How to buy ready-made kitchen cabinets (and make them personalized)

If expensive custom kitchen cabinets don’t fit into your renovation budget, consider taking the route ready. Visit Ikea, Lowe or your local Home Depot to examine your ready-to-use models and, if you like what you see, go ahead and buy them while you’re there! The whole process is very simple; just measure your space in advance and plan to spend some time in the shop designing your new kitchen. Or, you know, do the whole process online using one of your virtual tools. Installation, of course, will take some time and care (and a reliable contractor). But the purchase and shipping part will be very simple and it may seem fantastic. Real estate property

Do you need proof? The kitchen shown above (see the rest of the photos here) was entirely made in Ikea wardrobes. The designers, Julia and Chris Marcum, of the blog Chris Loves Julia, have completed the fronts of Semihandmade furniture, a popular trick to give their standard models a more sophisticated look. Real conversation: these ready-to-use wardrobes will not have the same quality as the custom ones, but you will get them in a fraction of the time and costs. Find out how to buy them.

  • First: invite a trusted entrepreneur to become your Virgil kitchen.
  • Warning: it may take a few months in advance to get started …
  • Or, if your dad is an entrepreneur, book him!
  • Develop a floor plan: exact measurements are required. Don’t forget the doors, windows and ceiling height, says designer Jennifer Vaquero.
  • Definitely use a tape measure.
  • Go to a supplier (Lowe’s, The Home Depot or Ikea) and go directly to the kitchen design center.
  • Log on to the computer and start designing. Don’t be afraid of the sales representatives! They can help you. (If you don’t live near a supplier, perform this step online using the company’s virtual design tools.) Print or email the completed kitchen plan and wait for your contractor’s thumb before purchasing.
  • Demonstrate your old kitchen (or ask your contractor to carefully remove it so you can donate the components).
  • Build the new cabinets yourself: it will be cheaper than paying someone to do it.
  • But ask your contractors to install the system. They fit perfectly.
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