DIY Socks Ideas for Christmas Decorations, Let’s Make Together with the Kids!

Christmas is just a few days away . People are getting busy preparing for the Christmas celebrations. Starting from the food menu that will be eaten with the family, the clothes to be worn, and don’t forget to decorate the house to make it lively. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Christmas decorations are not just a Christmas tree, there are many others. Call it wreath, flowers arranged in circles that are usually hung in front of the door of the house, decorative lights that seem warm, and socks that are usually hung above the fireplace.

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Not all decorations have to be bought, you can make them with your little one, as well as to hone their creativity, you know. One of the ornaments that can be made Here are the ideas for making sock decorations for Christmas that you can try yourself. The socks are the socks. Here are ideas for making sock deco

rations for Christmas that you can try.

1 Cut according to your illustrated towel sock pattern. Match the socks with your Christmas theme

2 Your knitting skills can be put into practice for Christmas socks, you know. Choose a neutral colored wool thread for an aesthetic and minimalist look Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

3 Your tribal jersey is no longer worn? Take advantage of it by making a sock pattern on it, then sewing it neatly and giving it a rope Property News

4 Socks can also be made of flannel. To make it look cute, add a flannel that has been shaped as a motif House Furniture Solution

5 Long sleeved socks that are no longer in use can be turned into Christmas socks. Add name embroidery stitch on it

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