Inside the Leanne Ford Rock the Block house

HGTV’s popular competition program, Rock the Block, started with a simple concept: throwing four stars to improve your homes to transform identical Los Angeles suburban homes into single homes with higher property values. After four weeks of aesthetic athletics – and the creative use of a $ 175,000 budget – the houses that emerged were far from basic. Jasmine Roth of Hidden Potential may have won the competition with honors, but we were impressed with Leanne Ford’s minimalist cocoon. Real estate property

To personalize the cookie cutters, Ford embraced the property’s concrete floor and existing plant, but used much of his budget to reinvent the kitchen, where he demonstrated the upper cabinets to install an impressive mortar-washed stone wall. that infuses space with age and organic texture. “The biggest challenge for me has been to bring character and warmth to a new building,” says Ford. “I did it by adding tons of natural materials, wabi-sabi style textures, tiles and great lighting.” Restored by the Fords star and his brother Steve he also tore the door panels of the existing lower wardrobes, replacing them with metal grids to give the room a more airy appearance; the granite counter tops have been removed to make room for unexpected (and indestructible) formica surfaces.

Although it left the other rooms practically intact, Ford’s treatment of the main suite was equally dramatic. He knocked down the wall that separated the bedroom and bathroom to create an open, high-level concept with a direct line of sight, using a stable door for privacy and separation. The new bathroom has a separate Native Trails bathtub and a shower covered with shiny herringbone tiles, but one key component is missing: the doors. It is a visually appealing detail that is also inexpensive, as are the beams added to the great room and the patterned patio floors. “I didn’t want to dilute the budget or the vision,” says Ford.

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