Make the house more beautiful, here are 5 tips for decorating with ornamental plants

Organizing a house to make it more comfortable to live in is important, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic has limited outside activities. Since the beginning of the pandemic, decorating homes with ornamental plants has become increasingly popular.

But instead of making the house more beautiful, as long as you put plants in every corner of the room without paying attention to the type and source of the sun, it might look messy and even blindly dead plants. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Paying attention to the right type of ornamental plant decoration and according to the type of room in the house is one of the most important aspects.

The household appliance company from Sweden, IKEA, provides tips on decorating ornamental plants to make the corner of the house look beautiful and luscious.

1 Study table decoration with mini ornamental plants

Being at your desk or study table all day without any attractive decorations will certainly get you saturated. Ornamental plants can be the right solution to provide a more refreshing feel. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

According to research conducted by Dr Chris Knight and colleagues from Exeter University, a person’s productivity increases 15 percent after his desk is decorated with plants. If the table area is not too big, just place a few mini houseplants.

One plant that is easy to care for is a type of succulent plant. You only need to spray water once a week and place it near sunlight. House Furniture Solution

2 Types of tall plants in a mini living room

Minimalist living rooms, especially those of limited size, ornamental plants are the best choice to give a cool and beautiful feel. Tall plants can easily dominate a room, especially if you add a medium sized potted plant with a stylish design.

If you don’t want tall plants, you can place small plants on a plant stand or end table to make them stand out. Property New

3 Use houseplants to create a fresh bathroom atmosphere

The condition of the bathroom which has a high humidity level actually makes some ornamental plants to live and grow well in the room.

One of them is the Sanderiana Curly plant, which is suitable to be placed in a humid room.

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If you prefer large plants, you can use medium or large earthenware pots to place the plants on the floor. Apart from living plants, artificial ornamental plants can also be another option to make the bathroom atmosphere fresher.

4 Decorate the porch with plants that require sunlight

The terrace of the house is the perfect place to place various types of ornamental plants, especially those that require direct sunlight. A terrace filled with plants will give your home a fresh natural feel.

To keep it neat and organized, you can take advantage of neutral colored plant stands or plant pots with rattan material to display plants.

5 Color the corner of your favorite hobby room with hanging ornamental plants

Place hanging houseplants near windows that are translucent in the sun. In addition, choose curtains and hanging pots in natural colors that can complement hanging ornamental plants.

Home Work Inspiration

The work from home routine is now a familiar thing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world, including Indonesia. For those of you who do work from home routines, it is not uncommon for you to feel bored with the work area at home which may not fully support productivity at work. To outsmart it, it’s good to try to organize the work area to make it feel more comfortable. Here are some workspace inspirations that the LINE TODAY team summarized from the Pinterest site.

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1 Minimalist Design

  • Choose a simple color that suits your personality, monochrome colors are perfect for minimalist designs
  • Provide a hanging cabinet that is on the wall near your work desk to place some important items such as clocks, stationery, and photo frames that can provide enthusiasm or inspiration for work. Peralatan Rumah Tangga
  • Provide sufficient lighting by fitting the lamp on the side of your desk
  • Lay down a feather rug so that your feet feel comfortable while working

2 Natural Design

  • Make sure you have a table in a comfortable wood or brown color
  • Some hanging shelves on the wall near your work table you can place things that are quite essential. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga
  • Tuck in a hanging wire under your hanging rack, and hang up some of your Polaroid photos for a relaxing accent
  • Most importantly, place some plants (either real or artificial) in several corners of your work area such as hanging shelves, work tables, and the floor around the work table. Also place artificial vines for a tropical impression. House Furniture Solution
  • Prepare footwear made of thin knit to give a comfortable impression

3 Vintage Designs

  • Take advantage of the old table in your house to become your work desk
  • Prepare a table lamp with brown shades to be placed on the work table
  • Try to keep a few items on the work table to make it look neat. Property New
  • Use a soft brown / mocca color tone combined with the wallpaper / curtains of your home
  • Place a boho nuance on a light rug for a homey feel

A Nashville home that redefines Southern style

“I really wanted to dispel the myth that southern houses are all decorated and delicate with roses and floral wallpaper,” says photographer Alyssa Rosenheck. This was the concept behind The New Southern Style, her debut book released today, in which the photographer visits a myriad of designers and trendsetters who see traditional notions of Southern style redefined.

