Garden party ideas to throw an unforgettable party 1-6

Flower lovers, listen: if you want to organize a garden party that everyone will talk about during the summers, you need a garden decoration to the next level, extraordinary food and unique cocktails. We have tons of garden party ideas on this list to make your party one that even Jay Gatsby would be jealous of. Real estate property

Decorate with flowers

A garden party should be literally full of flowers. This simple DIY will teach you how to make a floating table for flowers.

Mix & Match Cocktail Bar

Enhance your cocktail game by creating a garden bar to mix and match. Add several citrus juices, prepare simple syrups with different herbs and you will have a variety of clear liqueurs. Garnish with citrus slices, other herbs and fresh flowers.

You saw your ice cube

Fill your ice cube with flowers and fruits. It will cool your bubbly and it will become a bright and colorful centerpiece.

Have a picnic

Take note of Alicia Lund of Cheetah is the New Black picnic created if you want to organize a relaxed but completely elegant garden party. Stack the blankets and pillows and don’t forget the rose.

Use mini bouquets of flowers

Put a bouquet of flowers together in a cup of tea. So, put your business cards inside the flowers.

Serve themed desserts

Amaze your guests by turning peaches and puff pastry into a gorg dessert. These edible flowers look as good as they seem.

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