Different Main Types of Desks Part 2

Main Types Desks are classified into a variable spread of categories.

Main Types Desks are classified into a variable spread of categories. Here are the second part of the main types of desks :

6. Secretary Desk
This desk is topped by a hinged desk surface, which in turn is topped by a shelf, normally closed with doors or drawers. The whole is usually one piece, tall and heavy ornate furniture. Originally it was for people who wanted a luxurious desk but the room lacked a formal model for shutter.

7. Floating Desk (a.k.a. Wall-Mounted Desks)
Floating desk or wall-mounted desk is mounted directly on a wall (like how it is known), completely saving all available floor space. Often fitted with shelves and cubicles, using the vertical frame, these desks are incredibly useful for those with limited space. The floating desk is perfect for bedrooms or rooms.

8. Roll-Top Desk
A roll-top desk is a desk where a hood rolls down above the desk surface to secure or ensure all content. Although not the most practical desktop, especially for computing, it can be a beautiful piece of furniture in any office, living room or master bedroom.
3 configurations of this desk :
– Drawers on both sides
– Drawers on the left side
– Drawers on the right side

9. Standing Desk (i.e. Adjustable Height Desks)
In recent years, there have been many discussions of health around how unhealthy it is to sit for long periods of time. The result is the growing popularity of stand-up desks because of the purpose or health benefits of working part time at a desk stand.
There are 3 main types of stand-up desks :
– A desk accessory, giving the option work at regular desk standing up
– Whole desks that can be raised and lowered
– Static standing desks are always in an elevated position

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