10 ideas for the head of the Genius dormitory to improve this boring school #1

Here is the issue of dormitories: the furniture and style made by the school do not go hand in hand. In the most basic settings, you are given a bed, some drawers, a table and a chair. So when you go to school to settle for your first semester, you have the job of making your new little space work for you and making it look like home, and that means decorating it to look as normal as possible with a normal room. Having a headboard, especially on a bed that is probably a very simple and not so comfortable wooden structure, is just one way to improve your space, but it can be a challenge to make it work, as most headboards are assembled on the wall (impossible with concrete block rooms!) or on the bed frame (it is not possible to drill exactly into the supplied dorm bed). Property News

Home Furniture Solution, These headboard ideas are fully compatible with the bedroom because they are mounted on the wall with adhesive strips and hooks, rest on the bed, are designed to fit between the bed frame and the wall, or are specifically designed for mounting on structures dorm without any necessary hardware. There are also some options that are not headboards or headboards, but a smart wall decoration that gives you the illusion of having a headboard. Either way, there are many styles, colors and options to choose from.

Bedroom headboard with motorized bolts

For the best in terms of suitable headboards for the bedroom, choose this wall option that locks with extra strong velcro straps. Not only does it look like a real bargain – and it is available in different styles and colors – it also has an integrated socket and two USB ports to conveniently charge your phone, laptop and more. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Wedge cushion at the back of the headboard

Regardless of whether your school bed has a headboard or not, this rear cushion (available in 11 colors!) Will add a lot of comfort and an extra touch.

Velvet bedside cushion

This headboard cushion looks like a normal headboard, but it hangs on the wall with the control hooks to easily adapt to bedroom policy (and the sad concrete block walls). Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Bedside cushion in fine chenille

Place this smart pillow behind the regular pillows on the bed and throw it away to make it look like you have a headboard without the hassle of hanging one on the wall or pinning it to your bed.

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refuel in excessive quantities

Make your headboard doubly useful as a closet too: this bookcase above the bed allows you to stay very organized and offers space to show off your favorite photos and accessories.

17 low-maintenance houseplants that are as beautiful as they are easy to care for #1

Bringing your first home home can be intimidating. There are countless varieties of houseplants to choose from, and if you’ve never cared about a plant before, you may have no idea which one to choose. Consider that some plants are much more difficult to care for and require a lot of attention, and this is even more difficult. If you want to decorate your home with a little greenery, but are new to foster planting and want to keep plants more tolerant and low maintenance, this is what you need to know, what plants to buy, and how to keep them alive and happy. Real estate property

According to Plant Resources, Bloomscape, 1-800-Flowers, Costa Farms, and Urban Sprouts, Jen Stearns, these plants are fairly easy to care for: You don’t need a green thumb and you don’t have to worry about death in a month, despite your best efforts. You got it!

Snake plant

Snake plants are still so popular for a reason – they are incredibly practical and easy to care for. “They don’t need a lot of light and can take a little while,” Stearns told House Beautiful in 2019. “And they like to dry a lot between waterings.”

2 spider plant

Put your spider plant in a bright, sunny spot, and it will grow quickly, but it can withstand low light (and even continue to thrive in an office filled with fluorescent light and no windows!). It retains water well and therefore survives some lost waterings here and there. In addition, it produces babies that you can use marijuana and give to your friends!

3 Tradescantia Zebrina

To keep this plant happy, place it in bright indirect light, water when the top of the soil is dry, apply a little fertilizer every month (except winter), and try to keep it in a humid place. Although you prefer to stay wet, you can handle one or two lost irrigations. Watch out for yellow leaves, which can mean you’re really watering too much.

4 pots

This trailing plant is one of the most tolerant houseplants in existence. It can tolerate low and bright light, so you can place it anywhere in your home. For best results, water when the top of the soil dries.

5 air plants

Air plants are fun because you can display them in various ways: on stands, terrariums and even on fridge magnets. They are also very easy to care for, as they absorb most of what they need from the air. Give them a good bath in a water bath every few weeks (wipe off excess water later) and mist in between.

6 Chinese evergreen

Also known as Aglaonema Silver Bay, the Chinese evergreen looks pretty painted on its leaves and requires minimal effort to keep her happy. It needs at least a little light and it doesn’t require a ton of water; therefore, allow the soil to dry between waterings to help it thrive.

7 Red Aglaonema

Another Aglaonema, this bright pink and green plant is as impressive as it is simple to care for. It can tolerate low light, but colors will be lighter and more indirect. Like Chinese evergreens, they prefer to dry between waterings and can handle occasional lost waterings.

