5 Special Christmas Snack Ideas with Eye Catching Decorations, Make You Excited!

Christmas is just a few days away, the main meal has been prepared, but it’s not right if you don’t present a snack with a thick Christmas feel. This is usually done to attract the attention of children to want to taste the dish.

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate food so that it is closer to the Christmas theme, then you can listen to the following five processed inspirations, so that the snack becomes even more beautiful and attractive. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Fruit trifle

Fruit trifle is one of the most suitable foods served in various important events, including Christmas. This dish is also arranged in layers from various raw materials, including the use of various fruits. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

First of all, you need to prepare a jam mixture that makes the dish even sweeter and fresher. Then stack with cream and custard, as well as a variety of favorite fruits. Just complete it using jelly or biscuits to make the food more delicious.

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2 Christmas circle cookies

Presenting cookies at Christmas has become an annual tradition that is almost never missed. Because this dish does not only rely on the taste of the cake, but the appearance is also a concern.

Each round cookie can be decorated to the maximum to produce a unique image. In fact, you can present illustrations related to Christmas, so that the decoration of this snack feels more festive and colorful. Property News

3 Christmas cracks

Not only pastries, another dish that can be decorated using a Christmas theme to make it feel more exciting is Christmas crack. This food refers to chocolate candy with attractive colors, to make it more appetizing.

At the bottom of the dough, there is usually a saltine cracker which is then covered with melted chocolate and butter. Then add sprinkles and other ingredients that are closely related to the Christmas colors.

4 Tree brownies

The next meal becomes special when it is decorated with a Christmas theme. Especially because the dish is similar to a tree that is usually decorated every year, with various lights and similar attributes. House Furniture Solution

The manufacturing process doesn’t take long, because you can still use regular brownie dough for baking using a triangular mold. Just decorate with melted chocolate or cream and the tree brownies are ready to be served!

5 Christmas cupcakes

No Christmas snack would be complete without the little cupcake. This festive preparation will captivate the eyes because it is perfect for decorating with various kinds of creams and candies, so that the Christmas decorations will feel more complete.

The type of cupcake used can be of any taste. From vanilla to chocolate. Then just pin various colored frostings, and sprinkle sprinkles or colorful candies so that this dish becomes more eye catchy when served.

5 Tricks for Small Home Decorations to Look Spacious

Small houses are often an obstacle in decorating. With a limited area, tiny houses sometimes look cramped.

In fact, with the right decoration, a narrow house can look comfortable. There are several ways that can be done to get a broad impression. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Here are tips for a narrow house to make it look spacious and comfortable for its residents.

1 Do not stack furniture

There are times when we are too busy buying furniture without considering the needs and size of the room. When the room in the house feels cramped, it’s time to consider removing unnecessary furniture. House Furniture Solution

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2 big windows

The role of the window is quite important in a dwelling. In addition to functioning as air ventilation and sunlight, the presence of windows can give the impression of a wider room.

A house with large windows gives the impression of being relieved and not cramped. A house that is bathed in the morning sun is also healthier than a house that is dark and damp. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Optimize decoration

If the area of ​​your house is limited, optimize the room decoration. You can mount a bookshelf, clothes rack, shoe rack on the wall.

Remember not to overdo wall decorations such as paintings and photos. Too many decorations will impress a narrow room.

4 Add mirror

Mirrors create an optical illusion that makes a small room seem larger. Measure the walls of your room. Then, install a mirror the size of the wall. Thus, the room of the house will appear twice as large. Property News

5 Use bright colors

Paint affects the overall look of the house. To get the impression of a wider room, choose a brightly colored paint.

White is the most recommended color to make the room look spacious and clean. You can also apply other neutral colors, such as gray, beige, and beige.

How to Use Books for a More Aesthetic Home Decoration

Ladies, those of you who like to read books, of course, have their own shelves at home to store collections. But if the collection is increasing but the space is not enough, sometimes it makes us confused where to save the book collection. If stacked carelessly, these books will give the room a messy and full impression.

For that, you must be able to use this item to become an attractive home decoration. How to? kumparanWOMAN has summarized four tips for making books as decorations. Reported by various sources, see in full below. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

1 Arranged on a minimalist shelf

If you still have an empty room or wall at home, Ladies should use it for a collection of books. Choose a minimalist model, then arrange the books according to your taste. Can be arranged according to category, most favorite book, high to low size, and so on.