Of course, this redefinition goes beyond interior design: the South has a troubled relationship with its cultural history, which is being reexamined now as never before. Part of Rosenheck’s mission was to reshape the southern style to be more diverse and inclusive. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

“I have my roots,” says Rosenheck, who grew up Jewish in Oklahoma and can remember the local KKK who broke into her family’s yard and left a swastika engraved on the fence. “I want to see more substance and culture in a niche that really celebrates style, but is also very homogeneous. So that’s really the genesis of this project.”

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It is also the result of a very personal journey for Rosenheck, who found photography after leaving a corporate career following a cancer diagnosis at age 30. “Looking back, I understand that my 20s and 30s, from a place of fear, were trying to do things a certain way, which is why my life lacked so much color, I was successful but it meant nothing to me, “he reflects. “It was almost like he was living life not for me, and then when I got the diagnosis, he woke me up and literally got me inside for the first time and wonder what I wanted.” . “

By taking up photography, Rosenheck found more than just a career change. “I was building a business that really started as a passion and I started getting clients organically. They were taking risks with me and I intuitively walked into their homes, which is very personal.” House Furniture Solution

It is the creative connections he forged through these shots that served as the basis for the book. “There’s a great synergy in that because I think we’re stronger together. I feel like there’s a creative mindset that we’re all on our island, but there’s enough room for everyone to be successful,” says Rosenheck. “And we are truly stronger together when we encourage each other. The new southern style is based on cultural change; it’s about humanizing and honoring our differences through the lens of creativity.” Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

In the book, readers will see the homes of familiar creatives, such as Bobby Berk and Leanne Ford, as well as new faces, including poets, chefs, shop owners, photographers and more. They will also take a look at Rosenheck’s space, which serves as a physical manifestation of many of his ideas on the new southern style. In time for the book’s launch, she opened her home at House Beautiful. Take the tour below.


“I spend a lot of time in our living room; that’s where people really come when I’m here,” says Rosenheck. As such, he wanted the space to be warm and inviting, while remaining true to its cleaner sensibility. “I have layers with the same shade,” he explains. “So my walls are the same color as my cabinets and they’re this kind of creamy white. I chose linen fabric to match the wall and then I have another layer on top of the panels.”

Against this more neutral backdrop, the art in Rosenheck’s house takes center stage, and that’s how she likes it. “And as a photographer, such a visually sensitive person, I need a negative space in my home. I love to add character, personality and touches of color to my artistic choices,” she explains. “Art is my personal collection and that of many of my friends, which was really beautiful. So every piece of art I have in my house is like a memory with a timestamp.” In the living room, an abstract piece by Kayce Hughes hides the television. Property New


“I love green in the kitchen,” says Rosenheck. “It gives a lot of life and personality to space and freshness.” Here, too, you’ll notice an attention to texture and craftsmanship. “One of the easiest ways to elevate any kitchen (I’m so tired of seeing cutting boards in a backsplash) is art,” she says. “Supporting art in your kitchen is the fastest way to elevate it.”

Benjamin Moore revealed his 2019 color of the year, and it’s sophisticated

The wait is over: Benjamin Moore has just revealed his Color of the Year 2019, a soft, elegant and sophisticated gray with cool tones called the Metropolitan AF-690, and he’s here to prove that neutrals can be totally sexy. House Furniture Solution

“It’s a color on the neutral spectrum that refers to a contemplative and design mood,” explained Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s Director of Strategic Design Intelligence. “It is not flashy or aggressive, this discreet but glamorous gray creates an impressive and relaxing common ground.” Peralatan Rumah Tangga

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Along with the unveiling of the Metropolitan AF-690, the iconic paint brand announced a matching color palette of 15 different colors. The palette ranges from “ethereal neutrals to sparkling roses and deep blues and greens”, according to Benjamin Moore, and you can see the full list of colors below:

    Putnam Ivory HC-39
    Fog Balboa OC-27
    Kendall Charcoal HC-166
    Smoke 2122-40
    Black Pepper 2130-40
    Soft Fern 2144-40
    Cloud White OC-130
    Beau Green 2054-20
    Blue Marine Hale HC-154
    Head Over Heels AF-250
    Kona AF-165
    White Decorator OC-149
    Pashmina AF-100
    Hunter Green 2041-10

You can learn more about the Metropolitan AF-690 and see the rest of the 2019 color trend palette at Benjamin Moore, and if you’re dying to paint your home in this stunning shade of gray, go here to find a dealer authorized near you. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

And in case you missed it, check out the other colors of the year 2019 from Behr, Valspar and Sherwin Williams. Property News

These are our 40 favorite colors for kitchen paints Part 4

Flamingo Pink

Can’t decide on a single paint color? DeVOL Kitchens’ new showroom in New York proves it’s not necessary. Choose one color for the walls and one for the lower cabinets, then use a splash guard that incorporates both. So paint something fun on the top cabinet seals. House Furniture Solution

Gray green

It is light enough to function as neutral, especially if you choose a blue with gray tones. The exposed wooden beams and light natural wooden stools in this deVOL kitchen make it a soft and cozy place.