Prepare the nursery for your little one with these smart storage ideas Part 2

8 Use the seaweed basket

Keep a basket on the floor to throw away towels and other necessities. Seaweed baskets, such as the Chango & Co. spacecraft, are the best in the nursery, as they are soft and easy to move from place to place. Real estate property

9 reuse old furniture

We are investigating the use of unexpected and vibrant colors in this nursery designed by Steven Sclaroff. The green background of the wallpaper still looks young, thanks to the extravagant pattern, and the red-orange carpet adds a wave of energy. The classic armchair and dresser will also add functionality and style to the family home for years to come.

10 Use an elegant basket

So you have a place to count clean items, but what about dirty ones? Opt for a stylish basket, beautiful enough to be outdoors and in a convenient location. We also love how Chango & Co. hung a cell phone on a changing mat instead of the crib here.

11 Install a floating cubicle

Do you want to take it to a higher level of floating shelves? Try a floating dresser, like this one. It combines very well with white paint and frees up more space on the wall for fun decoration and works of art.

12 Opt for built-in drawers

You can’t miss out on a built-in reading corner, regardless of your child’s age. Even better? A built-in reading corner with integrated drawers below. This spacious designed by Chango & Co. has a lot of depth, perfect for going out and reading.

13 Customize the built-in

Adding floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets will always be helpful. Jenn Feldman Design lined the bottom of the shelves with wallpaper to make them stand out more.

14 Hide your storage unit

This is Baby Dove’s room in Malin’s room. Strategically hide the storage shelf in the surrounding corner with furniture.

15 Use side tables

When buying side tables, choose one with multiple levels. Free up tables and surface spaces by installing sconces instead of using table lamps. We love yellow in this space designed by Chango & Co, which really lights up the walls.

16 Create a library shelf

Improve story time by adding a small floating shelf library to display all of your favorite books before bed. Designed by Jenn Feldman, the book collection serves as a decoration, enlivening the white walls.

17 hanging towel hooks

If there is an adjoining inn, the nursery installs hooks on the door so you can hang your towels quickly and easily when you are finished using them.

Ways to liven up the walls of your room Part 2 End

Built-in shelves

This wallpaper printed on a hot air balloon brings a feeling of sleep and movement to the small room. It is a beautiful way to frame the wall of the built-in shelves. Designer Katie Lyndon aptly describes it as classic, but imaginative. Real estate prorperty

Organize a gallery wall

In this Scandinavian-style room, the asymmetric wall of the gallery heats things up, making it more personal and cozy. For an affordable art exhibit on the wall, mix framed pieces with antique engraved finds or your own art.

Hang a mirror

The patterned wallpaper is a beginning, but the romantic and ornate mirror on the bed takes this sweet room designed by Cathy Kinaid to the end.

Paint a pattern

You don’t have to interrupt clean walls and curtains; Instead, paint a pattern. You can cover the entire wall for more impact or limit the design to a small section.

Create a trio

PSA: This is the new wall in the gallery. Align your prints on a thin shelf for a cleaner approach. Designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, this white room incorporates many earth tones to spread heat throughout the space. The exposed wooden beams, the rustic bed frame and the industrial pendant held the room.

Hang up a statement

You don’t need to cram your walls with art: a single piece, of medium to large size, on the bed, the console or the fireplace, as is the case with this master bedroom designed by Arent & Pyke, is just as surprising.

Bold wallpaper

If you are afraid to commit to a printed wallpaper, choose a neutral color. His art on the wall still stands out, but the room looks much clearer.

Add some old posters

Old posters create a bold alternative to a headboard in the main bedroom of a Los Angeles house. As the room is very neutral, they also help to add some color.

Add some old posters

Old posters create a bold alternative to a headboard in the main bedroom of a Los Angeles house. As the room is very neutral, they also help to add some color.

Ways to liven up the walls of your room Part 1

Decorating the walls is an essential step in the interior design process, but it is particularly important in the bedroom, since nobody wants to wake up in a white box. In fact, if your room looks unfinished, it’s probably because of the lack of wall decorations. Regardless of whether you’re working on a tight budget, consider throwing yourself off with some wallpaper or are looking for creative inspiration to showcase the art, these designer bedroom wall decor ideas will help you liven up space. Real estate property

Padding the walls

Have you ever wanted to go to bed more than you have now? The velvety gray velvet walls and the combined headboard give a smoky and materially rich and mysterious charm to the white, bright and airy space designed by Alison Pickart. No work of art is needed, as these walls speak for themselves.

Mount a sculpture

Patterns and bright colors bring this room designed by Kelly Hohla to life. The metallic accents really stand out and the brutalist sculpture adds dimension while the textile layers keep things soft. And of course the fun wall covering is itself a work of art.

