Living in a Luxury Residence by the Lake, See the Appearance of Momo Geisha’s Artist’s House Complete with Super Festive 2021 Christmas Decorations, Netizens: Totality!

The 2021 Christmas celebration is indeed highly awaited by all Christians, including Momo Geisha.

Yes, in this 2021 Christmas celebration, Momo Geisha commemorates it with great joy. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

This can be seen from Momo Geisha’s post which shows some of the festive atmosphere around Christmas 2021.

Curious about how festive Momo will be in welcoming Christmas 2021?

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Launching from the Instagram account @therealmomogeisha, Sunday (12/26/2021), the singer, who is known to be rich and twisted, was seen celebrating Christmas with a festive concept. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

In addition to the Christmas tree, he also decorated the doors and stairs of his house with quite unique Christmas decorations.

We can see the joy on Momo’s face.

The mother of two welcomed Christmas by posing in front of a Beautiful Christmas tree with festive decorations.

There are also many gift boxes and other Christmas knick-knacks that decorate Momo’s room.

“Merry Christmas. Enjoying my Christmas decor this year,” Momo wrote in his post. Property News

Momo Geisha’s post on Christmas Eve 2021

In the photo that Momo uploaded, he appears to be wearing white and black clothes.

The use of matching socks also makes Momo’s appearance even cuter.

Suddenly the post invited a response from a number of netizens.

“Rich people are even free,” said the @marthambunan account.

“This is good, the totality is really good,” added @liand_yuliana.

“That’s really cool, sis,” said @henny_prima.

“So cool, Merry Christmas KAka Momo and Family,” commented @yuliana.lili.

As we know, since the wealthy furniture entrepreneur from Malang proposed, Momo’s life has become more and more attached to luxury. House Furniture Solution

In fact, Momo was also brought to live in a 5-story luxury house in Malang, East Java.

Momo Geisha’s 2021 Christmas Tree
Reporting from Grid.ID, Momo Geisha’s house is indeed a resort-like concept and the scenery is like in Bali.

Not only magnificent, the singer’s house is also very spacious to be equipped with views of the lake to the swimming pool.

Not only that, the house is also equipped with an elevator.

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