The selection of this minimalist shelf is not only to save space, but also to get around the house so that it doesn’t look too full because there is more than one shelf. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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2 Stacked in the room

For this one tip, you don’t need excessive effort. You just need to be creative in stacking books. In order for the appearance to look aesthetically pleasing, books that are suitable for stacking are usually a kind of coffee table book or large books with hard covers.

After selecting the books, stack about 10 books near the sofa. Ladies don’t need to arrange them neatly, they don’t have to be the same size, just stack them in an irregular style to give an effortless impression to the decoration. To make it more aesthetic, you can put a reed diffuser on it. House Furniture Solution

3 Put it on the table

Some of you have heard of the term coffee table book. This type of book is usually a book that does have an attractive cover with a short story and prefers pictures. The goal is to read casually or it can also be used as a sweetener for table decorations. Well, if you have this type of book, Ladies can arrange it on the living room table. Room decoration with a coffee table book can be a substitute for a vase or other display.

How to organize it is quite easy, choose two to three interesting books. If possible, try to find a color that matches the feel of the living room, for example, there is a touch of black and white. Then place it on the table, you can arrange it neatly or place it sparingly. Property News

4 Used as a display

Who says walls must always be decorated with displays or photos. If you like, books can also be used as an alternative display, you know. To do this it’s quite easy, you have to look for a simple, rustic style wooden shelf model that is attached to the wall. After that arrange four to five books on it. Combine it with candles, photos, or other displays to give an artsy impression to the living room or other room.

One more important tip for making books as decorations. Make sure you replace or clean the book at least once a week. This needs to be done to preserve the book’s durability and also so it doesn’t get dirty. Good luck Ladies!

Luxurious wedding decorations burn in the middle of the event, netizens: ex-sabotage

A wedding moment that was supposed to be romantic suddenly became tense recently garnered the public spotlight. Because, in the middle of the procession, suddenly the wedding decorations caught fire.

As previously known, for most people, marriage is one of the most special moments in life. No doubt if the bride and groom want to celebrate by making a wedding reception. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

It’s just that, although the bride and groom clearly want the reception to run smoothly and be enjoyed by those invited, sometimes there are unexpected events at the wedding reception.

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For example, the moment shared by the @ abe_ryan82 account on TikTok, on Monday (12/4/2021). In the video, which is less than a minute long, the bride and groom appear to have a photo shoot. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Standing under a circular decoration decorated with flowers, the bride and groom are seen facing each other. Before long, fireworks descended from the circle like a fountain.

The scenery shown is also considered romantic. Some of the invited guests also seemed amused to see him. Only, suddenly the atmosphere of the event changed 180 degrees with flames appearing above the decorations.

“The wedding decorations were on fire,” said the account uploading the video.

It is suspected that the spark of fireworks grabbed the flower decorations on the decoration. Shortly afterward, flames spread to other parts of the decoration, while the flowers that had been enveloped in the flames fell. House Furniture Solution

Seeing the fire, several invited guests immediately tried to save themselves. It was heard that the program guide then tried to calm the guests and people who were at the location.

“Marriage on fire. There must be sabotage from the ex. Joking ex,” wrote the uploader in the video.

Now the upload is viral, has been watched more than 1.1 million times and is liked by more than 40 thousand people. Warganet gave various comments, most of whom were surprised by this unexpected sight.

“Wrong concept. This concept should be outdoor, not indoor, Bambang,” said the account @ivankafalishashi. Property News

“The musical accompaniment is like in the Titanic movie, but we continue to play music,” said the @vetarranirian account

Ramadan Ambiance in Jerusalem is festive with colorful decorations

Colorful lanterns and Ramadan decorations fill Jerusalem’s streets as Palestinians welcome a holy month that is looser than COVID-19 restrictions.

During Ramadan, the atmosphere in Jerusalem’s Old City is much more pleasant than last year when prayers were restricted at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holy place of Muslims. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Although Jerusalem is still devoid of foreign tourists, far more people are strolling the Old City, where shops report busier business.

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“Because of the corona virus, the situation is bad for traders and the public. Now with the corona virus vaccination, the situation is improving,” said one of the buyers, Mohammad Abu Sbeih. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

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Israel has included Palestinians in East Jerusalem in its rapid vaccine rollout.

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Israel annexed the eastern part of the city of Jerusalem after seizing it along with the West Bank in the 1967 Middle East war.

