Make Your Sleep Comfortable, Check Out Tips for Designing & Decorating Your Room According to Feng Shui

To make your sleep comfortable, see how to design and decorate your room according to feng shui.

The bedroom is one of the places that is made as comfortable as possible, because it can affect the quality of sleep and the comfort of rest after carrying out routine daily activities.

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Reporting from Apartement Therapy, in addition to decorating the room, feng shui can also make the bedroom more comfortable. Peralatan Rumah Tangga

The science of feng shui itself is a philosophy that is applied to support the energy of the mind and body.

During sleep, the body enters its most vulnerable state so that rest, recovery, and healing can take place. House Furniture Solution

Therefore, the bedroom directly affects the health and harmony of the person.

Here are some tips for decorating the bedroom according to feng shui to sleep better.

1 Place the headrest on a solid wall

If your bed is currently placed near a window, or even in the center of the room, turn the headboard against a solid wall. Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga

Positioning the bed in this way allows the movement of Qi (energy) to ensure a good night’s sleep.

However, if you are in a small room and placing the bed near the window is the only option, use a high headboard or heavy curtains to protect yourself from the energy entering from the window.

2 Avoid positioning the bed parallel to the door

Placing the bed parallel to the door will create a flow of glass energy that affects the head, causing sleep disturbances.

If the only option is to place the bed parallel to the doorway, you could try placing something like a bedside table between the bed and the door as a support to break up the flow of energy. Property New

3 Mirror placement

As is known, mirrors can give a bright and spacious impression to the room, but placing them in the wrong place will make the energy in the bedroom not good.

Since the body is vulnerable at night and the mirror is an activating object, placing a mirror can disrupt sleep as if a person is working instead of resting.

Therefore, make sure the large mirror in the bedroom does not point directly at the bed.

4 Five-element color scheme

The Five Elements in classical Feng Shui are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

There are several colors that are considered good in feng shui, namely as follows.

Blue and green for Wood Red, orange, or pink for Earthy Fire and brown for Earth Black for Water White, silver, or light pastels for Metal

Whether it’s painting walls, changing sheets, hanging plants, or combining quirky things, there are lots of ways to play with color in a room.

Incorporating elements into a room can help generate energy that is conducive to prosperity as well as block out bad energy that can lead to misfortune.

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