Add texture

In this room designed by Hecker Guthrie, dark, long and thin wood panels provide sand and glaze, while the luxurious red armchair and the luxurious cream-colored carpet create warmth.

Imitate a mural

If you lack pictorial skills, ask another person to create a mural for you or you may even try a beautiful and temporary background. Here, Studio DB opted for a pictorial blue background.

Mount some horns

The horns can be rustic, modern or even glamorous (yes, seriously) depending on how the combs are. Choose a metallic version and combine it with jewel tones or opt for something with a vintage charm, as Heidi Caillier did in this eclectic room.

Hang a fabric

Your room should be the most welcoming room in your home, so take it there with a fabric tapestry. In this eclectic room designed by Janie Molster, Suzani contrasts with the abstract art of the wall and traditional rugs and curtains.

Rethink positioning

Instead of hanging a piece on the bed, consider a more unique position and surround all the walls. Interior architect Tamsin Johnson stacked two small pieces in the corner and then hung a large abstract painting on the adjacent wall in this modern space.

Rekindle carpentry

In this powder pink monochromatic room designed by Shapeless Studio, the decorative moldings of the walls add only a touch of character without altering the discreet tone of the space.

Do it yourself in Tarp

“He had an old canvas stretched forever and I could not throw it away because I always loved its cream color. One day I nailed it to the wall and called one of my favorite artists Alexandra Gracik and asked him to come with his charcoal to draw what you want, “says Leanne Ford.

Use hairspray

Powerful but relaxing, bold but timeless, this extraordinary room designed by Brian J. McCarthy has serious goals. For a similar effect, adhere to a tight two-tone texture with the walls in a super bright glossy paint and then dip the ceiling in a flat white. “This finish is fresh for a guest bedroom and the incredible touch of color is warm and elegant,” he says.

Mix the decoration for adults and children

In a child’s room, mix eternal works of art with a fun and young decoration. In this room, Heidi Caillier opted for a gold framed painting and a giraffe bust attached to the wall.

Enter the “cartoon cafes” in Seoul

Augmented reality video games, HDTV, virtual reality glasses: today it seems that you have to immerse yourself in a 3D world that hits you in the face. However, two cafes in Seoul are moving back towards customers and immersing them in two dimensions. Real estate property

YND 223-14 and YND 223-14 (named by their addresses) were created by the founder and owner Eun-Jin Lee. Everything in these cafes, from the walls and floors to the furniture and even the cups, is designed to make you feel like you have entered an old school, with a black and white drawing, like something outside the New Yorker.

Virtually from any angle, it looks like you’re looking at a photo, even if you’re inside it. Curtains, plants and other illustrated decorations add to the optical illusion. Honestly, restaurant photos can be quite difficult to wrap around your head: you have to see real humans sitting at the tables to also understand the concept and appreciate the illusion!

As in the original Mary Poppins movie when the characters jump to a chalk drawing on the sidewalk, everything around you looks and feels like a cartoon, as if you were the only real person in it. And just like in the movie, that’s exactly what makes it so magical.

Unlike virtual reality glasses or other augmented reality, where you enter an artificial world that seems real, these coffees make you enter a real world that seems artificial. Look at yourself!

11 curtains suitable for a modern Marie Antoinette

VIP booths, circus tents, canopy beds in torrent towers: there is something dramatic in the bold fabric that embraces the walls and is covered above. Curtains have not been so popular since Napoleon’s time, but today’s designers are reinventing them with a lot of contemporary style. The trick of the ceiling wrapped in fabric, simply glued or completely padded, also offers a practical value: it can help isolate a space with drafts, hide architectural defects and even mask soffits and pipes. Read on to see eleven fabulous exaggerated closets for a design lesson on how to raise the roof. Real estate property

reA bold dining room

Going through the doors of this blue zigzag-wrapped Miles Redd dining room is like entering Alice’s Wonderland. The molding of the teeth has an additional layer of texture and pattern set for a surprising surprise factor. But keep in mind that rooms like this aren’t cheap. A professionally installed awning can be a great investment (don’t worry, with a few clicks you’ll find detailed DIY instructions at a much friendlier price). Depending on the work and labor involved in pattern making, sewing and installation, it can cost between $ 5,000 and $ 50,0o0, according to Redd.

A spectacular corner to sit on

While roofs with curtains can bring a spirit of fun to any room, we recommend making sure that the ceilings are high enough to accommodate the additional fullness and depth that the fabric will bring. The high and round vaulted ceilings in this seated enclave designed by Leandra Fremont-Smith are perfect. The designer used contrasting buttons to mark 40 meters of quilted fabrics.