But it is unclear whether Palestinians from the West Bank can come to the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, as in previous years. House Furniture Solution

An Israeli military official said no decision had yet been made on vacation permits.

This situation may be complicated by the rate at which the Palestinian Authority is conducting vaccinations much slower than in Israel.

International urges Israel to ensure Palestinians are vaccinated.

In the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Authority has said it will allow more shops to open at night and to pray tarawih at mosques, except for Friday prayers.

But the Palestinian Authority imposed a nighttime COVID curfew for the movement of citizens between cities, villages and refugee camps. Property News

The Palestinian Authority also prohibits restaurants from holding iftar together.

Stores selling sweet pastries open their doors to customers, but shops can only make deliveries.

In Gaza, buyers are filling the market despite the recent tripling of daily infections.

This has forced Gaza’s health authorities to close schools, impose curfews and prohibit large gatherings.

“This year, we are selling goods from Egypt and China, and the number of visitors is huge,” said shop owner Hatem El-Helo as the loudspeaker echoed with Egyptian songs celebrating Ramadan.

“People want to bring joy to their homes,” said the shop owner.

Room Decoration Tips for Ramadan at Home Festive

This year is the second year that Indonesian Muslims must fast at home to fast in Ramadan to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus, which is still not fully controlled. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

“Unlike previous years, the trend of designing spaces for festive festivities is even more serene and mindful, because there are many factors that need to be considered. Before the pandemic, themes of Middle Eastern nuances, such as 1001 nights to Arabian Nights, color every house and project, but the year. This feels a fundamental change in the basic lines of design trends and accents, “said Mira Octaviary, Founder & CEO, Rumah Louie Project in a press release, Saturday (10/4/2021).

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Mira shares some tips for decorating the room to make it festive while undergoing Ramadan at home:

1 Pay attention to the budget

A good design is an investment. Because, this design can provide added value for housing.

With a limited budget, it is advisable for consumers to be even more careful when it comes to finding good quality furniture at affordable prices. Important criteria in assessing furniture are function, quality, and longevity. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

The more ticks, the more worth buying.

2 Adopt the concept of mindfulness

The concept of mindfulness thinking is a mindset that has skyrocketed throughout 2020 due to pandemic stress and lockdowns. House Furniture Solution

People can start to adopt this mindset in designing interiors, such as ensuring that each piece of furniture has a function, thereby minimizing furniture that only has a decorative function, taking advantage of room fragrances such as aromatic candles or incense incense, and using collaborative and sustainable colors that bring peace of mind. .

3 Pay attention to the ratio

Because there are still rules to maintain physical distance when visiting the house, the decoration and interior equipment must be considered carefully.

Use one large sofa as the vocal point of the room, and add some spaced stools for friends and family to sit comfortably. Property News

A small table with a lamp can act as a separator between benches.

4 Typical Middle Eastern decor as an accent

If people really miss the theme of Middle Eastern-style decorations but don’t want it to be too crowded, then the trick is to use Middle Eastern nuanced knick-knacks that have dual functions.

For example, an emerald green hand washing soap bottle filled with hand sanitizer liquid, crystal jars for snacks scattered at several points in the house, ethnic nuances for putting wet tissue and masks, and adding ethnic access with woven ikat as a unique statement. in the decoration work.

5 Center on the dining table

Meals are something to look forward to during Ramadan. That is why, decoration for the dining room is very important.

Some dining table decoration tips that can be considered are as follows; use a collection of old items inherited from parents such as dinner plates, serving bowls, cups, glasses, to classic-style cutlery.

Next, choose a tablecloth or runner according to the size of the dining table by combining 2 contrasting taffeta fabrics as a tablecloth, then a beautiful knot at the end of the table.

Then, a unique table centerpiece creation using tropical fruit such as pineapple or decorative flowers extending horizontally will further enliven the dining atmosphere with family and relatives.

6 Layout of plants in the house

Some of these tips will help with a landscaper’s befitting skill. First and foremost is to make sure that the layout of the plants does not interfere with the activities in the room.

Then, if you have large plants, it is better to place them in a large, open space, such as a room with large windows.

Arrange houseplants based on the shape of the foliage (color, size, and texture), as grouping similar foliage will have a dramatic effect. When placed in different groups of leaves, it often loses its exoticism.