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The juxtaposition between the lavender cabinets and the calendula oven in this captivating kitchen by designer Penélope August shows that opposites attract. The fun deck splash guard connects the two for a perfect match. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Bright white

There is nothing wrong with a totally white kitchen. This design trend, dominated by Leanne Ford here, is particularly suited to the room where cleanliness is essential.

Pink baby

This retro-inspired VOL kitchen is a beautiful combination of classic English design with contemporary functionality. The custom glass cabinet fits the corner perfectly and looks great with baby pink paint and Kelly green splash guard. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Pale mint green

A bistro table in the kitchen is much more interesting than a classic island. And it’s even cooler when you paint your bar stools in a mint green shade and hang over a copper pendant light.

Blue Night

If blue and white seem too coastal, go for deep midnight blue or super-dark navy. These rich shades will grind the entire space and look super warm with reclaimed wood, exposed beams, stone floors, brass hardware, and copper pots. Property News

Green jade

For a pop of color, paint your kitchen island and lower cabinets a rich color, like jade green. This will require less work and can change things when you are ready for a new color scheme.

Dark gray

If you’re against color but you have a lot of variations, play around with a changing monochrome palette. This Leanne Ford designed kitchen is filled with shades of gray, dark to light, opaque to bright.


These light cream colored walls in a beautiful VOL kitchen create the perfect backdrop. The grayish blue kitchen island mixed with cool marble surfaces and brass hardware is a surprisingly surprising combination with strong, earthy walls.

17 low-maintenance houseplants that are as beautiful as they are easy to care for #2

8 arabica coffee

It won’t produce enough coffee to make up for Starbucks’ daily performance, but in general, the coffee factory is easy to keep alive and also forgiving. Make sure it is in a warm place and receives medium light (low light is good, but it grows more slowly!). “Their soil wants to dry out and they are really dramatic, so if they get too dry, they will look very limp,” says Stearns. “But that’s okay, because as soon as you water it, it gets excited again.” real estate property

9 succulents

When watering succulents, they can rot, making them an excellent option for parents of low maintenance plants. Water them at most twice a month, and you’re done.

Plan 10 ZZ

ZZ’s plants have continued to become increasingly fashionable over the years, thanks to the simplicity of their maintenance. Low light, bright light – it doesn’t matter, the ZZ will thrive. Make sure your roots are not damp, and you will have a happy plant in your hands. Its lovely pointy leaves are just a fun bonus.

11 Anthurium

Some anthurium varieties refer more to waxy heart-shaped flowers (like the one you see here!). Most people think when they think of this plant, but others are more about foliage. Either way, they are a great starter plant. “Anthuriums are very remote,” says Stearns. “They will want to water, depending on the size of the plant, between once every two to two weeks with occasional fertilization.”

12 Monstera

Monstera plants are loved for their tropical appearance, and you may think they are more difficult to care for than they really are. It can tolerate low light, but it is much better in a medium to bright (and more humid!) Environment. Water when the top of the soil is dry.

13 Calathea Freddie

This striped plant has the most beautiful name on the list, but in addition, it is a good choice for beginners. Place it in a location where it can receive medium to bright indirect light and high humidity, and it will thrive. This little one also prefers to be on the wet side – you can let the top of the soil dry a little between watering so you don’t get too much water, but generally keep the soil a little bit moist.

14 peperomia

The leaves of this plant retain water well, which means that they can recover from occasional missed watering. Peperomia plants can handle almost any light level, so you can keep them on a sunny window ledge or in your office, depending on your preference.

15 palm living room

Bright filtered light is best for this lush palm plant, but can adapt to low light if needed. In terms of watering, avoid watering your living room palm too much – it is best to keep the soil a little too dry and not too moist, and you should water it even less in winter. Keep it in a warmer place and occasionally apply a mist.

16 wax plant

Another final option, the wax plant, AKA Hoya carnosa, features thick sheets of wax (hence the name!) And is easy to care for, as long as you have a shiny place to put it. take it and let the inch or the top of the soil dry between watering, and you are golden.

17 bamboo

Bamboo is another option, like aerial plants, that can grow without soil. Simply place the stems in a vase filled with water with stones or marbles at the bottom. And if your bamboo starts to get too big for its container, just upgrade to a new one with a similar configuration, without the need for a real transplant.

