Don’t choose the wrong decoration, do it this way so that a narrow room looks spacious

Having a narrow or small room can be a comfortable room. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

To bring that sense of comfort, friends can do the decoration or arrangement properly.

Even a narrow room can look spacious and comfortable with the right arrangement.

Friends can also continue to provide wall decorations or plants to make the room aesthetic and comfortable.

Come on! Follow these tips to make your room more comfortable.

Narrow Room Decorating Tricks

1 Large Mirror

Installing a mirror in the room will be useful for reflecting.

In addition to getting these benefits, friends can also use mirrors as decorations that make the room wider.

Choose a large mirror, so it gives an illusionary effect. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

With a large mirror, friends can make the room look spacious and spacious.

However, make sure to choose a mirror that is not framed and placed in a vertical shape.

2 Arrangement of Furniture near the Wall

When you have a narrow room, friends can change the position of the furniture by bringing it closer to the wall.

So, the middle of the room will be empty and give a wide impression. House Furniture Solution

That way, friends also have more space to move.

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3 Paint Walls in Light Colors

Paint color can also affect the condition of the room, lo.

Choose paint with light colors to give the room a spacious impression. Apply one color of paint on the entire surface of the wall.

Friends can choose white paint or pastel colors, such as navy or salmon.

4 Use Small Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants can make the room look natural and have fresh air. Property New

Even though you have a small room, friends can still put decorative plant decorations, lo.

However, choose plants that are small, so they don’t take up a lot of space.

Friends can put the mother-in-law’s tongue plant, suplir, or sri fortune to decorate the room.

5 Choose Plain Sheets

Choosing bed sheets has an important role in making room decorations look spacious.

Patterned sheets will make the room look full and cramped.

Therefore, choose light colored sheets and without motifs.

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