Getting to Know Lilac Color and Its Various Applications From Fashion to Decoration

Trend followers are no stranger to the color lilac. Lilac color is not a new trend, because this color has been around for several years. However, seeing the dominance of the lilac color that is still strong on the fashion stage, such as the Jil Sander stage to Givenchy for their Fall/Winter season this year from clothing to accessories, the color lilac seems to make a statement that it will stay in the fashion trend cycle.

The color lilac and other variations such as rich lilac, pale lilac, bright lilac and also french lilac are believed to have first appeared in 1775. However, this color is often confused with lavender, in fact these two colors have similarities, but not exactly. Lavender is a color that is the result of a cross between purple and blue, while lilac is a color that comes from a combination of purple and pink. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

Due to the combination that produces this unique color, lilac becomes very attractive to color lovers. The name is adopted from the flower of the same color, the lilac flower is also known as the ‘Queen of the Bush’ because this flower grows beautifully among the bushes. Based on the characteristics of the flower that underlies its name, it seems that people who wear this color will also exude its own beauty and elegance.

Lilac was considered a symbol of mourning in the 19th century. However, over time, the color that comes from a combination of pink and blue with an undertone of red is now considered a symbol of elegance, romance, caring and also sweetness. In fact, according to reviews from color psychology, lovers of the lilac color also have their own strengths. They are believed to be helpful, sensual, mysterious, and supportive characters. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Because of its growing popularity and beauty, it’s not enough if these color lovers can only wear them as clothes and accessories, right? Cause, who can get enough of lilacs?

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Here, Bazaar has summarized how to implement the lilac color in things that lilac lovers can have:

Get closer to the color lilac by entrusting it as a make-up to beautify you, perhaps with a wig or with some lilac eyeshadow! As did the makeup of Tasya Farasya and the daughter of makeup brand founder Anastasia Beverly Hills and influencer, Norvina.

Home Furniture

Apparently, this lilac color has also dominated interior trends since 2020, you know! This color can be used as furniture in your home, from chairs, wall paint to cabinets to give your home an elegant touch! House Furniture Solution


Make your dining experience even more enjoyable with this element of soothing color, of course, as a way to elevate your food photos on Instagram!


Infusion of lilac color as a source of your joy! With Blueberry Mousse Cake, or you can also find this lilac color on Macaroon. Property New


Have a sibling or child? Or do you enjoy playing polly pocket yourself? Make this fun time lilac, too. Cause why not?!

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