

Surabaya is a big city located in the East Java area and has lots of hangout places, such as cafes. Not only does it offer a variety of delicious menus to try, but the cafe also has an interesting decoration. If you have the opportunity to come there, try to stop by some of the viral Surabaya cafes. Don’t miss the opportunity to come. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Izakaya Go Resto and Lounge

A hangout that has an atmosphere similar to the land of Japanese animation is Izakaya Go Resto and Lounge. The cafe has a decoration that is dominated by natural brown color. The décor is made and has a lot of ornate glass on the ceiling. In this place there is also a replica of the statue of Hachiko in Japan. At night, the venue broadcasts live music that can be enjoyed while eating food. Some of the menus they offer are Japanese specialties. Visitors can order from Yakiniku to Wagyu hot plate. As for the drinks they also provide cocktails. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Cafe Surabaya viral, Mama Noi

The next hangout place that elevates the Thai atmosphere is Mama Noi. The cafe also has a unique design where there are many windows with colorful frames. While the view in the interior of the room is dominated by white which makes the room look wider. The concept of the theme used is rustic and of course provides a variety of Thai food. Uniquely, we can try the Manggo sticky rice menu. There is also a typical Thai menu called Tom Yum. In addition to providing Thai specialties, visitors will also be able to taste Thai tea. Many visitors gave good value to Mama Noi. House Furniture Solution

One Pose Cafe

This cafe has the feel of being in a Teddy bear’s house. Almost in every corner there is a teddy bear that is always kept clean. The price of the decoration which has a lot of teddy bears, is very suitable when used to invite children or hang out for young women. There are so many spots that are suitable for taking selfies and uploading photos via Instagram. In addition to offering an interesting feel, the cafe also provides a menu that can be tried. The name of the menu in the cafe is also unique. An example of the menu’s unique name is Red Army Yellow Boat. For those of you who like healthy food, you can order Green Pasture which is a combination of fruit smoothies and broccoli vegetables. Property News