Decorating hobby, these 6 Natalie Sarah furniture ideas can be an inspiration

Having a comfortable and beautiful home is certainly everyone’s dream. Various ways are done so that the residents feel comfortable at home. One of them is by decorating every corner of the space in it. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Apparently the fun activity was also experienced by the beautiful actress, Natalie Sarah. In fact, he admits decorating is now his new hobby. Especially during a pandemic his activities are often spent with the family at home.

Starting from a decorating hobby, Natalie finally also likes to create unique skills for her home furniture. From wall decorations, glass shelves, to bicycle racks he created himself.

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For those of you who are tired of that-that-only home furniture. This series of Natalie Sarah -style furniture ideas can be your inspiration. You don’t need a lot of capital, you can make it with used materials. House Furniture Solution

Well, what is Natalie Sarah’s inspirational home furniture idea?

1 Wall painting.

In the video, Natalie uses a used wall display to decorate her home. Again, he removed the sticker on the old display. Then he recycled by painting the flowers white. The decoration of the house looks more beautiful with this display.

2 Pot wall.

Natalie Sarah’s creative ideas seem endless. The wall frame he had was conjured into a wall pot for water medium plants. The material he uses comes from used prints. From glass bottles, burlap to photo frames. The result of this skill also reaped a lot of praise from netizens.

3 Rosary decoration.

To beautify the room, this time Natalie made a craft from macrame round wooden beads. It arranges the beads to form like a rosary. The idea of ​​furniture is very suitable to be used to decorate a house that carries an industrial concept.

4 Lanterns.

The idea for his lantern furniture began when he found the remains of a fiber fence in a warehouse. Then he immediately bought a piece of woven bamboo and macrame rope. The materials he arranged into a lantern. Looks simple and interesting yes. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

5 Resin wall decoration geode art.

For those who are bored with wall decoration in their house, you can try making Natalie Sarah -style geode art resin creations. It chooses to use the main materials of resins and dyes to make wall decorations. Resin itself is a clear -colored liquid that serves as a polymer former.

6 Set the glasses.

Well, next he created by making a glass tray from epoxy resin. Natalie’s hands seemed so skilled at processing the various ingredients she had prepared. The glass floor of his creation looks beautiful with shades of ash, in line with the concept of decoration in his house. Property New

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