A sunny hall

In this cheerful hall designed by Lilse McKenna, the walls and ceilings are covered on a flat surface, but the blue edges and geometric lines that lead from the corners to the suspended light create the illusion of a carp shape. Therefore, while vaulted ceilings are ideal for curtains, don’t allow a straight ceiling to limit you!

A guest room with floral pattern

This eclectic house designed by Sean Scherer is a treasure trove of antiques, whimsical fabrics and a cheeky decoration that perfectly shows the ingenuous ingenuity of the Grandmillennial style. In this guest room, vintage curtains stretched and hung on wooden rods, then joined the walls and ceiling to create a fantastic space. “You really feel like you’re in a floral curtain,” says Scherer.

A children’s room for children

In this bedroom, interior designer Emily Henderson lets the child’s favorite place and activity guide the theme: the canopy on the bed hangs on a pole, evoking the type of tent you would throw in a field, then the room it really feels like a camping experience.

These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 5 End

Blue ocean

Designer Sara Story has varnished these walls in a custom navy color. The bright walls help to reflect the light through the space, giving a bright and open feeling. Real estate property


This study by Sara Bengur has a personality of its own. The warm coral walls perfectly highlight the neutral and colorful decor.


From the silver roof to the cheek-patterned benches, a Hampton McLadden Hamptons home lives up to its glamorous location. Purple paint covers the high-gloss walls and the sofa is covered with velvet.


In a colorful Park Avenue apartment by Mark D. Sikes, the walls of Benjamin Moore’s Misty Lilac help to implement the living standards used everywhere. With so much pattern and color, the soft purple tone almost acts as neutral.

Navy blue

Painting a small dark-colored room can be helpful. It camouflages the fact that it is small and raises cozy vibrations. Cousin? Navy blue is totally timeless.


If your style is more traditional, olive green may be the right move. It is also ideal for carpentry and frames.

These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 4

Dark brown

In a Connecticut home designed by Philip Gorrivan, the living room walls painted in Brown by Tanner by Farrow & Ball, with ornaments in White Dove by Benjamin Moore, unleashed a collection of eclectic art and a classic Bridgewater sofa, covered with windows from Josef Frank. Real estate property

Black blue

Blue walls give this elegant cabin-style living room, in a room designed by Heidi Caillier, a wave of mystery. Floor-standing materials and classic prints guarantee a welcoming cocoon atmosphere. The lesson? The dark walls will make any space more cozy and intimate.


Avoid super bright reds and your house will not look like the fire station. A richer shade of red warms this Katie Ridder space, while the contrast of pink and blue furniture helps to break the bold tone.

Bold yellow

Does the thought of painting your living room yellow scare you? Just choose an accent, like a door or a wall.


The walls and ceiling of this room by Agie Hranowsky are painted in amethyst. The brighter purple explosions on the sofa and Christopher Spitzmiller’s lamp add a little contrast, so it doesn’t look too tedious.


A new home in Lake Martin, Alabama, takes on the appearance of an old cabin with soft, worn colors and ebony wood walls. Designer Susan Ferrier chose a chandelier from Phillips Metal Works to make the elevated living room more intimate.

These are the 30 best colors for your living room Part 3

Light grey

In this lovely family home, interior designer Heidi Caillier chose a shade of light gray paint in the living room to reproduce the color scheme of eclectic furniture and decoration everywhere. It is more complex and less severe than a classic white, but remains neutral enough not to steal attention. Real estate property

Military Green

A dark shade of military green paint complements the mahogany wood accents throughout the room, while the sunny yellow sofa and pink carpets illuminate the space.

Pale blue

Looking at a blue room can slow down and calm you down. A monochromatic palette allows us to focus on the incredible interior architecture and dramatic pieces in this living room designed by Robson Rak. The relaxing tones and bulbous shapes everywhere, from the marble side table to the light hanging from the bubble and the round sofa, make the piece discreet and bold.

Hot Pink

Intense, bold and adventurous, the neon pink walls in this Greenwich Village room designed by Katie Ridder (she used C2 Paints “Mulberry”) are a bold option that paid off. The contrasting tones of sky blue and traditional furniture make it more transitory and timeless. Use it in a lobby for a warm, cozy and unforgettable entrance.


Designer Kristin Kong hid a basement door behind a painted wood factory in Sherwin-Williams Black Fox in her home near Atlanta. The trick “makes the room less irregular,” she says, since the dark color helps everything mix. And never underestimate the power of a beautiful floral arrangement on the coffee table!


This room is friendly and welcoming, adult and sophisticated. And although it is definitely bolder and brighter than ordinary cream walls, it also has a good depth of absorption. The upholstered armchair in burnt orange and chocolate brown speaks of the living personality of the room, while the golden metal tables and marble fireplace cool things.