7 Take advantage of lighting

Lighting can be a powerful weapon in pushing decorating work to new heights.

Not only that, the brightest access to lighting is generally located in areas close to outdoor areas.

Create an alfresco-inspired seating area by placing a medium sized iconic ethnic rug plus some large sitting cushions.

Take a peek at the decoration of Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah’s application

Two lovebirds, Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar will soon apply on Saturday (13/3/2021). Ahead of the awaited application moment, Ayu Dewi showed the venue of the application in the show Barista Special Ikatan Cinta Aurel and Atta on RCTI.

From the front to the venue, the decoration is decorated with purple to pink flowers. Not only that, you can see Atta and Aurel’s pre-wedding photos also complement the front area. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

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“In essence, Atta and Aurel wanted their proposal to be like a flower garden, maybe because their hearts were in flower,” said Ayu Dewi as the host.

“They really like purple, so we can see (the flowers) the base color or purple derivatives, there are Lilac and pink,” Ayu added. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Ayu Dewi also explained that Atta and Aurel’s applications were only attended by their family and closest relatives. Moreover, the couple wants to hold the event with strict health protocols. House Furniture Solution

“So it is only filled with 70 people, because it can only be filled with 25 percent of the room’s capacity. What is clear is that they, Atta and Aurel want to be examples of people who want to hold events and really maintain all health protocols,” said Ayu. Property News

Make the house more beautiful, here are 5 tips for decorating with ornamental plants

Organizing a house to make it more comfortable to live in is important, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic has limited outside activities. Since the beginning of the pandemic, decorating homes with ornamental plants has become increasingly popular.

But instead of making the house more beautiful, as long as you put plants in every corner of the room without paying attention to the type and source of the sun, it might look messy and even blindly dead plants. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Paying attention to the right type of ornamental plant decoration and according to the type of room in the house is one of the most important aspects.

The household appliance company from Sweden, IKEA, provides tips on decorating ornamental plants to make the corner of the house look beautiful and luscious.

1 Study table decoration with mini ornamental plants

Being at your desk or study table all day without any attractive decorations will certainly get you saturated. Ornamental plants can be the right solution to provide a more refreshing feel. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

According to research conducted by Dr Chris Knight and colleagues from Exeter University, a person’s productivity increases 15 percent after his desk is decorated with plants. If the table area is not too big, just place a few mini houseplants.

One plant that is easy to care for is a type of succulent plant. You only need to spray water once a week and place it near sunlight. House Furniture Solution

2 Types of tall plants in a mini living room

Minimalist living rooms, especially those of limited size, ornamental plants are the best choice to give a cool and beautiful feel. Tall plants can easily dominate a room, especially if you add a medium sized potted plant with a stylish design.

If you don’t want tall plants, you can place small plants on a plant stand or end table to make them stand out. Property News

3 Use houseplants to create a fresh bathroom atmosphere

The condition of the bathroom which has a high humidity level actually makes some ornamental plants to live and grow well in the room.

One of them is the Sanderiana Curly plant, which is suitable to be placed in a humid room.

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If you prefer large plants, you can use medium or large earthenware pots to place the plants on the floor. Apart from living plants, artificial ornamental plants can also be another option to make the bathroom atmosphere fresher.

4 Decorate the porch with plants that require sunlight

The terrace of the house is the perfect place to place various types of ornamental plants, especially those that require direct sunlight. A terrace filled with plants will give your home a fresh natural feel.

To keep it neat and organized, you can take advantage of neutral colored plant stands or plant pots with rattan material to display plants.

5 Color the corner of your favorite hobby room with hanging ornamental plants

Place hanging houseplants near windows that are translucent in the sun. In addition, choose curtains and hanging pots in natural colors that can complement hanging ornamental plants.

Home Work Inspiration

The work from home routine is now a familiar thing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the world, including Indonesia. For those of you who do work from home routines, it is not uncommon for you to feel bored with the work area at home which may not fully support productivity at work. To outsmart it, it’s good to try to organize the work area to make it feel more comfortable. Here are some workspace inspirations that the LINE TODAY team summarized from the Pinterest site.