11 coffee shop ideas to channel your favorite coffee at home

Whether in your kitchen, in a butler’s pantry, in the corner of the dining room or even in an empty cupboard, it’s worth considering a coffee at home. It will be like going to your favorite cafe every day without having to leave the house, and even if you are not a good coffee person, the next time you have guests, it will make a big difference. Keep reading 11 homemade coffee ideas so good that you will probably become a morning person. Real estate property

1 Transform a corridor

Catherine Kwong transformed this corridor into an elegant café at home. The cabinets and the hidden minibar offer plenty of storage space so that surfaces are free for decoration and preparation. Best of all, this mini kitchen finds coffee at home in the hallway above, preventing occupants from having to go up and down the main kitchen.

2 Waste in appliances

Interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer chose a palette of warm colors and packs many texture-rich materials in this small kitchen. And although it can be compact, it has all the bells and whistles, that is, a built-in Thermador coffee maker. He even knows Nussbaumer’s drink order, while an Elkay water dispenser (and sink and tap) increases his daily intake of java.

3 Put it in a closet

Designed by Emily Henderson, this coffee at home combines completely with the rest of the kitchen as it is hidden inside a closet. Stocked with other ingredients for breakfast, it is a one-stop shop in the morning.

4 Hide

Here is another version of hidden coffee. Designed by Matthew Ferrarini, this kitchen is full of ingenious solutions for small spaces. He used folding wooden doors to hide the entire bar and coffee area against the wall.

5 Stock with breakfast products

In addition to caffeinated drinks, this should also be a space for other essential breakfast items, such as cereals and a toaster. Nicole Hollis Studio has designated one end of this counter for a cafeteria, complete with floating shelves for server tools and utensils. Bonus points if you place yours where stunned guests can find it in the morning (ideally, very close to the breakfast table).

6 Update your start bar

If you have a fun homemade bar in a lounge or dining room, make sure it is also equipped with essential coffee items. Designed by Emily Henderson, this space brings a lot of dimension to singing and makes entertainment much better.

7 Divide your kitchen

Krysta Gibbons, of Kipling House Interiors, divided a large kitchen into two bedrooms: the main kitchen, where it is cooked, and the kitchen / pantry. It is basically a modern pantry, where all bulky appliances are found, such as those found in a cafe.

8 Use a pantry

Metallic wallpaper is the perfect setting for an intimate and intimate pantry, a starter bar or a butler’s pantry. Studio DB combined it with black marble surfaces and stained wood cabinets to complete the look, complementing both a drunk home bar and an elegant home bar atmosphere.

9 Convert a cabinet

Now, here is a fully stocked coffee, which does not require its own space or counter: all you need is a small closet, a spacious closet or a corner to give it life. And don’t forget the tea ingredients, if your guests don’t drink coffee.

10 Keep it open

Install a bar under a floating shelf to hang your cups and other odds and ends of the coffee bar. Some additional lighting for tasks in the area is also a good option: Vol’s kitchens chose a bronze lamp to complement the hardware and accessories. Having everything outdoors and at play will keep a high traffic kitchen running smoothly.

11 Put it in a butler’s pantry

A butler’s pantry is the perfect place for a bar at home, given the size, design and proximity to the dining room. When it comes to storage, the more cabinets, the better. And if you can’t decide between glass cabinets and solid cabinets in your home cafeteria, try this happy medium. Metal grilles allow partial visibility and add a bright touch.

10 Types of Kitchen Flooring Materials 6-5 End


If you are looking for an industrial style, concrete is an excellent choice for kitchen floors. It is low maintenance and durable, but can be difficult to install. You will have to work with an engineer to make sure your home can support the weight of a concrete floor. Real estate property

Stone tile

Stone is one of the most elegant materials for kitchen floors and often has a price that matches. But there is a wide range of stones that have different prices, from slate to limestone and marble. As a nature-resistant material, it adapts perfectly to kitchens, even if it is a little harder under the feet than synthetic materials and hardwood.

Ceramic tiles

With perhaps the widest variety of styles of all flooring materials, ceramic tiles can be customized to fit any space. They are popular in kitchens because of their resistance, but like stone tiles, they are hard underfoot. Grout lines are also a major concern, as they can easily get dirty.

Terracotta Tiles

Although terracotta is technically a ceramic material, terracotta is composed of a reddish clay which gives it its characteristic tone, which distinguishes it among its cousins. Color variations can vary from beige to carbon. When considering terracotta tiles for your kitchen, be sure to choose a high density material, as low density ones are porous and sensitive to stains and water damage.


