10 Types of Kitchen Flooring Materials 6-5 End


If you are looking for an industrial style, concrete is an excellent choice for kitchen floors. It is low maintenance and durable, but can be difficult to install. You will have to work with an engineer to make sure your home can support the weight of a concrete floor. Real estate property

Stone tile

Stone is one of the most elegant materials for kitchen floors and often has a price that matches. But there is a wide range of stones that have different prices, from slate to limestone and marble. As a nature-resistant material, it adapts perfectly to kitchens, even if it is a little harder under the feet than synthetic materials and hardwood.

Ceramic tiles

With perhaps the widest variety of styles of all flooring materials, ceramic tiles can be customized to fit any space. They are popular in kitchens because of their resistance, but like stone tiles, they are hard underfoot. Grout lines are also a major concern, as they can easily get dirty.

Terracotta Tiles

Although terracotta is technically a ceramic material, terracotta is composed of a reddish clay which gives it its characteristic tone, which distinguishes it among its cousins. Color variations can vary from beige to carbon. When considering terracotta tiles for your kitchen, be sure to choose a high density material, as low density ones are porous and sensitive to stains and water damage.


Although the idea of linoleum could evoke visions of his grandmother’s retro kitchen, the floor material has gained popularity. Unlike its vinyl brothers, linoleum is made of natural materials and is quite ecological. It provides a lightness that makes it quite comfortable, but it can dent and discolor over time.


Whether you are planning a Christmas dinner for ten or two, a Chinese porcelain game can add an air of elegance to your meal. But getting out of china doesn’t necessarily mean dusting your grandmother’s collection. There are many designers who make elegant, contemporary and porcelain tableware, which will show their personal style, without surprising the in-laws. No matter how he goes to dinner, it will be fantastic in these modern porcelain games. Real estate property


Solid black bands and platinum edges make this porcelain set a graphic statement. Each dish uses a different variation of the same motif, to distinguish the dishes, creating a continuous flow during the Christmas dinner. The blue robin egg band adds a touch of delicate and playful color.


Mixing and combining porcelain games can be difficult, but if done well it can be a bold statement. If you want to add some color to a completely white porcelain set, look no further than Bernardaud’s Kintsugi Sarkis plates. The golden details are personalized on each plate of the collection and add a personalized touch that is also extraordinarily elegant.


Porcelain marriage should not appear obsolete. Inspired by the ornaments used in Vera Wang’s wedding dresses, this collaboration between Wedgwood and Vera Wang is the perfect set for every married couple. Wedgwood is one of the oldest British manufacturers of fine porcelain, but this modern ensemble never feels obsolete.


Waterford is a world-renowned brand known for its distinct pieces of glass. But their porcelain collections are also of the highest order. This set uses a golden Celtic motif with microprinting, to give a contemporary twist to the company’s Irish heritage.


This totally white porcelain set is far from standard. The Rosenthal Tac 02 collection was designed by one of the best architects of the twentieth century, Walter Gropius, and incorporates Bauhaus’s emphasis on functionality, while being exquisitely modern.


With a distinctive yet elegant motif, the Monique Lhuillier Opulence collection by Waterford certainly lives up to its name.

Langkah-Langkah untuk Menjaga Rumah agar Tetap Bersih dan Rapi

Setiap orang pasti mendambakan rumah yang bersih dan rapi agar dapat merasakan rasa nyaman saat menempati tempat tinggal tersebut. Selain itu, rumah yang bersih dan rapi dapat juga menjaga anda dari pandangan negatif tamu yang bertamu ke rumah anda. Sangat disayangkan bahwa sangat sulit menjaga rumah agar tetap bersih dan rapi. Apalagi, pada zaman yang serba modern ini kita tak hanya hidup dirumah, melainkan juga menikmati hidup diluar rumah, baik untuk bekerja ataupun bersosialisasi.

Dikutip dari www.agenbolahebat.com, adapun langkah-langkah penting untuk menjaga rumah agar tetap bersih dan rapi adalah sebagai berikut.

  • Memperhatikan Hal-hal Kecil

Agar dapat menciptakan rumah bersih, prioritaskan hal-hal kecil yang dapat mengganggu pemandangan seperti tumpukan pakaian, buku atau hal-hal lain yang berserakan di lantai. Dengan merapikan benda-benda tersebut, akan muncul kesan rumah bersih setiap saat, walaupun lantai belum disapu atau dipel bersih.

Oleh seba itu, apabila anda selalu menyapu dan mengelap lantai namun tidak memperhatikan benda-benda kecil yang tergeletak di rumah, ada baiknya anda terlebih dahulu merapikannya terlebih dahulu. Sebab hal-hal kecil tersebut dapat menciptakan kesan rapi pada ruangan yang akan anda bersih-kan.

  • Memulai Kebiasaan Bersih-bersih

Pemilik rumah bersih tak akan menunggu sampai rumah terlihat berantakan lalu kemudian dibersihkan. Sebaliknya, rumah bersih merupakan usaha yang dilaksanakan secara terus menerus, tidak hanya dilakukan oleh individu melainkan juga seluruh anggota keluarga yang tinggal di rumah tersebut. Oleh karena itu, libatkan juga sanak keluarga atau pasangan dan anak-anak dalam menghadirkan rumah agar bersih dan rapi.

Memulai kebiasaan bersih memang terdengar sangat simple, namun merupakan kunci yang paling efektif. Mulai dari rutinitas seperti merapikan tempat tidur saat bangun, mengelap wastafel setelah selesai digunakan, hingga merapikan hal-hal kecil sebelum meninggalkan sebuah ruangan. Hal tersebut adalah sebuah kesadaran yang harus dipupuk agar rumah bersih dan rapi dapat terjadi dan tidak hanya menjadi sebuah impian.