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1 Minimalist Design

  • Choose a simple color that suits your personality, monochrome colors are perfect for minimalist designs
  • Provide a hanging cabinet that is on the wall near your work desk to place some important items such as clocks, stationery, and photo frames that can provide enthusiasm or inspiration for work. Peralatan Rumah Tangga
  • Provide sufficient lighting by fitting the lamp on the side of your desk
  • Lay down a feather rug so that your feet feel comfortable while working

2 Natural Design

  • Make sure you have a table in a comfortable wood or brown color
  • Some hanging shelves on the wall near your work table you can place things that are quite essential. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga
  • Tuck in a hanging wire under your hanging rack, and hang up some of your Polaroid photos for a relaxing accent
  • Most importantly, place some plants (either real or artificial) in several corners of your work area such as hanging shelves, work tables, and the floor around the work table. Also place artificial vines for a tropical impression. House Furniture Solution
  • Prepare footwear made of thin knit to give a comfortable impression

3 Vintage Designs

  • Take advantage of the old table in your house to become your work desk
  • Prepare a table lamp with brown shades to be placed on the work table
  • Try to keep a few items on the work table to make it look neat. Property News
  • Use a soft brown / mocca color tone combined with the wallpaper / curtains of your home
  • Place a boho nuance on a light rug for a homey feel

A Nashville home that redefines Southern style

“I really wanted to dispel the myth that southern houses are all decorated and delicate with roses and floral wallpaper,” says photographer Alyssa Rosenheck. This was the concept behind The New Southern Style, her debut book released today, in which the photographer visits a myriad of designers and trendsetters who see traditional notions of Southern style redefined.

Of course, this redefinition goes beyond interior design: the South has a troubled relationship with its cultural history, which is being reexamined now as never before. Part of Rosenheck’s mission was to reshape the southern style to be more diverse and inclusive. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

“I have my roots,” says Rosenheck, who grew up Jewish in Oklahoma and can remember the local KKK who broke into her family’s yard and left a swastika engraved on the fence. “I want to see more substance and culture in a niche that really celebrates style, but is also very homogeneous. So that’s really the genesis of this project.”

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It is also the result of a very personal journey for Rosenheck, who found photography after leaving a corporate career following a cancer diagnosis at age 30. “Looking back, I understand that my 20s and 30s, from a place of fear, were trying to do things a certain way, which is why my life lacked so much color, I was successful but it meant nothing to me, “he reflects. “It was almost like he was living life not for me, and then when I got the diagnosis, he woke me up and literally got me inside for the first time and wonder what I wanted.” . “

By taking up photography, Rosenheck found more than just a career change. “I was building a business that really started as a passion and I started getting clients organically. They were taking risks with me and I intuitively walked into their homes, which is very personal.” House Furniture Solution

It is the creative connections he forged through these shots that served as the basis for the book. “There’s a great synergy in that because I think we’re stronger together. I feel like there’s a creative mindset that we’re all on our island, but there’s enough room for everyone to be successful,” says Rosenheck. “And we are truly stronger together when we encourage each other. The new southern style is based on cultural change; it’s about humanizing and honoring our differences through the lens of creativity.” Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

In the book, readers will see the homes of familiar creatives, such as Bobby Berk and Leanne Ford, as well as new faces, including poets, chefs, shop owners, photographers and more. They will also take a look at Rosenheck’s space, which serves as a physical manifestation of many of his ideas on the new southern style. In time for the book’s launch, she opened her home at House Beautiful. Take the tour below.


“I spend a lot of time in our living room; that’s where people really come when I’m here,” says Rosenheck. As such, he wanted the space to be warm and inviting, while remaining true to its cleaner sensibility. “I have layers with the same shade,” he explains. “So my walls are the same color as my cabinets and they’re this kind of creamy white. I chose linen fabric to match the wall and then I have another layer on top of the panels.”

Against this more neutral backdrop, the art in Rosenheck’s house takes center stage, and that’s how she likes it. “And as a photographer, such a visually sensitive person, I need a negative space in my home. I love to add character, personality and touches of color to my artistic choices,” she explains. “Art is my personal collection and that of many of my friends, which was really beautiful. So every piece of art I have in my house is like a memory with a timestamp.” In the living room, an abstract piece by Kayce Hughes hides the television. Property News


“I love green in the kitchen,” says Rosenheck. “It gives a lot of life and personality to space and freshness.” Here, too, you’ll notice an attention to texture and craftsmanship. “One of the easiest ways to elevate any kitchen (I’m so tired of seeing cutting boards in a backsplash) is art,” she says. “Supporting art in your kitchen is the fastest way to elevate it.”