Although the idea of linoleum could evoke visions of his grandmother’s retro kitchen, the floor material has gained popularity. Unlike its vinyl brothers, linoleum is made of natural materials and is quite ecological. It provides a lightness that makes it quite comfortable, but it can dent and discolor over time.


Whether you are planning a Christmas dinner for ten or two, a Chinese porcelain game can add an air of elegance to your meal. But getting out of china doesn’t necessarily mean dusting your grandmother’s collection. There are many designers who make elegant, contemporary and porcelain tableware, which will show their personal style, without surprising the in-laws. No matter how he goes to dinner, it will be fantastic in these modern porcelain games. Real estate property


Solid black bands and platinum edges make this porcelain set a graphic statement. Each dish uses a different variation of the same motif, to distinguish the dishes, creating a continuous flow during the Christmas dinner. The blue robin egg band adds a touch of delicate and playful color.


Mixing and combining porcelain games can be difficult, but if done well it can be a bold statement. If you want to add some color to a completely white porcelain set, look no further than Bernardaud’s Kintsugi Sarkis plates. The golden details are personalized on each plate of the collection and add a personalized touch that is also extraordinarily elegant.


Porcelain marriage should not appear obsolete. Inspired by the ornaments used in Vera Wang’s wedding dresses, this collaboration between Wedgwood and Vera Wang is the perfect set for every married couple. Wedgwood is one of the oldest British manufacturers of fine porcelain, but this modern ensemble never feels obsolete.


Waterford is a world-renowned brand known for its distinct pieces of glass. But their porcelain collections are also of the highest order. This set uses a golden Celtic motif with microprinting, to give a contemporary twist to the company’s Irish heritage.


This totally white porcelain set is far from standard. The Rosenthal Tac 02 collection was designed by one of the best architects of the twentieth century, Walter Gropius, and incorporates Bauhaus’s emphasis on functionality, while being exquisitely modern.


With a distinctive yet elegant motif, the Monique Lhuillier Opulence collection by Waterford certainly lives up to its name.

Langkah-Langkah untuk Menjaga Rumah agar Tetap Bersih dan Rapi

Setiap orang pasti mendambakan rumah yang bersih dan rapi agar dapat merasakan rasa nyaman saat menempati tempat tinggal tersebut. Selain itu, rumah yang bersih dan rapi dapat juga menjaga anda dari pandangan negatif tamu yang bertamu ke rumah anda. Sangat disayangkan bahwa sangat sulit menjaga rumah agar tetap bersih dan rapi. Apalagi, pada zaman yang serba modern ini kita tak hanya hidup dirumah, melainkan juga menikmati hidup diluar rumah, baik untuk bekerja ataupun bersosialisasi.

Dikutip dari, adapun langkah-langkah penting untuk menjaga rumah agar tetap bersih dan rapi adalah sebagai berikut.

  • Memperhatikan Hal-hal Kecil

Agar dapat menciptakan rumah bersih, prioritaskan hal-hal kecil yang dapat mengganggu pemandangan seperti tumpukan pakaian, buku atau hal-hal lain yang berserakan di lantai. Dengan merapikan benda-benda tersebut, akan muncul kesan rumah bersih setiap saat, walaupun lantai belum disapu atau dipel bersih.

Oleh seba itu, apabila anda selalu menyapu dan mengelap lantai namun tidak memperhatikan benda-benda kecil yang tergeletak di rumah, ada baiknya anda terlebih dahulu merapikannya terlebih dahulu. Sebab hal-hal kecil tersebut dapat menciptakan kesan rapi pada ruangan yang akan anda bersih-kan.

  • Memulai Kebiasaan Bersih-bersih

Pemilik rumah bersih tak akan menunggu sampai rumah terlihat berantakan lalu kemudian dibersihkan. Sebaliknya, rumah bersih merupakan usaha yang dilaksanakan secara terus menerus, tidak hanya dilakukan oleh individu melainkan juga seluruh anggota keluarga yang tinggal di rumah tersebut. Oleh karena itu, libatkan juga sanak keluarga atau pasangan dan anak-anak dalam menghadirkan rumah agar bersih dan rapi.

Memulai kebiasaan bersih memang terdengar sangat simple, namun merupakan kunci yang paling efektif. Mulai dari rutinitas seperti merapikan tempat tidur saat bangun, mengelap wastafel setelah selesai digunakan, hingga merapikan hal-hal kecil sebelum meninggalkan sebuah ruangan. Hal tersebut adalah sebuah kesadaran yang harus dipupuk agar rumah bersih dan rapi dapat terjadi dan tidak hanya menjadi sebuah impian.